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  1. teo-torriate

    Is there a way to lock selection type in?

    Maybe I misunderstood your problem, but it seems that you have pressed the two bank-footswitsches at the same time and selected the snapshot mode. Pressing the mode button leads you back to the mode you had before (snapshot / stomp).
  2. teo-torriate

    New Helix to QSC K12.2

    Or watch this video: Jason Sadites is a real champ! :-) His explanations are worth their weight in gold. At 5:52 he starts with low and high cuts. Enjoy! ;-)
  3. teo-torriate

    New Helix to QSC K12.2

    That's right! The XLR-outputs have to be set to "Line" (Global Settings -> Ins/Outs -> Page Two -> "XLR Outputs") - and that's it. Have fun! :-)
  4. teo-torriate

    Recommendations For Speaker

    I use a pair of Yamaha DBR 10 (FRFR-monitors). I'd never thought that this combination would have such a powerful and massive sound! :-)
  5. teo-torriate

    Decode the names of stock sounds and "pedals"

    Maybe his could help you (last posting...)
  6. teo-torriate

    Helix Complete Amp List

    Colors? No problem! I've added them in my list. I used a seperate column - otherwise you couldn't read anything...and it could seriously damage your eyes. ;-) Maybe it's helpful. The comments I had saved in my list are from the Line 6 homepage...but I don't know, where I had found them... Only the gear of the Firmware 2.50 had any kind of descriptions. Line 6 gear 2019-06-04.xlsx
  7. teo-torriate

    Lets talk about Helix, and bass for a moment.

    I rarely use my Helix Floor for playing with bass (as I am actual a guitar player) - but meanwhile I exclusively use Helix Native for my bass recordings. After years of using Amplitube it's a major step! The sounds are more than I ever had expected and I much appreciate the features, the routing and the endless possibilities in creating great tones. The slightly overdriven sounds of tube amps are exact that what I've been searching for over all those years. What a killer machine! :-)
  8. teo-torriate

    Helix updating question.NOOB.

    Simply take the latest update (. It's all in there what you need to bring up your Helix to the newest version. :-) Grrrr...too late. ;-)
  9. teo-torriate

    Default to Snapshot view

    Go to "Global Settings" > Footswitches, Preset Mode Switches. There you can select the functions of the switches. Maybe one of this could fit: - "Preset/Snap" (4 presets in the upper row, 4 snapshots in the lower one) - "Snap/Prest" (4 snapshots in the upper row / 4 presets in the lower one) - "8 Snapshots" (8 snapshots in two rows)
  10. teo-torriate

    Helix EQ Settings for Guitar to Stand Out

    If I use an EQ block I place it near "the end of the road" in order to have that little corrections which are needed to round up "my sound". This video was very helpful for me! Jason Sadites is absolutely amazing! :-) And there is much more to learn for me...
  11. teo-torriate

    Sometimes more is more!

    Yes, sometimers more is definitely more! :-) What a nice toy store! I hope you don't get lost in this boundless possibilities. ;-) Have fun and rock on!
  12. teo-torriate

    It arrived!!

    Welcome to the club - and have fun! :-)
  13. teo-torriate

    Hum - only on right channel

    And that's how I did it then. Unfortunately it took more than four weeks to get my Helix back. But now it's running well and everything works properly. And I'm glad to have it back! :-) Rock on - and thank you for your support!
  14. teo-torriate

    In the immortal words of the Pointer Sisters

    High five! Great news! I think you'll have two sleepless nights. ;-) And a picture of your blissful smile. ;-)
  15. teo-torriate

    YAMAHA DXR10 and Helix. Speaker on a stand or a amp stand?

    So do I! ;-) I like the sound of FRFR-Monitors (I use two of the Yamaha DBR10) at my feet - blasting right into my face. :-)