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    Why in tarnation?

    I think I downvoted that idea as well some time ago. Not that it wouldn't be nice but 1) It's all about priority - there are other ideas that I would like/need much more and Line 6 are really not keeping up with the incoming stream of ideas. So my approach is to pick what I like the best, not to vote for anything I'd like. 2) I think the decision to not have preamp/poweramp separated has been made for good in Helix (v1) design and I see it as extremely time-consuming to rework this. So I don't see this idea as practically realistic. I'd say the first point is more about not voting it up, the second is actually what made me downvote it (I think). I guess - let's agree to disagree on this one :)
  2. I agree, it's not much. But I don't use it very often and if so then just for creating tones and practice, not during performance so it's absolutely fine for me at the moment. I think there is an Undo feature right? That in fact probably doubles the memory needs internally but still. Generally I don't think that the looper is of high priority to Line 6, its features are quite limited (no tempo-quantising, just a single loop to play, no separate layers...). Perhaps if there is a big demand, they'll change their minds but for me there are more interesting features that might be developed...
  3. Yes, it's really useful in several scenarios. I hope Line 6 will get to it. So please vote for it! So far it seems that even essential tempo-related operations in Helix are just not implemented yet (e.g. MIDI CC tap tempo does not work even though it's in the manual). Hopefully when the devs get to these they will implement also this one ;)
  4. Well, for HD I only found out after submitting this kind of Idea and getting a reply from Line 6 that it already works. For modulating delays with precise mod cycle control you'd have to place a separate mod Fx on a 100% wet delay output path (separate from the main undelayed signal path) I guess...
  5. One press on the Tap switch restarts the modulation fx cycle without changing the tempo itself. Works on POD HD and I've been missing it since upgrading to Helix as our drummer uses click and I have the same tempo saved in my (per song) Helix presets but need to sync the start of the mod cycle (tremolo, flanger...) with the drums...
  6. One press on the Tap switch restarts the modulation fx cycle without changing the tempo itself. Works on POD HD and I've been missing it since upgrading to Helix as our drummer uses click and I have the same tempo saved in my (per song) Helix presets but need to sync the start of the mod cycle (tremolo, flanger...) with the drums...
  7. That's a serious bug. I'm not usually being harsh but it's been at least 3 days since you reported the bug, there should have been a hotfix for this already since it was working in previous versions. I'm glad my yesterday's gig was cancelled, it would have been a mess as I also use a patch per song with tempo set the same as our drummer's click. Lesson learned, will not be so easy going anymore when it comes to firmware updates. Will humbly wait for you brave guys to test it thoroughly first, cannot afford to screw a gig like that. I thought Line 6 had better QA in place... Well, being a software developer myself I understand it's tough but I also get yelled at from our clients when I screw up so... Come on, Line6 devs, put your back into it! ;) Thanks for reporting and confirming.
  8. kronda

