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Bass pod Xt live and Line 6 edit
by jhar404 on 2011-11-18 18:12:13.1270

When I try to load my pedal in Line 6 edit program my pedal freezes when its about 90% loaded. The a window will pop up saying that the bass pod has stopped responding

any way to fix this?

Re: Bass pod Xt live and Line 6 edit
by Triryche on 2011-11-21 10:05:49.9320

Are you using the most recent drivers, Line6 Edit and Java?

RE: Bass pod Xt live and Line 6 edit
by Line6Don on 2011-11-22 11:03:20.1510

Hey jhar404,

Download and install the latest drivers for your operating system:

Windows Drivers

MAC Drivers : 7.1.0

Once the drivers are installed you will need to install the Line 6 Monkey application from the links below:

Windows Line 6 Monkey 1.43:

MAC Line 6 Monkey 1.43:

Once Line 6 Monkey is installed, remove any additional unnecessary USB and firmware devices from your computer when troubleshooting this issue. Make sure to connect it directly to a USB port and not a USB hub, extension, or keyboard of any kind, preferably connect it to a USB port on the rear of computer. Try using additional USB cables and every USB port available until you are able to launch Line 6 Monkey and detect the device.

After Launching Line 6 Monkey apply any updates that are available until you have a green check next to each component.

I would then try again to launch the Line 6 Edit application. If you encounter the same problem once again, I would suggest to try connecting the Bass POD XT Live to another USB port on the computer, try again, if it crashed again, try another USB port until you have exhausted all available USB ports on your computer.

RE: Bass pod Xt live and Line 6 edit
by Line6Don on 2011-11-29 10:38:58.7690

Hey jhar404,

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