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Free Helix Back Panel Inputs/Outputs Label sticker.


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You could do like other companies do for amp and effect names, including Line 6, and change the name so it's relatable to the trademarked name, but not the actual trade marked name.


"L6 Link" could be something like "el-6'o linkup'o" :-)



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If anyone knows how to actually perform this edit on the PDF, feel free.  It behaves like one big graphic object in my editor.  I was able to highlight and delete the Line 6 logo, but cannot isolate any of the other items.

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Like ph0rmazero, I'm late to the party and missed the window where everybody downloaded this. I understand the legal reasons why you can't post to the forum. But I would love it if someone could PM me with the stickers / pdfs.


I actually have both a Helix and a Helix LT (in different locations), so could use both stickers (I think that both exist?). The fact that I own both makes the stickers even more necessary, because given the slightly different I/O setup it's hard for me to memorize!


Thanks to all for this. Really Line6 should themselves make something available. Or just put the labels on the top panel in future iterations of the chassis.

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On 5/9/2022 at 2:36 PM, lluisvallverdu said:

I have a helix floor. Any chance anybody could send me the pdf? Thanks




IIRC there was some dispute about a copyright issue with this item - bit of a grey area, but if you check about 5 posts above yours, there is a post by "antonio1961" date September 3 2018, and if you click on the link named "L6 H-Floor Sticker A4 Print .pdf" it should download to your computer.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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