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  1. Why oh why have I not tried this yet!?! BRB
  2. I pick mine up by the pedal to pull it out and put it in its bag. If it can take weight of a grown man's foot on it for several hours multiple times a week (consider the effort to toggle the exp switch) then it's certainly durable enough to carry it's own weight when picked up Way over thinking this guys
  3. No go on the foot switches but you could use an expression pedal and set the min to your default setting. Then you can sweep all the way up from there and back
  4. Using the helix with an amp, in my mind, is a crutch. Not for the Helix but for the amp. The helix doesn't need (or want) an amp. Just a clean set of studio monitors or frfr. Done.
  5. I started flipping through the legacy stuff in my go to patch yesterday just to get a feel for them and then got to the growler.. I immediately opened up reaper and used it on a song i'd been messing with. Perfect! Just the bit if strangeness it needed So awesome to have all these options at our fingertips
  6. Right on man! I love using my helix for bass on the little projects I do on my own The bass player in my band has recently recorded a couple things with me and we used the helix on his stuff too, he loved it! (Side note, I also upgraded from a gt8)
  7. Yup. ^^^^this I always tend to drop the mix around 80-90% to bring back some energy
  8. Tuner works fine. If you want lower resolution then of course the old tech "looks" smoother. Like several have said, ignore the top line. The bottom one is lower resolution and doesn't jump as much. I suspect that this tuner debate would have never existed had l6 never put the upper (higher resolution) meter in there
  9. I know, just being a smartass. If my choice is wireless or vdi, I'm going vdi
  10. The line 6 cables are 29.99 on eBay all day long I picked up an extra...
  11. So now, 2 years later, can we make this happen for sub $500? ... Or will the gen 3 models have built in wireless? Inquiring minds want to know
  12. Am I the only one who thinks the tuner works perfectly fine? Lol
  13. Unfortunately, I highly doubt the next gen Variax will be available as retrofit for the current gen guitars However, if they do come up with something I would most definitely upgrade mine in a heart beat!
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