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  1. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. Its a small price to pay for a short wait till a computer based editor :P you guys really get serious over this stuff! We are early purchasers of the Helix, and with that comes some early testing and waiting :) Nothing to panic about!
  2. Tone is subjective - so if it sounds good to you, it doesn't matter what others think! Its hard to validate sounds you like with the opinions of others because we all like different things :)
  3. Elkinz

    FRFR suggestions

    bear in mind - being made in China isn't the issue. Its the QC in the factories. Iv seen plenty of really nice gear come out of Chinese factories where the QC is carefully monitored :) So don't be put off by the label "made in China" - be put off by the reviews and I guess in your case, the experience! Man that really does suck about the ASM though :/ was quite interested in that
  4. I just plug my Ipod into the aux input and run it clean on path 2 with no effects, while my guitar is on path 1. Works well for me :P
  5. The editor is supposedly not far away, so we shouldn't have to wait too much longer!
  6. Had it since it was released - never had an issue.
  7. One of my bass patches has 2 amps, 2 cabs, 2 compressors, 2 high/low pass filters all on the one DSP. So it goes to show that each amp is quite different in its DSP usage! Cause I can still add more to the path as well haha
  8. Thanks mate! Yeah such a fantastic group of dudes - sadly iv yet to see them live. The last time they came down to New Zealand I wasn't living here :( Im in the process of making more sounds closer to their tones so will post when I get the chance :)
  9. The ANGL Meteor/ENGL Fireball, and the GK Cougar bass amp. I actually just ran both amps through separate SVT 8x10 Helix cab sims. I scooped all the mids on my bass and raised the treble, which is where all that grind comes from! so on my Ibanez fan fret, its like neutral on bass, fully scooped on mids, and fully maxed on treble - lightly compressing both signals into each amp. The rest is helix! The low pass on the clean channel, and high pass on the engl is really important to blend the two amps nicely~~ ill try upload it when I can :P
  10. you wont be able to run that many pitch shifters at once im pretty sure - they are very dsp hungry :P one already takes up heaps of dsp haha
  11. No confirmed date, but hopefully soon as it was expected within a couple of months from release date. its so easy to patch things directly on the helix, so we should be able to survive quite comfortably till then :) I just want it so I can click things fast ahaha
  12. If you have the Helix software open (for IR's and patches etc) the Helix updater wont see the helix for some reason. I had the same problem, but if you only have one open at once it seems to work!
  13. No ones mentioned the bass models yet, so ill chime in. Iv been LOVING the GK Cougar amp for bass. Running it through the 8x10 SVT cab sim, and it absolutely slays! Iv gotten crisp and clear clean tones, and grindy driven tones out of it. I did a quick recording of what sounds I got so far, the sounds were just using the GK Cougar, and the ANGL meteor! Iv been loving the ANGL Meteor, though I didn't dial it in very well for the recording for some reason https://soundcloud.com/joelthekiwi/simple-boy-helix-test
  14. Elkinz


    hey Aaron, you can run 3 amps on separate paths to spread the DSP usage out. To my understanding, path 1 and 2 have their own dsp so you can route it between them :) I think there is a preset which does this? I could be wrong though. So far, iv relied on amps more than pedals for gain - some of the amps have fantastic drive in them so give them a go! If you crank the master on some of the crunch amps it really gets the amp going :)
  15. Cheers man! :) Funnily enough, the bass patch is a blend of the GK Cougar sim, and the ANGL Meteor - which I didn't expect to turn out so nicely. Just high passing/low passing the different paths so that the highs are being driven and the lows are clean. Ill try upload them when I get around to it!
  16. Karnivool are just incredible. Probably one of my biggest inspirations! :D Im still tweaking the guitar tone to be more full but its really coming along. IR's make such a massive difference!
  17. OKAY. So i finally got around to throwing a little demo together of some sounds from the Helix! All of the sounds are straight from helix, with NO post processing. the drums are EZDrummer2's Progressive kit with some adjustments to it. Guitar playing is a bit sloppy, but im stoked on the bass tones im getting from this so far! Guitar tone is still something im endeavoring to be happy with, but iv loved all the sounds im getting from helix so far!~ The mix is a bit bass heavy as it was like 1am when I was recording this, but still. Gear Used: Ibanez SRFF806 Ibanez RG721RW Helix EZdrummer 2 Cubase https://soundcloud.com/joelthekiwi/simple-boy-helix-test
  18. Hey mate, if you just plug in the helix into the line 6 updater it will do all the work for you. easy.
  19. Hey mate, congrats on your new helix! At the moment, the full editor is still in development. However, you can upload/download patches to your helix as well as IRs with the Helix Editor software that's up now. Its fairly basic, but fortunately the helix is so damn easy to edit on it isn't too painful of a wait ;) If your Mac is on El Capitan, it may have some issues with Helix. I had to download the drivers for the helix to work on my pc so maybe try that? (im not sure how mac OS works to be honest haha)
  20. Elkinz

    FW 1.04 info

    its 1.30pm Monday pacific time, and 10:30am Tuesday New Zealand time.... which menas I have to wait all day if the update comes out in a few hours :(
  21. yeah I know I can do that but its really inconvienent because I cant fit the helix on the desk or under the desk really hahaha. :P
  22. I plugged my helix into my USB on my pc, but wanted to run the sound out of my monitors thorugh my interface. But my pc wouldn't do it for some reason - everything was set up correct, but no sound? Any one have any clues on this? Or am I just being stupid haha
  23. Hmm, I cant really comment on changing patches. I don't have a solution for that one! But I just plug my iPod into the AUX input, set path 2's input as Auxilary only, and path one as guitar. And lower the volume on the guitar because usually its way louder than my old ipod haha.
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