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  1. i was thinking when looking at pics of your transplants, why do you use the Tyler bridges on such nice guitars? A GraphTech is a huge improvement over the Tyler IMO, in both appearance and especially in functionality, no more KLICKYKLACKY from the piezos flopping around in their slots (if you ever notice wird ticks and clicks while you are playing, the problem is likely the Tyler bridge)... I am planning to put a Bigsby on my JTV89 eventually and will be changing to GraphTech TOM at the same time, just gotta few projects I have to work on first
  2. The modeling on the White Falcon works fine, nothing weird, normal JTV operation. GraphTech T-O-M bridge. Nothing weird happens when the strings move across the saddles, maybe due to the graphite saddles. You will need to put a damper on the strings between the Bigsby and the bridge to kill string resonance, same as people without Bigsbys are doing with the stock JTV59/89 bridge: http://line6.com/support/topic/111-make-your-variax-sound-100-better/ I use a strip of scotch tape there and between the nut and tuners because it is nearly invisible but velcro or hair scrunchies or whatever will work. I use the same scotch tape damping on my real (non Variax) Gretsch as well, at higher gain settings the resonance from the strings behind the nut and behind the bridge sounds terrible to me. I do not use the White Falcon much, it sounds exactly like my Tele transplant (same Bigsby/GraphTech on that one, no issues) but the Tele has a great neck and is much more fun to play. I put metalflake binding on the WF body and neck and never finished working on it so the edges of the neck are pretty uncomfortable - needs more sanding and clearcoat, will probably get around to it eventually... I have used it for a couple of shows, I chose red metalflake for the binding and Gretsch logo but later realized the guitar looks too much like a Christmas decoration/candy cane in red and white so I am planning to paint it black and probably change the binding to silver or gold eventually. The couple times I did use the WF live I had not reinstalled the magnetic pickups, no pots or switches either, just a bunch of unfilled holes (I put all the Variax bits in a Radio Shack project box and stuffed the whole thing inside the guitar, all control of the guitar is done via HD500), got lots of "WTF is up with that?" questions about it afterward :lol:
  3. This problem has been documented here: http://line6.com/support/topic/2087-please-try-this-little-experiment/ Line 6 has said they are working on it. I have always tuned my Variaxes and JTV down to DGCFAD and never experienced this problem until I installed the 2.0 firmware. I believe anyone with 2.0 firmware will experience this problem when downtuning the guitar - there is a simple test devised by McLeninson, select Chime 2 Rickenbacker 12 string and: "1) Tune your "D" string down to a "C" (no need to tune down other strings) 2) Pluck the second fret of the "D" string and immediately pluck the "D" string open pluck other frets on the "D" string, then open for different pitch clashes"
  4. I'm tilting... I'M TILTING!!! I support your attempt to get something that you find important added to your guitar. I support you posting the idea on ideascale and others doing the same, no matter how misguided, redundant, likely unfeasible, kooky, wasteful, or utterly ridiculous I personally think any particular idea is. Obviously you are having a difficult time understanding that so I will not keep repeating it. No matter what anyone says in this thread Line 6 will decide whether this is a good/possible/worthwhile and act accordingly (hint: it probably ain't gonna happen for all the reasons you have already been given, so don't hold your breath - and if it does happen, congratulations!). This thread is a tempest in a teapot and even if it is bumped 1,000 times by you and 1,000 times by me it is not likely to have any influence on the future of the JTV. Calm down, no one here is a threat to you. I applaud you for posting the idea on ideascale. great job! I hope others will follow your lead. And kudos on owning up to posting under and skewing the polls by voting under multiple aliases, most would not have the guts to confess. Though we disagree on what should be done and the likelyhood of it ever happening, I support your efforts. Comprende?. "Rave on brother, I'm with ya!" - Carl Perkins
  5. I applaud you for posting the idea on ideascale. great job! I hope others will follow your lead. And kudos on owning up to posting under and skewing the polls by voting under multiple aliases, most would not have the guts to confess. I must have missed this post, perhaps it was one of the posts you immediately deleted? At any rate, I do not believe there is anything anyone can say in this thread that will have any effect on whether you ever get what you are asking for. It's fun discussing it though... Though we disagree on what should be done and the likelyhood of it ever happening, I support your efforts. Comprende?. "Rave on brother, I'm with ya!" - Carl Perkins
  6. Erm, don't know why you quoted me here, you are preaching to the choir... I agree with you completely. IMO it would be a waste of L6 time and effort, waste of space, step backward, redundant due to older versions of firmware still being available, appealing to nearly no one if polls and current ideascale rating is any indicator... don't care if L6 ever makes it possible, don't care if they don't, pretty sure it is not gonna happen for all the reasons that have been stated previously, honestly could not give a hot lollipop either way.
