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  1. IMO the Tyler bridge is unusable for fingerpicking, eh, it might be okay for super gentle fingerpicking like playing The Girl From Ipanema or The Look of Love something like that but you can look forward to hearing lots of lollipops mixed in with your playing if you try putting any kind of any snap or twang on there. I only hear the clicks and pops occasionally when playing with a pick - I see GraphTech makes a bridge that looks like a good candidate for replacement: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Graph-Tech-Ghost-Resomax-NW-Wrap-Bridge-CHROME-PN-8593-C0-/390539905816?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item5aedfe0b18
  2. Erm,... I always compress first - with the eq before the compressor some eq changes tend to make the compressor do crazy things. But I believe the rules are: "There are no rules". The case for putting compression before eq: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct07/articles/qa1007_1.htm
  3. Don't forget, there are some here who post and vote with mulitple accounts... :mellow: The number is, was, and shall forever be nine. As for your future fame, the Magick Johnnyayyy Ball says: "Ask again later"
  4. I only did the exhaustive A/B recording comparisons in position 1 - I don't use 2,3,4, or 5 for any songs or for recording so far, I use Spank 1 for a growling twangy vintage surf/rockabilly tone and HD 2.0 sounds fairly close to the real thing, definitely in the ballpark and much closer than 1.9 and earlier. With JTV 2.0 Spank sounds like a Strat now - firmware 1.9 and earlier never did IMO and this is definitely not a complaint, as I said before I never liked the sound of Strats at all til recently but I loved the sound of pre-HD Spank from the first moment I heard it. I have only recently begun to appreciate Spank position 2 through 5 and I am having fun noodling around in those positions lately, especially pos. 2 - from the limited amount of playing I have done on those positions and without having done proper A/B testing I would say 2.0 HD in all positions sounds much more like my real Strats than pre-HD ever did.
  5. Kind of wish I hadn't just bought my 89, would have really preferred the 59 goldtop with p90s they have at hellomusic at the moment for only a wee bit more money than I paid...
  6. What year and model Strat? What kind of wood and finish for the body and neck? And what pickups? I would love to be able to buy or cobble together a Strat that sounds similar to Variax 1.9 Spank 1 but have never heard that sound coming from any "real" guitar... I always assumed it was because the guitar they modeled was a magical $50,000 guitar that sounded better than any other Strat ever made but now I am not so sure... I prefer the sound of the 1.9 Strat, but I do think the 2.0 Strat sounds much more like the "real" Strats I currently own.
  7. A perfect descriptor IMO. Most popular flavor of ice cream: Vanilla Most popular guitar of all time: Fender Stratocaster Ultimate Stratocaster = Maximum Vanillaness. If it was too hot sounding the purists wouldn't love it. And if it was too twangy the modern guys would hate it. Mission accomplished, everyone seems to hate it. Well, not everyone really - just a vocal minority. It is Vanilla, a perfect beautiful blank ice cream canvas for you to decorate with your choice of delicious toppings. It sounds like a Strat now, and I believe that was the goal. Maybe some day we will have the option of using modeled fancy aftermarket pickups to dress it up any way we like... I would love to be able to compare the sound of Fender Fat 50s to Texas Specials to DiMarzio FS-1s to Duncan Five-Twos to Kinmans to Frailins etc. by just clicking them one after another in Workbench... could you imagine? And adding a Workbench feature where we could raise and lower the pickups in relation to the string, not just change the volume, thereby completely changing the response and EQ curve of the pickup? And wouldn't you just love to see a steel baseplate mod in Workbench? But for now Spank 2.0 just sounds like a regular good old delicious vanilla Strat. Yum!
