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Bass Tone from JTV "Guitar"?
by jcianchetta on 2011-03-20 10:55:13.3320

Hello, I am seriosuly considering purchasing (ordering) one of the JTV's (I understand there is a current delay in shipments)  so anyway.... I'm on a strict budget so, would not be interested in future JTV Bass and I need to sell some items before ordering a JTV model.  I have a relatively cheap Ibenez bass that I just use for home recordings. In order to get some funds $$ together, I may sell my bass but, only if I would be able to get half decent bass tones from the JTV  "Guitar" (I would assume by electronically drop tuning it)..., does anyone know if that is possible? Just to frame expectations... I'm not a pro.... I just have a little home studio and occassionally fill-in at church as a back-up player (either on guitar or bass).



Re: Bass Tone from JTV "Guitar"?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-03-20 11:04:51.0670

See Crusty_Old_Rocker's thread on exactly this topic - about 4 or 5 threads down from yours in the list

Re: Bass Tone from JTV "Guitar"?
by jcianchetta on 2011-03-20 12:08:34.5390

Perfect!  Thanks very much!

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