    First Helix crash

    Happened to me as well, twice I think. Not connected to computer, editing directly on floorboard Helix. I'd say both of the times I was going through my patches adjusting them all in the same way (all my patches use the same amp and similar distortion settings). So basically it was about editing a lot of patches in a sequence. The only possible clue I remember was using the "Amp" button (to get to the amp block in the patch) right before it stopped responding. That may just be a coincidence but I wouldn't ignore it if I was a Line6 developer ;)
  9. Nothing to show here, really :) Just my Helix floorboard and my natural '95 Strat Plus. Thanks to Line 6 and modern technology this is the most convenient setup I can think of. I still don't use the onboard goodies to their maximum and hopefully with some added FXs in future updates I'll have all I need for years to come... Back to playing guitar!
  10. This is perhaps compatible: Combining left and right channels in the center raises volume by 6dB (double...) and one way of compensating for that is -6dB in the center (DAWs have that option usually). But even though that's technically correct it usually sounds like too much gain loss and -3dB compensation is now usually the default (at least in Cubase I think) as a compromise. So if Helix implements -3dB compensation it would still sound 3dB louder in the center when panning L -> C -> R. So it does seem all "correct" to me. But I may be wrong. And it would definitely be nice to have an option to switch the panning law but please make it local for each split/merge block, not global...
  11. I'd say the HD (M-series, actually) reverbs sound a little dated and shallow which is not surprising given that 1) they are now almost 10 years old and 2) reverbs are one of the most complex and DSP power-demanding effects. I'm expecting that new HX models will be added to Helix sooner or later but that might be a while. On the other hand I don't need Helix reverbs for studio work (plenty of good reverb VSTs out there) and for live use they are ok, probably won't ruin your sound/performance if used carefully. Unless you're in a shoegaze band, that is ;) Having said all this I'm curious whether I would have found the reverbs sounding dated if I hadn't known they were ported from M-series/POD HD :) Hopefully, we'll see when HX reverbs arrive how much better these can be...
  12. Confirmed as bug by Line 6 - Tap Tempo doesn't work over MIDI (both USB and MIDI IN). Should be fixable by firmware update, we just need to wait for it.
  13. Thanks for confirming. I have a support ticket open with Line 6 about this, will report how it goes.
  14. I just tried now quickly with my MIDI foot controller (Behringer FCB1010) and the same result. I had it configured for tap tempo on POD HD Pro and it seems the configuration is exactly the same for Helix. So I was sending CC #64 with value 127 to Helix via standard MIDI cable and nothing... Looks like a bug in Helix MIDI implementation to me. Anybody can confirm?
  15. Hi Guys, anybody tried synchronizing tempo on Helix with MIDI CC from DAW? I used to this with POD HD and it worked fine but doesn't seem to work with Helix. Here is what I do: Helix manual says Tap Tempo is MIDI CC #64 with values 64-127. So I assume any value in this range is fine. As DAWs often don't send the same CC value repeatedly, I send values 127-126-127-126 etc. in sequence. Nothing happens, preset tempo stays the same. Just to check on something more obvious I change the CC to 57 (FS10) and voila, now the footswitch diode blinks rhytmically. So my setup seems fine, sending CCs works fine for #CC 57 but #CC 64 doesn't seem to affect Helix. Anybody tried and succeeded or has any hints? I'm on the latest firmware 1.10 and drivers (coming with Helix app 1.11). Helix is connected via USB to my Win 8.1 laptop. I tried sending the MIDI CC messages from FL Studio and Cubase, the same result (i.e. nothing...). Thanks for any help. I think I'm gonna raise a support ticket now...
  16. What is your setup, are you using headphones or FRFR speakers for monitoring? If yes, it could be the headphones/speakers. I had a huge problem but exactly the opposite - no way I could get warm/muddy tones, everything was so bright when using the speakers in our rehearsal room. Then I found out it was caused by the "FRFR" speakers which have very weak lower mids, huge dip around 1.5kHz and over emphasized 5-10kHz range. On another set of speakers it was a completely different story. I was surprised myself how non-flat these "flat-response" speakers are...
  17. Because I prefer not to drag a DI box around... I don't want to get into discussing whether bringing a DI box to every gig is a big hassle or not or whether a soundguy is expected to have one (or many) or not (as in the phantom power on XLR outs issue). Let's just say it would be nice if Helix allowed this. It's certainly not a problem DSP-wise, just a matter of allowing this in the global configuration...
  18. Well, another technical one: Allow to assign Global EQ to only Left or Right XLR output
  19. I asked the support explicitly and should be fine, no harm to Helix or connected Variax should result from incoming phantom power.
  20. I don't consider that a response, it's like if they were crappy shoemakers saying "don't walk in our shoes to prevent damaging them" and you'd take that as a satisfying response and would be happy with your crappy shoes. Put simply: As proudly as Digital Igloo responds on the forums when he has a positive answer explaining that Helix can do that and that and takes credit for it, should Line 6 step up and humbly admit: we screwed up, it's not possible to solve this by firmware update. And suggest solutions... Of course they won't fix it, of course I won't return my Helix because of this, of course I don't expect them to distribute phantom blockers for free. Just don't try to act like "this is normal" by just stating "don't do this with Helix". Otherwise they're bunch of hypocrites... Well, there's no such thing in business, only successful and unsuccessful businesses but here in the forums we can still judge :D
  21. Just to conclude the Phantom Issue topic. I asked the support explicitly and finally after a longer wait have it confirmed that this cannot be fixed by firmware update, it's a design issue with Helix. I'm ordering two phantom blockers now. I also got hit by this issue yesterday when recording a new album demo with my band in our rehearsal room. I was recording us myself and had the sessions in Cubase set up beforehand for each song with input channels assigned to tracks. But when we patched everything I realized I needed to switch on phantom power for drum overhead mics and on my audio interface (Fast Track Ultra 8R) it's only possible to do it for four channels at once (1-4 and 5-8). Bummer, as I had my sessions in Cubase set up so that overhead mics and helix channels (guitar + vox) were in the same group. Had to repatch cables and reassign track inputs in all 11 sessions in Cubase which added another time to the already quite long setup time. And I hope I haven't messed up some of the sessions as I haven't checked the results yet. Oh well.
  22. Cannot check on my Helix at the moment but when you press save and you're choosing destination slot for saving your tone isn't there both preset number/name and setlist number/name there to select? I believe so... EDIT: Just checked the manual, it is there (page 16). After pressing Save (once) you get to select both preset (Destination - knob 5) and "sub-group" (Setlist - knob 4). Perhaps "sub-groups"/setlists are just given there (over knob 4) by number, not their name, which is confusing you?
  23. I noticed that as well but this attenuation only happens when there is an enabled block (fx) on path 2A. If I have a mono block there then setting it's output level to 6dB means it's unity gain. So it seems that switching the fx on path 2 on actually diminished the volume on that path to half. I just noticed that yesterday and haven't really got into further investigations, it just seems related to your observation so to get the discussion going... There was a similar "issue" on POD HD and it was related to stereo being summed to mono, I think, or perhaps input assignments. But anyway switching a mono unity gain block on changed the volume to half. I think it was hurghanico who wrote an analysis of that behaviour here on the forums. Sorry, don't have time to look for it now.
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