  8. I think my Strat story/experience/ordeal will sort of answer this question... I have never liked Strats. At all. I could never get any kind of sound I wanted or could use out of any that I tried, and I have purchased, repaired, restored, and resold lots of them over the years for a living. Stratocasters just were not my thing. Then I got a Variax. After noodling and doodling around on it for a while I discovered my favorite sound was the Spank 1 setting. I used Spank 1 for lots of stuff for a year or probably more, loved loved loved it! A couple of months ago while recording a song with some palm muting parts that I could not pull off effectively on my Variax (at that point a JTV-89 with 1.9 firmware) I decided I would just buy a real Stratocaster and punch in those palm muted parts. Easy, yes? Problem was, the real Strat that I purchased (Stock, Mexican) sounded ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the JTV 1.9 Spank 1 tone. I tried punching in the palm muted bits and it stood out like a sore thumb - 100% Unusable. What to do? I set out on a search for a real world non digital Strat solution that would sound similar to my JTV with 1.9 firmware. On advice from some helpful L6 forum members I ordered some fancy Fender Custom Shop Fat 50's pickups for the Mexi Strat. While waiting for them to arrive in the mail I found a great deal on a really nice used Fender American Standard Stratocaster on Craigslist, purchased that plus 2 other Mexi Strats and a vintage Japanese Strat copy. I recorded some test tracks playing the same song with the JTV with 1.9 firmware, the Mexi Strat with stock pickup, the Mexi Strat with a "vintage hot" pickup I had in parts box, the Mexi Strat with the Fat 50's custom shop pickup, the American Standard Strat with stock pickups, the Japanese Strat Copy, and a second Mexican Standard Stratocaster with some cheapo aftermarket pickups from China. Results: none of the Strats sounded the least bit similar to the JTV with 1.9 firmware. I was able to get some great sounds out of the real guitars but nothing close enough to punch in any bits on the recordings without it being painfully obvious. Ended up re-recording the tracks with the real Strat. Later when the JTV firmware 2.0 came out I went back to those test recordings and added a track of JTV 2.0 Spank 1 for comparison, JTV 2.0 Spank 1 sounded nothing like JTV 1.9 but quite similar to the Mexi Strat with Fat 50's installed and in the same ballpark as the American Standard Strat and the other Strats I recorded. I believe I could now punch in tracks switching between a real Strat and the JTV HD Strat without anyone noticing. My conclusion: the original Pre HD Variax Spank sounded GREAT, but likely sounds nothing like any real Strat that ever existed - I absolutely loved the sound of Spank 1 on the pre HD Variax and have never heard or played a Strat that sounded like that, I never liked Strats at all til I used the simulated one in the Pre-HD Variax. Would love to have a real world guitar with that tone... After all these weeks (now months I think) of Strat noodling and since installing the Fat 50's pickups in the Mexi Strat I am now quite enjoying the "authentic" Strat sound, it took some time but it has really grown on me and I would say the JTV 2.0 Spank comes pretty close... I have learned recently to appreciate position 2 and 4 for certain things... nailing the tone of "Lay Down Sally" and "Sultans of Swing" in my goofing off time was quite a fun diversion for me... I am keeping the Mexi/Fat 50's Strat, already sold the other Mexis, and I still have the American Standard Stratocaster and the vintage Japanese copy for sale if anyone is interested... :)
  9. Hellomusic gives you a standard warranty for one year - any problem within a year and they will repair,replace,or refund the item.
  10. I don't think the Hellomusic.com deal is for scratch/n/dent guitars, I believe it is for regular new guitars - ad does not mention scratch/dent or any flaws... also you could probably use the hellomusic price to get a price match at musiciansfriend or wherever.
  11. Hello Music currently has the JTV-59 P90 Gold Top for $998. Get 'em while they're hot! They will probably sell out quickly at this price. http://www.hellomusic.com/ Disclaimer: I don't work for Hello Music, or Line 6, just saw the Hello ad in my inbox and thought someone here might be interested.
  12. I was thinking Brothers In Arms would have been from the Pensa/Suhr era for MK, looked it up and... if you meant the song "Brothers In Arms" it looks like he used the neck pickup on a Les Paul reissue, for the entire album he used a bunch of different guitars according to this site: http://www.mk-guitar.com/gear-on-all-songs-for-all-albums-wiki/gear-on-album-brothers-in-arms/ Surely you hear a difference between, say, the guitar in Money For Nothing vs. the guitar in Sultans of Swing...? I think the pickups used for those two songs may have contributed at least a small amount to the diffference in sound... I seem to recall reading in Guitar Player Magazine an interview with Billy Gibbons from the 80's where Mr. Gibbons stated Mark Knopfler called him up one day and asked him how he got a particular guitar tone on a particular ZZ Top song as he was trying to replicate it on Money For Nothing... I believe that if it was OK for MK to attempt to recreate a classic guitar tone it should be okay for any of us to attempt to do the same... I am 100% certain that if Mark Knopfler had used, for instance, my new Fender Pawn Shop 72 Strat to record Sultans of Swing it would have sounded quite different that the classic version we all know... I guarantee it... sure it might sound like the same guy playing and it would probably still sound good, but it would definitely sound different. According to internet sources Mark Knopfler used at least 10 different guitars on the Brothers In Arms album. Now maybe the album would have sounded exactly the same if he had just used one guitar the whole time but I really doubt it... certainly he did not use all those different guitars because he was bored...? There must have been a good reason to use a Les Paul on one song and a Suhr Custom on another and a Schecter Tele on another and and and... wow, someone should probably turn MK on to the Variax, bet he would love it... Also, for the earlier Dire Straits sound (first two albums I think) you just need some vintage original 1961 or 1962 Fender Stratocaster pickups for the bridge and middle and a DiMarzio FS-1 for the neck, though they will sound a bit different if installed in a JTV-69... you might just want to buy a complete '62 Strat and swap in the DiMarzio in the neck... ;)
  13. As I recall the old Variax Acoustic guitars used steel strings and modeled both steel and nylon strings, so it should be do-able. Though if L6 has a new Variax Acoustic in the works they probably won't give the JTV a nylon string model, more acoustic sounds available on the JTV = fewer reasons for anyone to buy a Variax Acoustic.
