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HX Effects FAQ


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5 minutes ago, Mattidon said:

MIDI Question!

As I do not want to sacrifice the EXP I/O's I thought I'd control my Laney VH100R with Midi.
So I've hooked up the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher to the HX Effects and the VH100R (HX MIDI out/Through --> Control Switcher MIDI IN --> Control Switcher Multi out --> VH100R FS in).

I can get it to work using CC Toggle...but that only changes one behaviour at the time. (ie. switch channel 1 to 2 and back, turn reverb on/off etc).
In the HX i've got the midi channel set to 1 and am sending CC messages in the range 80-83.

Now I could assign multiple toggle actions to 1 switch... but I was wondering if there is another way.. I've had a 5150III mini and POD HD500 combo and that setup was way more easy..

Just wondering if anyone has an idea.


You're limited to assigning one command per footswitch in Stomp Mode, so you would probably be better off using Instant Commands and snapshots. You can have up to six Instant Commands per snapshot, and they will get sent out per snapshot change. So if you wanted to change amp channels and reverb at the same time, you could. If you're using CCs, it becomes a little more complex, but not impossible. You just need to assign as different CC to each Instant Command you need and set the value for each snapshot.


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I just googled as to when Spring is....!


1. If I were to connect HX Effects to Helix via MIDI, would they automatically sync according to Helix presets?

2. Is the power supply for HX Effects one of those annoying wall warts, or can I replace the 3 pin plug with an IEC? (so I can power the unit from my power conditioner).

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So - I've used a Yankee HS-M10 for a little over a year with the M9 - and the use case you list for "alternate un-supported power supplies" seems to suggest Two 9V ~400-500mA inputs.


SO - the Yankee has a DC OR AC 9-12V(selectable) 1300mA that is intended for use with these bigger pedals - I've had no issues with M9 using this option.


My Questions:

1 - How much current CAN the unit use?  (If the DC-3g is 9V3A) - and you said the bootup takes the most power - and the most the supported supplies can provide is 9V 1000mA

2 - Do I need buffers for the external loops to keep the noise floor down?  (Like I do with Helix.)

3 - How can I tell what the noise-floor is for my Power supply?  I've never looked at that or thought about it.



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I use a valve amp (Friedman Small box).


Is there an advantage of having the Helix FX over the Helix Floor, only considering the quality of the effects (and background noise level) when using the 4cm with a valve amp ? 





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I tried the noise gate and it did not work.

The Effects HX is plugged in the effect loop of a Mesa Boogie TC-50.

As expected, I have noise when I use the channel 3.

If my first effect is the Noise Gate or the Hard Gate then it is supposed to remove the noise.

It has no impact at all. I still need to use a ISP Decimator in my rig.


I experimented the same problem by using a M9 in the effect loop of a Marshall JVM 205C.


Is it possible to improve this functionality?



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I got my HX Effects in today and I love it. The first thing I did was update to the latest firmware. Spent a few hours dialing in presets then downloaded the HX editor and tried to backup all of my presets but I'm getting an error message when it gets to that part of the backup and says "Unexpected or bad data type in preset (code -8606)"



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7 minutes ago, RevTeddy said:

How can I find out which effects work with Tap Tempo? I'm trying to set up the Tape Delay but there seems to be no way to do that.


Basically, anything with a delay time or rate parameter can be tied to the tap tempo. Push the knob down under the delay time parameter to change it from a millisecond value to a note subdivision.

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