  7. I had this problem using Windows XP, Dell 1500 and interface plugged directly into motherboard USB. I only experienced the muted positions when I tried changing body types, can't remember if it was okay after unplugging my JTV or if I had to reinstall firmware (it was when the update was released and I reinstalled the firmware around a dozen times over two days so I don't recall the exact order of things, have not worked with workbench since). 2.0=kinda buggy
  8. I could swear Psarkissian said be sure to set the model knob to mags when everyone was having trouble with their 2.0 installation a couple of weeks ago, but there are so many posts and I am waaaayyy to lazy to dig through them all. That is to say, I am 100% sure someone said the model knob should be set to mags and 99.9% certain the person who said it was Line 6 US Service Technician & Moderator Psarkissian. But I could be wrong... "
  9. You should put all of these there: http://line6.com/support/topic/244-variax-downloadable-models/
  10. In the past I owned a Variax 700, a 500, and a 300 I now own a JTV89 and two transplants I made out of the 500 and 300. The workmanship on the 700 was far better than on the JTV IMO. Japan>Korea when it comes to building guitars, there is no way around that. The design of the JTV (all models) is a huge improvement over the 700/500/600/300 IMO, WITH THE EXCEPTION of the headstock. I always thought the 700/600/500/300 body design looked terrible, a problem made worse by the lack of pickups. The JTV69/89 headstock is not nearly as bad as the regular Tyler headstock (which may be the ugliest headstock ever designed) but not as good as dozens of other designs. the JTV59 headstock looks "okay" to me, tho a bit boring - I think the 500/700 headstock was maybe a little better. The 600/300 Variax had a much more attractive headstock shape than my JTV69/89 IMO, tho I am not really in love with the 600/300 design either- maybe if it had a different logo design it would be great, I think the basic 600/300 shape is pretty nice. THE JTV89 BRIDGE IS IMO A BIG OLE PILE OF LOLLICRAP. I will be replacing it ASAP. 2.0 modeling by far outshines Gen1 Vax modeling IMO, though I enjoy playing my Tele Variax transplant more than I do my JTV (the Tele has a nicer neck and a Bigsby) I am currently using the JTV more often. It just sounds better. Overall my vote goes to JTV by many, many miles.
  11. Artists rendering of forum members trying out JTV 2.0:
  12. Does the HD update solve the palm mute issue on this JTV? Solve? No. Improve? Yes. Palm muting on the JTV with current firmware is an improvement compared to the original Variax but it is not yet perfect and probably never will be. You will still notice a difference in sound between palm muting with the magnetic pickups and palm muting with the models, comparing the JTV 89 model to the magnetic pickups I notice the modeled sound is softer/duller/less aggressive and still missing the full pick attack/bite. Try one out before buying if possible to see if it is right for you, some people are more anal about these things than others and some are fine with the JTV palm muting and able to get it to do what they need it to.
