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  1. perhaps a decent pc editor wld resolve this mistake....
  3. suggestion: using this sample dry guitar riff, record just plain amps from each of the three mentioned units.
  4. not true if the truck is running on ...dieselgate software :lol:
  5. how abt running six HDd500's? :lol:
  6. Links btween "POD HD500X/HD500 Pedal Calibration" <--> "After POD HD500X/500 Flash/Re-Flash/Update: MANDATORY Global Settings Reset!" not working. broken link: broken link:
  7. did u perform a Global Settings reset?
  8. opening patch in "HD500 Edit" (no pod attached), i read foll mixer settings: path A= -7.0 db center path A= -0.5 db center so it was saved with abv settings (and not with 0 db). anyway, i do not c any problems in ur patch. attaching patch with mixer settings = 0db.
  9. still not attached. hint: try attaching zip file.
  10. Officially documented on "Page 4, Setup: Output Options" of the POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10
  11. yes, u can split the signal using a HD500(X), where u have the input options: variax mags + variax. prerequisite: JTV connected via VDI not 1/4".
  12. 1. assign both AMPs A+B on a single FS 2. set AMP A=ON , AMP B=OFF 3. set BYP VOL=0 an both AMPs 4. set mixer PAN : path A =100%L, path B=100%R 5. make sure 2 achieve complete separation btween paths A / B. 6. mixer must b the last thing in the chain (exceptions exist, will further explain if requested) by pressing the assigned FS u r actually toggling btween PATH A / B. alternatively, u can fade in-out each path by reversely assigning AMPs A+B CH VOL @EXP 1/2, so that: -when EXP 1/2 is @MIN position, AMP A CH VOL=0, AMP B CH VOL=MAX (only AMP B is heard) -when EXP 1/2 is @MAX position, AMP A CH VOL=MAX, AMP B CH VOL=0 (only AMP A is heard) -when EPX 1/2 is @INTERMEDIATE position, u get a proportionally mixed signal from BOTH AMPs.
  13. ok steve, download the attached zip file containing one random patch, add ur patches 'n attach them as per radatats's suggestion :)
  14. try pushing the "Guitar Model Selector" switch. From James Tyler Variax Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev E ) (page 4)
  15. if single processor pod needs 1.5 feet, may i assume that double processor units need more (double?) distance?
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