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Helix Firmware 2.80


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10 hours ago, Ryte said:

I'm on Helix edit 2.71 (with a Windows 7 machine) under the file at the top I have only have "Preferences and Quit":


It doesn't look like a screenshot from Helix Edit. I'm also on Windows 7, and here are screenshots from my menu:



HX Edit 1.jpg

HX Edit 2.jpg

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On 8/2/2019 at 10:54 PM, Ryte said:

Ok really stupid question.  I was trying to do the update tonight before a show rehearsal this Sunday.  I'm trying to follow the part where it says to back up everything.  I want to make sure to back up my all my patches, set list and all my IR's.  Last patch I didn't get backup correctly and had to reload all my IR's in the correct position.


The instructions say:

  1. From the top File menu, select “Create Backup…”
  2. Click “Create Backup.”

I'm on Helix edit 2.71 (with a Windows 7 machine) under the file at the top I have only have "Preferences and Quit":



So where is the magic backup they are talking about?


Bundle doesn't back up the IR's that I have seen.


Thank you so much any help would be appreciated.





Hi Scott,


Your screen grab is cropped in such a way that we can only see an isolated portion of the GUI.


I’m intrigued to know if the rest of what you have on screen looks like this.




If it it looks like this - then you are not using HX Edit 2.71


That would explain why there isn’t a “magic backup they are talking about?”




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2 hours ago, saitemhexer said:

Nothings works.




Here we go again - this is starting to look a lot like Groundhog Day!


What computer and what OS? - Windows?



Pasted from another thread - once more!


The information regarding updating to the latest firmware is very well documented here:



If you failed to read the installation instructions where it states that you should make a back up with your existing version of HX Edit.

Then it continues with:



If you did not do this, then there is no one else to blame but yourself!


You now find that you need help to fix this situation, but you again FAIL to tell us what Computer and OS you are trying to perform the update with.



I will guess from the mention of the "Boot Failure" lasting so very long is because you also didn't bother to read this:


"halfway through the update process, Line 6 Updater displays a second dialog and Helix's LCD reads "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" THIS IS NORMAL. DO NOT FREAK OUT, TAKE A PHOTO, AND THEN POST IT ONLINE BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL MAKE FUN OF YOU FOR NOT READING THESE INSTRUCTIONS."


I will also guess because of this "Boot Failure" message, that you are using a Windows PC.


Therefore, to save having to type all this info again I have cut and paste this from one of the other hundreds of appeals for help that are already on here for anyone to find.


You seem to be a little late to this “event” and one of the clues seems to be the drivers on Windows PCs seem to have been a large part of the issue.


Some threads which may contain helpful work arounds for the driver thing.

I’m not a Windows mechanic so this is the best I can offer, although this place has been alive with this stuff.
Hope this helps
Good Luck!
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