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  1. Can you recommend any luthiers or companies that could build a custom Variax.  I have a Variax Standard but want to do a full swap (neck, body, color, pickups, etc.) and I know these are complex instruments.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  

    1. psarkissian



      There are pitfalls to transplants. The man one being that the electronics will sound different in another body and guitar. Body/guitar acoustics are part of the modeling process and processing. The electronics are designed for the guitar they are in.


      Also, pick-up and toggle switch configuration are different between them. Variax Standard with 3 pick-ups and 5-way toggle won't work well in a Les Paul body with 2 pick-ups and a 3-way toggle. Along with other things.


      Don't know anyone off hand in New Jersey. Couple guys out here in California. One did a guitar for Oz Noy. Wasn't easy for him. Don't know if he's up for doing another one.


    2. mcmeekan


      Yeah, I assumed this would not be any easy project for any luthier.  I'm fine working with guys in California if you happen to have any name suggestions.  I actually came across the Oz Noy customer Variax on Reverb - looks cool but just not my style.  Any name recommendations would be great; I recognize the risk and challenge but that's what also makes such a project fun.  Thanks again.

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