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Reamping (reamp) with Garageband (GB) and HX stomp


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I am trying to re-amp a dry signal recorded on GarageBand with the HX Stomp.

I understand that Garageband output and input must be set to HX stomp, the dry signal send to output HX Stomp via USB 5-6 and the re-amp will be recorded on HX Stomp USB channel 1-2. I set all that. 

I have also changed the input of the HX flow to USB 5-6 as per explained in the manual (circle before the first block on the stomp itself)

Here is my issue, the sound comes from GB (I can hear the dry guitar in the headset plugged into the HX stomp - only the usb is hooked to GB) but it doesn't sound like the signal is passed to the effects chain (no parallel split in my chain). Nothing is getting back to GB and again the sound in the headset is the dry sound. 

I found several videos explaining the output of the dry should be set to USB 5-6 but GB doesn't let you select that (I can only select HX stomp). Is there a way to do it? 

Any idea what could be set improperly ? 


Has anyone had any luck reamping with Garageband and HX stomp ? 


Thanks for your help






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23 hours ago, dethioux said:

Is there a way to do it?




Yes, you need to set the input on the HX Stomp to receive on USB 5&6. When using the Stomp as an audio interface, anything played back into the unit on USB 1&2 doesn't get processed by the effects section. That way you can, for example, listen to pre-recorded backing tracks and play along with them.


Decide what preset you want to use to re-amp your dry signal which you have recorded on a channel in Gband and provided the HX Stomp is set to receive input from USB 5&6, your dry signal will play through the HX Stomp and all the FX and output the processed sound through USB 1&2 back into GarageBand where you can record the new track complete with effects. Send the same dry signal back through as many variations of presets as you wish. You don't have to playback through a specific preset when re-amping - you can create one on the fly if you wish - just ensure that the unit is set to listen to USB 5&6as you assemble a patch.


See page 56 Line 6 HX Stomp.30 Owner's Manual -  Rev C, English.




Hope this helps/makes sense.

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Thanks for the explanation. The question is then how do you tell GB to output on the USB 5&6 so the Stomp can process the signal ? So far I am only able to output GB on 1-2 ?


thank you 



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16 hours ago, dethioux said:

The question is then how do you tell GB to output on the USB 5&6 so the Stomp can process the signal ?

Hi Pat,


Oops! I gave you the way to re-amp perfectly, just as everyone else would do it - but - major error - I overlooked the fact that you can’t do it in GarageBand. There isn’t a way to select which USB channels are output, it appears that GB only sends audio from USB 1&2. I should have remembered this, but even though I have GB on both my iMac and iPad, I use Logic Pro X  which is a breeze on re-amping.


I then I also recalled this thread from back in the early part of 2020 which covered the exact same thing.



The best thing I can suggest is that you grab a copy of one of the many free DAWs available for the Mac. Lots of folks use Reaper, although it’s not technically free. If you have the money the other option it to invest in Logic as it is essentially the grown up version of GarageBand. I have not ever needed to try this yet, but maybe you could try re-routing dry the audio out through something like Soundflower, or Blackhole.


In fact I also have Helix Native which makes re-amping even easier - it’s like having my full Helix Floor inside Logic, and because it’s a software plugin, it also work in GarageBand and every other DAW. Maybe worth considering.


Apologies that I can’t help more than this.



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On 7/25/2021 at 7:22 PM, dethioux said:

GB doesn't let you select that (I can only select HX stomp). Is there a way to do it? 



It needs a few 3rd party apps, however.

Technically, you need an intermediate audio router capable of passing the GB output signal to the Stomp's USB 5/6 inputs.

And there are several possibilities to do that.


Just "out of the box" with what I have already installed on my currently active El Capitan partition, I did it like this:

  1. GB input = HX Stomp, GB output = BlackHole 2ch (existential.audio/blackhole)
  2. BlackHole goes into the old LineIn app from rogueamoeba.com/legacy/#retired (probably doesn't work on Catalina or higher) where you can select the Stomp's individual USB 5/6 inputs from the Select > Advanced popup menu, then click on Play Thru to send the signal to the Stomp.

Instead of LineIn which is/was free, you can essentially use any audio editor with recording capabilities that has a "play through" button and that can select I/O channels individually. Off the top of my head, that should work with a few audio editors I'm using, like Amadeus Pro and iZotope RX8.

Rogue Amoeba actually have dedicated audio routing apps but they are pricey. Instead of buying e.g. Loopback just for this purpose, I'd rather upgrade to Logic Pro…


A screenshots says more than thousand words:





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