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  1. Top job!!! I had never found out how to solve this problem! But now I enjoy playing Wah-Wah and can use several other options in Helix Native. I can't say HOW helpful this is! :-)))
  2. Hi Francy, I'm neiter a native English speaker - so welcome to the club! ;-) Most of the issues during the update are user-based. If you carefully follow the update instructions of Line 6 you probably won't have any problems. However there are (few) known bugs in the 2.81 firmware. Please have a look at the bug reports and decide, if this is okay for you --> https://line6.com/support/topic/16083-helix-bug-reports/?page=37 I would prefer to play around with the Helix before I update anything. But this would be only my way. Have fun - and rock on! :-)
  3. Nice point! I suggest to start a campaign on ideascale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index
  4. It doesn't look like a screenshot from Helix Edit. I'm also on Windows 7, and here are screenshots from my menu:
  5. The IRs are not part of the patches. They are (separatly) stored in another area of the Helix. I hope you have made a backup of the IRs themselves. If not I hope you still have the original files of the IRs on your hard drive. Please consider that the patches only include the preset-number of the IRs. In order to that the IRs have to be placed on the same patch number as before. Good luck!
  6. Wow! That's really a large selection! :-) I sold most of the pedals I used before I got my Helix. But some pedals are so unique that I'll continue to use them: - Digitech Whammy DT - Digitech Freqout - Electro Harmonix Attack Decay - brand new! :-)
  7. Brilliant idea! I just wanted to start a voting - and found this one: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Polyphonic-attack-decay-like-the-EHX-Attack-Decay-pedal!/960038-23508
  8. That is fun! The Attack Decay arrived yesterday - and I can't stop playing with it. What an awesome toy! I much appreciate your tip! Thumbs up. :-)
  9. I just tried the same and also got this internal Internal Server Error, but I hadn't searched this way before, so I can't say if anything changed in the past. Until this issue is solved, you could maybe open the customtone page -> https://line6.com/customtone/browse/helix/ and search for jaysadites - 185 tones were found.
  10. Here my updated EXCEL sheet. I haven't updated my Helix yet - so I hope everything is correct and nothing missing. Line 6 gear 2019-07-20.xlsx
  11. Wow! What a killer! I'm afraid I must have this!!! Line 6 - can you hear us? ;-)
  12. If the global EQ is active, you see an icon to the left of the Screenshot icon. Press the menü-button (right beside the Save-button) and press knob 5 (global EQ).
  13. Maybe you could try the Low and High Cut-EQ at the end of your signal chain. A low cut at about 100-120Hz might be helpful.
  14. The Helix is my first modeller and I'm totally overwhelmed about the functions, the sound, the variability. I had used a lot of amps over the years - H|H, Fender, Hiwatt, Marshall, Boogie...and none of them made me really lucky at the end. And don't aks for the money I spent on pedals. ;-) And now the times for tap-dancing on several pedals are over. I'm certainly grateful to live in this age of digital modelling! :-) And there's still so much to explore!
  15. Activate the template you want to copy and press the "Save"-button - the "Save Preset"-page will be shown. Then use the "Setlist"-knob and/or the "Destination"-knob in order to choose the new setlist and preset.
  16. Are you shure? The Standard and the JTV-models are supported by the Helix...as far as I know. Page 20 of the English / American manual should help you find the right adjustements.
  17. To assign a different block to a used switch select the new block and touch the switch you want to change. The dialog "Assign footswitch..." wll be shown. Then choose "Replace" on the "Merge"-knob and save ("OK"). That's all. :-)
  18. Very good point to start with some experiments! :-) In case of playing rhythm parts I often use a ducked delay. The delays are nearly muted as long as you play. When you stop playing they will be to the fore.
  19. Don't give up! 1-1/2 pounds = 0,45 - 0,68kg 350°F = ~177°C When is the food ready? ;-)
  20. That's it! :-) I loved to read every word on the sleeves, I knew the lyrics, knew the musicians, the producers and so on. Bying an album in 70s/80s was some kind of nearly religious experience (I don't know how to explain it in English - but I think you know what I mean...). And it bound my attention over hours, days, weeks. It has never been the same since I switched to CDs. :-( My walls in the living room were full of LP-covers in picture frames. I loved the works of Roger Dean, too!
  21. Maybe I misunderstood your problem, but it seems that you have pressed the two bank-footswitsches at the same time and selected the snapshot mode. Pressing the mode button leads you back to the mode you had before (snapshot / stomp).
  22. Or watch this video: Jason Sadites is a real champ! :-) His explanations are worth their weight in gold. At 5:52 he starts with low and high cuts. Enjoy! ;-)
  23. That's right! The XLR-outputs have to be set to "Line" (Global Settings -> Ins/Outs -> Page Two -> "XLR Outputs") - and that's it. Have fun! :-)
  24. I use a pair of Yamaha DBR 10 (FRFR-monitors). I'd never thought that this combination would have such a powerful and massive sound! :-)
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