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Factory preset by amp


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Crazy but I’m sure it exists somewhere but I’m trying to find factory presets by amp used. I’ve searched but can’t find anything. Particularly the new Princeton model, I thought it had a preset but cannot find it anywhere. Amp is US Princess. Thanks for any help

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The Factory 1 setlist has the amp model presets. If you can’t find it there it probably doesn’t exist. Make sure you are using the latest factory presets, which requires a factory reset after the firmware update.


But it’s simple to make your own. Start with a New Preset and add the US Princess amp model. Twiddle with the amp parameters until you find the settings you like for your environment, which is what you’d do with the factory preset anyway. Then add you favourite FX.


Or..... Start with Factory 1 preset 1A and replace the US Dbl Nrm amp with the US Princess. Tweak to taste and SAVE in a New Preset slot.

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If you make a full backup during upgrade, as you shoud. Do the factory restor as stated. And restore backup ,yoù get the same factory 1 and 2 as you hade in previus fw version. You need to uncheck factory 1 and 2 in the restore process, then the new ones are there. 

If I remember coŕrect US Princess are the first, 1A, and came in v3.0.


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I believe one of the artist presets in Factory 1 (the artist presets are the ones whose names are in full CAPS) is based on the US Princess but I forget which one it is. If you scroll thru them you’ll find it. However, I personally don’t think the tone is designed to reflect the US princess tone. More of a heavy driven, FX tone.

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Hey medbad5150 -
The artist presets that silverhead points out are the ones you are looking for.
When I updated to v3.1 they were replaced with different presets. Didn't do v3.11 yet
The artist presets came to us with v3.0 Factory 1.
These ARTIST PRESETS all use the US Princess.
Here is a list of them:
13B BIG DUBB dual amp preset 1 is US Princess
22A PETE THORN DUO dual amp preset 1 is US Princess
But wait...there's more
HonestOpinion posted this little gem of Helix wisdom - Extract Files From Backup
"This function will allow you to go back to a previous backup and extract the individual presets from any of your setlists..."
Hope this helps .
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14 hours ago, medbad5150 said:

Just thought maybe they added one in the new presets of 3.0.

These are the Artists Presets that were released with FW v3.0.


This link will give you the lists of every factory preset change from Helix v1 right up to 2.8




+ With this link you can find every amp listed, and what it is actually based on.



File this info for future reference.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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