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Is JTV USA still being made?

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Just curious to see if it is still available out there? I know lists a USA model, but I don’t see any other sites that do.

Afaik, you can still get them. As for not finding too many "in the wild"...I'd say that's because there are precious few who are willing to pay the hilarious asking price.

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A brand new JTV-59 is currently less than £700 in the following stores: Rich Tone, PMT, Andertons, Gear4Music, GAK, Hot Rox and Muziker


How much were you expecting to get as PX? Used gear will not sell if it is more than New retail price and the store has to make some margin. Last two days Ebay Sold listings are £475 and £425 and then Ebay takes a cut from that, so an offer for £500 is a pretty good price in the current UK market.

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