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  1. Well Sir, I can't leave without write a big thank you to you for your great help. Sadly, I call yesterday Audiomusica, they told me they receive Bulketin 059 and "diagnose" the año..... the amp has nothing bad ?I doubt they checked at least for tube Bias value), and Bullleyin 059 does not affect the function of the amp so they have not doing anything about that either. They ask me to pick up the amp by next Friday. I bother you for the las time asking you to assist them about the step necessary to check this very special amp. I thank you in advance and understand if there is nothing you could do. Thank you!

    1. psarkissian


      Anytime,... it's what I'm here for.

      They do have to make certain that it's the correct fuse,... it is a very specific fuse.


    2. patriciogac



      That's are the email address of who are seeing my amp at Audiomusica

    3. patriciogac


      Sorryvto brother you again. Today I received an email from Audiomusica. They will not be doing anything to my Amp (bulletin 059, or anything else), they told me they do not have the necessary spare parts to perform the modification. They don't perform any maintenance (check bias ,etc)  either. They ask me to pick the amp, and they will call me when they have the spare parts or something like that. I think audiomusica needs to be call to update their communication to Line6 as an authorized Line6 service.

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