  13. Simply put, your guitar is broken. Whether it got that way through a bad install at some point, or a power fluctuation during reflash, or it was that way from the factory, if you have done all the reflashing you can and that dows not solve the problem then it is broken (yes, if it works proper,ly with 1.9 and does not work properly with 2.0 that constitutes "broken" IMO). The way I am reading the warnings in the .PDF is "slip up here once and no amount of reflashing is going to help, only Line 6 can repair your guitar after this." Did you do the updates step by step every single time since you have had the guitar? I had never seen that .PDF until with all the crazy instructions until everyone started having problems with the new 2.0 update, every time I have updated my Variaxes and my JTV in the past I have done it without unplugging the guitar, without saying no to keeping presets, without resetting Monkey between update attempts, without double flashing, without clicking my model knob to mags, without checking my volume knob etc etc etc and according to the .PDF I could have caused damage to my guitars during any one of those many pre- 2.0 updates and rollbacks. Did you ever do an update pre-2.0 without following the step by step directions? According to the PDF that may be what is causing your problems now. A possible case of "Corrupted firmware remnants causing problems with subsequent reflashes" I deduce... either that or a defective guitar. What do I win if I guessed right? Tho it's true that it is possible there was a "bad run" of JTV's I believe the few who had this problem had guitars built at different times. Also, as I recall, everyone but you was able to fix the problem by reflashing... are there still others remaining who had bad sound in 2.0 and get great sound again by rolling back to 1.9? Not talking about those who simply prefer the tones in 1.9, but those who are still unable to get results similar to the videos that have been posted with the "correct" sounding updated guitars. I will be interested to see the results of your support ticket, I know you already said you can not call for faster service - I think you might be left with the options shipping the guitar to your nearset repair center (however far away that may be) or living with 1.9 for as long as you have the guitar.
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=why+computers+glitch&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#q=%22why+do+computers+have+glitches%22&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial Doubt anyone here can answer that question. Some guesses? 1. Possible cause: You used the USB dongle to do the firmware update. The dongle sucks (IMO based on my own experience and reports in this forum). Solution: try connecting to your computer using a Pod HD 500 or Pro, then rolling back to an earlier version and re-upping the 2.0 firmware. 2. Possible cause: Your guitar is defective, whether through a manufacturing flaw or perhaps a . Solution: repair or replace. 3. Possible cause: The firmware is flawed. The majority seem to be able to achieve good results so this is a longshot. Solution: roll back to 1.9 or earlier and wait patiently for the next version. I believe you have already installed 2.0 using a Pod HD and compared to your friend's JTV and found his guitar sounds good and yours doesn't, correct? If this is the case and you have already tried doing incremental flashes with unplugging,resetting monkey, and double flashing I believe you may have a corrupted or defective main board due to a problem occurring at a critical moment during an update and if it were my guitar at that point I would be shipping it back to L6 or taking it to a local authorized repair person.. Info here:http://line6.com/support/topic/2128-jtv-20-try-this/ Places things might have gone wrong for you - Quote: "7) Update will be in process for several minutes. DO NOT interrupt this process, or processor board (Main Board) may be rendered un-useable. It would have to be return to Line 6 Repair for possible re-program and recovery." Quote: "12) A prompt will come up “… keep the existing patches …†click “Noâ€. If during update a patch gets corrupted, and it is saved, then it can create problems later" Quote: "13) Message and “Continue?†question, click “Yesâ€. Update will be in process for several minutes. DO NOT, interrupt this process, or processor board (Main Board) may be rendered un-useable. It would have to be return to Line 6 Repair for possible re-program and recovery." Important things to do during incremental flashes and reflashes: 1.JTV volume UP 2. JTV modeling switch set to mags 3.important steps from the .pdf at http://line6.com/support/topic/2128-jtv-20-try-this/ "10) Go to Monkey and click on “Change Deviceâ€, and select Tyler Variax and click on “Okâ€, this re-initializes the Monkey Interface." "11) Regardless of Flash version displayed, select Flash memory and click on “Reinstall Latest†and “I Accept†on the prompt." "15) Disconnect, and then reconnect the VDI cable to re-initialize the JTV." Sooooooooo many places things could have gone wrong with your guitar, or it may have been defective and unable to properly run 2.0 when you bought it. If you have done everything you can to fix it and you can't make it work you will probably have to send it back to L6 when you finally get tired of being stuck in 1.9.
  15. 1/4" is standard, if they are too close to the strings L6 tech says it may cause warbling sounds in the modeling.
  16. If you tried bringing the JTV in for servicing with the 600 neck you might have a problem, BUT if you needed servicing during your warranty period it would be quick and easy to slap the JTV neck right back on the 69 body, have the guitar serviced, and switch the neck again afterward. I dislike the Tyler headstock and think the old 600 neck would improve the 69 aesthetically, and if it plays better as well... why the heck not?
  17. You can use HD500 and it will probably solve your problem, IMO this is the best way to update - too many people (including myself) have had problems with the USB interface, with one exception all of the problems I have read about here were experienced by people using the USB interface.
