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  1. if u place stereo fx AFTER the mixer u get stereo sound on BOTH channels. place the mixer LAST in the signal chain.
  2. sonic wise, which one sounds better (no effects, just plain amp)?
  3. i use d'addario NYXL0942 09-42 on my 69s... both electric+acoustic models AND mags sound super (genre: ). previously used d'addario EXL120 9-42...restringing from the stock d'addario 10s requires setup.
  4. can u post a brief "guitarist-point-of-view-comparison" btwn the three rigs (hd500+jtv, hd500x+jtv, helix+jtv) ? any sound differences in the recordings?
  5. POD HD500X Edit Version 2.26 Released 4/9/15 Works with: POD HD500X Filesize: 36.92 MB MD5: 8451a485c3aed909b66f6588fccfe940 If your download does not start, click here
  6. i think mediafire pops up advertising screens
  7. i'll seriously consider buying an 1.4K helix unit provided it offers wireless vdi plus storing the JTV model parameters on each helix patch. btw, i think u can do vdi-wireless with only two channels: normally, when (remotely) changing jtv models from helix/hd500 the guitarist DOES NOT need sound, so the remote-control-data-channel can b encapsulated within one of the two audio channels (models + magnetics) INTERRUPTING THE SOUND WHEN RECEIVING DATA. this is a 2/3 cheaper solution, but has the abv limitation. of course, I don't know the exact /actual specs, so i'll quite happily be wrong... :)
  8. how do u power the hd on a tour bus? batteries? does the bus supply power sockets? portable generator?
  9. 1. set input1=variax mags, input2=variax. 2. set the jtv mag selector switch + the tone knob as required 3. select the preffered jtv acoustic model from the hd500 (do not select thru jtv knobs, cause you 'll change the abv mags settings). 4. use the acoustic amp on path b (fed by variax acoustic model) 5. use the orange amp on path a (fed by variax mags=electric) check out this demo patch
  10. consult foll links: distortion: compressors: equalizers: other effects: ps the entire MeamBobbo guide provides the details abt getting high gain tones with the Pod HD 500(x).
  12. also note that usb interface is necessary if 1.9 or earlier variax firmware is used (only jtv, not variax standard) , since hd500x only supports workbench hd (2 ot later). check also foll link:
  13. (https purposely omitted, starting time not supported)
  14. or just paste IN THE REPLY BOX AS PLAIN TEXT the youtube url, BUT NOT in short format ...// use ....// instead eg: DOES NOT DISPLAY THE VID ...:// WORKS (https purposely omitted, starting time not supported)
  15. jandrio


    try downloading the drivers from foll link.. Version Released 8/21/15 Works with: ... POD HD Pro ...
  16. just downloaded from L6...
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