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Sonic Port Replacement Cables?

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I recently upgraded to an iPad Air and realized I have no idea where my lightning cable for the SOnic Port is.  I looked at potentially just getting a 30 pin to Lightning adapter, but looks like I wont be able to get the same audio quality as I would with the Line 6 lghtning cable that came with the product.


Ive been scouring the internet with no luck, anyone know where I can purchase a replacement lightning cable for the SOnic Port???



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Hey there,


   If your sonic port is still under warranty you can contact customer support to issue a support ticket for a possible replacement. If not you can order either the 30-pin or lightning cable from Full Compass. The lightning cable isn't showing up on the web site due to it not being in stock at the moment, but please feel free to give them a call. I'll be attaching Full Compass' link and the part number for the Lightning cable.


Part# 21-34-0240



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Looks like the Line 6 Mobile Keys keyboards use the same cable as the Sonic Port. Lucky for me, I have a Mobile Keys 49 and was able to use it for my Sonic Port.


I got this reply from Greg Hionis at Full Compass regarding lightning-connector Sonic Port replacement cables:


 This part number is available to order from us. however line 6 is trying to get a lot of money for this cable and it would take around 3 weeks to get to you here in the states..


Part# 21-34-0240  (CABLE,LIGHTNING SONICPORT)  $34.00 each + shipping


If you would like to place an order, please have the part number ready and give our sales team

a call at 800-356-5844 (please ask for sales)


let me know if you have any questions


And this reply about 30-pin cables (i.e. iphone 4 & earlier):

Yes! this 30pin cable is also available to order from us. this is a little cheaper and we are actually expecting to get these in today..


Part # 21-34-0230  (CABLE,MOBILE KEYS/SONIC 30PIN)  $25.75 each + shipping


These pictures will be available on our website soon, please let the forums know!


If you would like to place an order, please have the part number ready and give our sales team

a call at 800-356-5844 (please ask for sales)


let me know if you have any questions



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I just ordered a Sonic Port VX older ipad 30 pin cable here:


SonicPort VX uses the identical adapter cable as used with Line 6 Mobile keys

Mobile Keys/Sonic Port 30-pin iOS Cable 
Product Code: 98-035-0002 98-035-0002_l.jpg3ft locking iOS cable for your Mobile Keys or Sonic Port Family devices 



Line 6 21-34-0230
3 Foot iOS Cable for Mobile Keys 25 and 49

OUR PART #  21-34-0230



Contact Line 6 direct If you need the SonicPort Lighning cable 

Part# 21-34-0240  (CABLE,LIGHTNING SONICPORT)  $34.00 each + shipping


 Line 6, Inc.
26580 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91302-1921

 Main Phone#: (818) 575-3600
Main Fax#: (818) 575-3601

Customer Service:
8am - 5pm M-F Pacific Time
Press option 2 for Customer Service

Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2pm.

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Hi, I'm in UK and need a connector for my SonicPort VX to my older iPad with 30-pin connector port.


I've followed the links in this thread but all the retailers are in U.S. and shining makes an already costly connector lead pretty stupid price (more than a third of what I paid for the device itself).


Line 6 - does your UK operation carry these and if so can you give me the exact contact details so I can order?


Thanks / Bob W, London

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As many others I am searching for a solution to connect my smaller Sonic Port (without VX) to a desktop PC or MAC, to use it as an regular audio-interface.


Here are two other threads, where the the basic possibility are declared…


Unfortunately no one has postet a self-testet adapter or cable to…

  1. either connect the existing 30 pin male to a solution providing 30 pin female > Standard USB A
  2. or connect the existing Lightning male to a solution providing Lightning female > Standard USB A


And if someone could specify the type of USB-port at the device itself, maybe no adapter would be needed because in this case it would be possible to use a solution like

  • "strange USB-port of the Sonic Port" > Standard USB A


But obviously the easiest way would be, if Line6 or another service would offer the standard USB A-cable for the desktop-connection from the bigger Sonic Port VX as a replacement or addition  :ph34r:

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I have had a number of these cables-pretty disappointed that Line 6 used such a proprietary and expensive standard instead of one of the standard cable styles but I do love the device and the Mobile Pod app. Today I ordered a replacement on Adorama for $30 and I want to share a great option, Adorama offers device protection plan with free replacement for 2 years for $8. This is well worth it if you burn through the flimsy Line 6 cable every year as I do!

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