  14. I uploaded a few, maybe 5 or 6, can't remember... If everyone here does the same we will all have lots to try. Then again, maybe this will never happen... after nearly 10 years we only have around 200 tones uploaded for the original Variax, this tells me either not many people have created anything worth sharing or people are just not interested in sharing waht they have come up with... I plan to create and upload more after L6 resolves the HD500/Workbench issue, maybe others will too.
  15. Two things: 1. Interesting that people are still voting on this after the correct answer has been revealed... 2. The real Strat sounds like it could benefit from a minor pickup adjustment - I bet the middle pickup is adjusted low to keep it out of the way of picking, if so raising it a tick might have made it more difficult to hear a big difference between the two recordings. Yes, I am in effect saying the real Strat sound could be improved to make it sound as good as the JTV, deal with it... :lol:
  16. in my case I just muddled through and kept fumbling and bumbling and hacking away at it til it worked, made tons of mistakes along the way but didn't really care - I had no fear from the start as I figured if I screwed up it was no big deal, I would only be losing a few bucks and destroying some cheapo guitars that meant nothing to anyone... if I had purchased the Variaxes new and paid full price I would have been much more hesitant, but a $200-250 used Variax is just begging to be torn apart and repurposed IMO.
  17. Wow, that 700 looks pretty nice with pickups... bet L6 would have sold way more if the looked like that from the factory
  18. I have 2 Variaxes with GraphTech Ghost bridges and 1 JTV and the GraphTech bridges/saddles are around 9,999,999,999,999 times better than the JTV bridge/saddles IMO.
  19. I believe the Fender modeling guitars and all Roland modeling systems use magnetic pickups. I would love to get my hands on a Roland hex pickup and hook it up to one of my Variaxes to see if it improved palm muting - I would think it would have a detrimental effect on the modeling accuracy but maybe not, the RackVax system uses the Roland pickup and I have read no reports of compromised modeling.
  20. Submitted for your approval: my 2 cheapo transplants: The Tele is Mexican and cost me around $700 total ($300 for the Tele, $200 for the Variax donor, and $100 for the GraphTech bridge, $100 for the Bigsby setup). The White Falcon is a Chinese replica, around $750 total ($300 for the "Gretsch", $250 for the Variax 500 donor, $100 for the GraphTech bridge, and $100 for the DeArmond pickups not shown in the pics). My only goal when putting these together was to have all the flexibility of a Variax without anyone knowing I was playing a Variax. The guitars are junky for sure but still look miles cooler than the Variax 300 and 500 I used to build them IMO.
  21. Would love to see a tricked out L5, and a purple Starcaster JTV sounds... out of this world! DO IT!!!! Here are some pics of the Falcon and Tele transplant ( I had forgotten why I did two transplants until a few minutes ago, used to play in a band with a second guitarist and the plan was for me to use the Tele and him to use the Falcon but by the time I get them both up and running we had gotten rid of the other guy), you can see the scoth tape in the pics. The original goal was to have no Variax components showing so that the banjo and sitar sounds would blow people's minds live, the only giveaway on the Tele is the output jack, the guts are hidden under the pickguard between the pickups, no routs/panels on the back of the guitar, 2 controls aknobs only (volume and modeling), tone control is buried under the pickguard (I select models and program the tone knob on a per patch basis with my HD500). The dead giveaway that something weird was going on with the Falcon the couple of times I used it live was I think the total lack of controls and pickups :lol: I have a nice set of DeArmonds and some Gretsch knobs that will be back on there shortly (after I paint the thing black). Sorry I never got around to posting the pics til now - stuff came up and I was away from the forums for many months and by the time I came back I had completely forgotten, not that it would have mattered as the old forums were locked by then anyway.
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