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  1. Thank you for check it!

    .... so, what it is supposed to do with this information?

    ... Im have planned to go to my local Line6 authorized Service (Audiomusica! In Chile) for maintenance... Must I tell they to check for sometthing? Or tell they to change the tranformer?

    1. psarkissian


      Take it to the local authorized service center. The service bulletin will tell them what they need.

      If they have any questions, they can contact me through our normal service center channels.


    2. patriciogac


      Ok. That is what I will do. How I tell them to contavt you? Under your forum name? Thank you again!

    3. patriciogac


      Oh.... It is suppose to be correct that they charge me the cost? And... can I ask thrm to install a 220V transformer (since I live in Chile)?

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