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Tone Port DI Audio Issue
by mordecai52005 on 2011-02-07 17:25:32.0310

When i use my Tone Port DI, stand alone with the Pod Farm (1 and 2, and GearBox) software, running the Tone Port DI as an interface with my guitar, there is no input signal, or output signal. While running pod farm, where the volume meter is for input and output signal is, its totally peaked, with no sound coming through.

The only way to use my Tone Port DI, and Pod Farm is have the Tone Port Plugged in basically as a way to access the Pod Farm tones, as plugins for my DAW's.

Is there a hardware issue with my Tone Port DI? It seemed to happen out of nowhere, and i have tried it on several different computers, with different usb cabels, and many variations.

Please Help, otherwise i have just a big brick, that lets me access these tones, not an audio interface.

Re: RE: Tone Port DI Audio Issue
by darealagentp on 2011-02-10 15:21:44.4390

There could be a hardware issue with the DI in terms of the audio portion of the unit. Obviously it appears to still provide the functionality of being a Plug-In authorization device (which doesn't use the audio converters portion of the device).

Have you tried all the direct USB ports on your host computer? Or have you only been using the same USB port. Also, please don't be connecting through a USB hub device. This could prevent full functionality of USB-related audio processes.

  The only other suggestion/test I can offer you is to install either GearBox 3.72 or POD Farm 1.12 on a different host computer. See if you cannot pass realtime audio through the DI into that machine and through the Standalone application. Another test is to set your DI as the system soundcard and try streaming audio from either iTunes or a YouTube video. There should be output at the Phones jack and Analog Outs 1/2. If the DI doesn't allow pass guitar input into GearBox 3.72 or POD Farm 1.12 on a 2nd machine nor does it provide audio streaming, then unfortunately yes... there's a hardware fault in the audio portion of the device.



Re: RE: Tone Port DI Audio Issue
by mordecai52005 on 2011-02-11 09:03:07.6760

With all that said, what are my possible options?

Can i send it in for repair? Is there some sort of warranty i have available? Or am i just going to have to buy a new one altogether?

Thank you for your help.

RE: Tone Port DI Audio Issue
by Line6Hugo on 2011-02-11 16:02:40.3390


The Toneport devices are non-repairable and have a warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase. Being that I'm pretty sure it may be out of warranty, buying a new audio interface would be the next option.

Like Perry already mentioned, it appears you can still use it as a USB authorization device for the POD Farm 1/2 Plug-ins. I would keep it for at least this feature.



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