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  1. Hi psarkissian,

    May I ask you a general q. as I’m new to the forums. If you could please steer me..

    I have two jtv59s. Buying a helix lt this week. I tune my low E and A down one octave to play bass under the four treble strings. This works great but I need separate processing of the bass strings and the treble strings. How hard is this to set up on the helix lt, and can I route the bass sounds to a separate output on the helix? Thanks



    1. psarkissian


      Haven't tried that yet.

      Don't spend as much time with Helix yet, so busy with guitars.

      There is a Helix and a Variax Facebook group, and custom tuning comes up

      in postings every now and then.


    2. drryan
    3. drryan


      Dear sir,

      May I be more specific in my request to find someone to help me set up my helix lt.. My general query has received zero responses from the forum.


      Do you know of an individual who has experience setting up presets?

      preferably a pro player that does it as a business, English first language?


      thank you 

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