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  1. Thank you very much! Audiomusica told me that they received the Bulletin 059, but they think that that is not related to my  "problem". I ask them to proceed with Bulletin 059 anyway. I take my DT50 Head to them in the first place because it is second hand and I hear a lot of "noise" mainly in topology III, and because of that I want an "authorized Line 6 center" to do the maintenence (check bias, tubes, etc) and with the hope that the noise floor can be lowered... when I ask you here in the forum (THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME), you told me about my serial number being candidate to perform the Bulletin 059 work. PLEASE tell them step by step the hints to make a good maintenance of my amp, check bias, etc, and to decrease the noise floor.... They will do whatever you say, because this work is too much for them IMHO.... they told me they dont found anything that cause noise so they want to sent it back to my, without perform Bulletin 059, and without checking BIAS or perform any maintenance. PLEASE!

    1. psarkissian


      Emailed them yesterday. Awaiting a response. They seem to be having trouble with their service logon. 

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