  18. Hmmmmm... I know this is off topic, but have you ever considered buying a JTV69 and swapping the 600 neck over? It would still be all L6 so the coolest JTV neck swap I have seen IMO, no additional cost for the neck swap (very easy to DIY), and no loss if and when you resell as you could easily put the 69 neck and the 600 neck back on the guitars they came from. Also should be pretty easy to find a 600 neck on ebay cheap if you wanted to keep your 600 intact. Just a thought...
  19. Erm, not everyone is complaining - just a very vocal minority. A large majority commenting here seem to be pleased with the improvements (Spank Workbench Glitch/workaround excepted), at least by my headcount.
  20. Welcome to hell. Try this: 1. Unplug everything. 2. Charge the battery on the JTV to full capacity. 3. Be sure Monkey is up to date. 4. Download the 1.82, 1.9, and 2.0 versions of the JTV firmware to your computers hard drive. 5. Connect the USB and the JTV to your computer, be sure there is a 1/4" cable plugged into the jack on the JTV, and be sure the Model knob is set to mags, and be sure the JTV volume knob is not turned to zero. 6. Open Monkey, select JTV as the device to update. 7. Select "Update From File" and choose the 2.0 firmware. IF THE UPDATE IS SUCCESSFUL: Run the update a second time and be sure to say no when you are asked whether you would like to save your presets IF THE UPDATE FAILS: 8. Unplug the JTV VDI cable and plug it back in. 9. In Monkey select "Change Device" then select JTV again. 10. Select "Update From File" and choose the 1.9 firmware. IF THE UPDATE IS SUCCESSFUL: repeat steps 8,9,and 10 but with the 2.0 firmware this time IF THE UPDATE FAILS: 11. Unplug the JTV VDI cable and plug it back in. 12. In Monkey select "Change Device" then select JTV again. 13. Select "Update From File" and choose the 1.82 firmware. IF THE UPDATE IS SUCCESSFUL: IF THE UPDATE IS SUCCESSFUL: repeat steps 8,9,and 10 but with the 1.9 firmware then with the 2.0 firmware IF THE UPDATE FAILS: Ask a friend if you can borrow their HD500 or HDPRO, Or buy an HD500X, do the update, then return it. Or contact Line 6, ship the guitar to them, let them fix it and ship it back to you.
  21. Well... some might say the guitars L6 chose to model this time around are better choices than those used back in 2002. The Jetliner, for instance - as Jeff Beck says to anyone who will listen, this particular model is the only one that is going to give you that classic Cliff Gallup sound. A Silver Jet is a cool guitar, but is not considered THEE ULTIMATE in rockabilly tone by anyone as far as I know - likely the thick sparkly top material has an dulling effect on the tone that makes it not quite all it could be. Sure, Billy Zoom loves 'em, and so do I, would love to own an original but the new Jetliner tone sounds more like those classic 50's recordings than the old Silver Jet ever did, maybe due entirely to the HD modeling or maybe also because L6 chose the right guitar to model this time. And what is considered by everyone everywhere to be the ultimate Les Paul? The 1959 model. Why is the 59 better than the 58? Can't remember... because all the cool cats used them? Or is there something that was perfected in 1959 that makes the Les Pauls that year the Holy Grail of electric guitars? Different Neck or neck tenon? Hmmmm, I think the electronics are the same... aha, slightly different weight, flame maple top (does that resonate differently than non-flame maple?) ... pic from the Gibson Custom Shop re: reissues says 59RI body backs weigh a little less... at any rate, the new JTV 2.0 modeling sounds more like a real Les Paul than the pre 2.0 did, is this entirely due to the superior HD modeling process or is it also partially due to having a superior guitar as a point of reference during the modeling? We will probably never know, but it probably doesn't hurt to have the ultimate example of something on hand if you are going to start imitating/duplicating it, yes? They also modeled a fake (Jerry Jones) Dano copy this time around, don't remember anyone demanding a Jerry Jones guitar but maybe it was all that was available to L6 during the modeling phase (doubtful, Danelectros are are not really all that rare)- hmmmm, that's a head scratcher... maybe the Jerry Jones guitar somehow sounded more like a Dano than a Dano...? Yeah, this one is puzzling... the only non-vintage electric guitar modeled, and it is a tweaked copy of a vintage guitar... odd, L6, very odd...
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