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  1. -check the usb + power supply input jacks (items 27+29 of the POD HD500 Quick Start Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf) -check also the resets/setlists/save/view/4way-nav-pad/move/enter-on-off buttons (items 2,3,4,5,6,7) -finally check the multi-function-knobs (item 8)
  2. well, jtv is THE touring guitar (ofcourse u need a second backup unit, possibly one of ur existing guitars, or a standby jtv)... nother important thing is NEVER trust the power supply quality of the tour venues. i always feed digital gear (HD500+JTV) via an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).
  3. Is the virual capo function working with fw 2.21 as described in those old Line 6 vids? I always implement alt tunings via hd500, so i was wondering if this function is still available as a standalone option on the hd fw.
  4. tks nico, the post is actually an EXACT answer rather than a general purpose discussion... now abt the patch dtls+settings, of course u r right, i just compiled it on-the-fly as a general how-to-framework-example.... ps not sure abt the mix param, i think the send param controlls the signal fed 2 the stereo SEND output, must check with the pod.... 2nd correction: nico u r right, mix parameter needs 2 b at 100% quoting from POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.0, page 5-4:
  5. yes, u can do FOUR OUTPUTS as foll (study+tweak attached demo patch setting Inputs 1/2 accordingly): 1.split the signal (path A+path B ). the FX LOOP on path B. 3.feed the two amps from the FX SEND 1/4 stereo (TRS) jack (this is the dry signal). all other FX blocks + amp block as required. 5.feed the pa via the two XLR outputs (this is the stereo signal with full amp/cab simulation, set Output mode=Studio/Direct). 6.enjoy :) Note that i f u place the FX LOOP first on the signal chain, u can even have FOUR OUTPUTS with TWO AMP sims (dual amp/cab) feeding the pa... four
  6. assigning multiple effect params on a single controller using only hd500: ditto using HD500 "Edit" 1.Select FX 2.Select PARAMETER 3.Select CONTROLLER + define max,min values
  7. nice cover Bertrand :) watch+listen this one (jtv-->hd500-->pa): download solo patch used: download rhythm patch used:
  8. This vid provides a dry guitar riff..
  9. Below some Pink Floyd patches: 1. Money: isolated solo guitar track: solo patch: trem patch: attached 2. Brain Damage: vid: patch: Read analysis in the vids+patches descriptions. Money
  10. i use d'addario NYXL0942 09-42 on my 69s... both electric+acoustic models AND mags sound super (genre: classic rock). previously used d'addario EXL120 9-42... like psarkissian said, when changing string gauges, set-up (relief, action, intonation and such) is a MUST. .
  12. how do u assign 2 cents flat? is there a minus (-51%) setting?
  13. Over 50 parameters can be assigned to EXP 1, EXP 2, Variax volume knob, or Variax tone knob, each with separate min and max values, and saved per preset.
  14. well, depending on the genre u r playing, u may find of use some of the classic rock example patches contained in the "using the hd500 live" playlist...
  15. bobbo it's nice 2 hear from u. a helix-vs-hd500-vs-kemper comparison wld be interesting. in the mean time i have bundled ur patches in the attached setlist regards john New
  16. check out foll playlist: many examples of using jtv+hd500-->PA live on stage, with isolated guitar tracks (live from mixin console)plus dtailed analysis/description on each patch. free patches included :)
  17. can u post sound/vid samples from the gig?
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