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POD HD 500X - Ambient sound mostly for Worship


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Hi group.


I have perused a number of ambient sounds from "custom tone", and it's not doing for me.


I use to have the POD XT Live and I had a pretty good ambient sound that I made.  It seemed to work with most genres.


I can't seem to create something I Like with the POD HD 500X - go figure.  I love this new unit.....


Any help would be  awesome to get me pointed in the right direction.







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Do you have an example of the types of tones your after? I personally think that with its flexible signal chain it's easier to get good ambient tones with the 500 and 500X than with previous PODs. Also, the delays behave much more naturally when you want to do things like send them into self-oscillation. One thing I like to do is create separate wet and dry paths within the tone. That can give you something that mimics an analog dry signal.

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Hi,  Thanks for the response.  I checked off unsolved.....I am not sure what I am doing in these forums.....did I do that right?  




Also, my lack of knowledge on the POD HD and how the paths and the chain works together.


I will post a sound bit from a song I was doing working on - just the ambient piece.  Would that help?


This sound was created in the POD XT Live which I sold - but I kept all the patches I think on my PC for posterity (haha).


Again, thanks for the help and consideration


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I'm on the same boat dude. I owned an XT which I had phenomenal patches. Then I got a bunch of individual pedals that drove me nuts after a while. I bought a G-System which took me 30 days of researching and reading to finally make it work. So I got tired of how complex it was and now I'm back again to Line 6, now with the 500X.


I'm hugely disappointed since the 500X is now as complex as the G-System. We want simplicity and a few great basic tones but companies insist on complexity and ultra versatility which aren't ever used to 10% of its full potential.


Your 500x can easily do the ambient stuff you posted, I just don't know how.


If you read enough to become a gear head geek and tweak your reverb and delay effects to oblivion, I'm sure you'll come up with even better ambient stuff. It's just that you'll have to invest a lot of flipping time to decipher this massively complex unit and understand how to put pedals together.


Also, keep in mind how you're connecting your pod 4CM, 2CM etc. and where (pa/mixer, front of amp, pre-amp). Make sure your POD universal settings are correct. Then take it from there. If I run across some nice ambient patches I'll post them here.


Here's one to get you started:

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