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  1. I'm experiencing this issue as well. Any fixes or updates?
  2. When using your Helix with a power amp where do you set your volume on the Helix output? Do you max it out and use the power amp's volume level?
  3. I had the iNuke 1000 and it wasn't enough to cut through the live mix. Then tried the 3000. It had enough power, but was a bit stale sounding to my ears. Tried the ART-SLA2 and it was the worst imo. On top of the sound quality being much less than the Behringers it also weighed a LOT more and was much larger in size. I ended up seeing a band played that had the Rocktron Velocity 300 amps running with their AxeFx IIs. I picked one up for about $200 used and it does the trick for my set up (Helix Rack > Velocity 300 > Mesa 4x12). The Resonance and Presence controls work great and can tailor the low and high frequency response perfectly. Rocktron makes a new model named the Mainline. I contacted their support and they told me the only difference between it and the discontinued Velocity is the Mainline's ability to take line and instrument level signals.
  4. Plugged the voltage doubler to 2 Standard 9v outs of my Strymon Zuma and connected to the 2.1/2.5 adapter then HX. HX’s LCDs just blink on and off. Has anyone successfully powered theirs with a power supply?
  5. Is there a recommended order for powering up and down the HX FX, amp and any external pedals or more so issues cause via midi and saved midi information?
  6. I have been using the my HX Effects in my 5150iii 50 Watts fx loop. I then have a Strymon Timeline in the HX's FX loop 1 and a Big Sky in FX loop 2. I run the Send from the amp to the HX Input and the Return from the HX Output. Anyone know if either the In/Outs of the HX need to be set to Instrument or Line levels?
  7. Where can I get t he proper cables to power this with my Strymon Zuma?
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