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  2. read the decription of foll ct "money solo" + "brain damage" free hd500 patches. here is "money solo" isolated guitar sound: here is "brain damage" recorded live with portable hand held cam:
  3. get some ideas from foll link (hd500 patches & description)
  4. jandrio

    Global eq ?

  5. try disabling driver signature enforcement
  6. so with this custom cable can we safely use SIMULTANEOUSLY BOTH vdi+1/4" jacks ?
  7. jandrio

    Back to HD500(X)

    besides triple $cost, the cost of rebuilding tones (including testing/fine-tuning on lives) certainly is a serious "entry barrier", even with an automated utility.... oh, btw, i'm happily running bug-free the hd edit on outdated xp (off line if needed), using the only pod that can handle both workbenches: hd + 1.9 'n lower versions :)
  8. the model state (off/on) is saved with the patch, regardless of the input settings. u must set "VARIAX CONTROL"=Preset on the {"MIXER" tab - "VARIAX" sub-tab - "VDI INPUT" sub-sub-tab} of "Hd500 Edit". then, from the {"MODEL" sub-sub-tab} of "Hd500 Edit", u can control the variax model, the tuning of each string plus the initial virtual position of the tone knob. consult "Page 8, James Tyler Variax Tuning Options" of the POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10 - English ( Rev A ) . consult also "Page 7, Setup: Variax Options" of same guide. study this patch (typical example of alt tuning using the hd500)
  9. first select the corresponding form. then one single click enables the form in "text edit" mode
  10. if u only need fixed interval (like a pitch shifter FX), do as follows: 1. use both variax mags+variax models (either via mags blending on worbench HD, or via hd500) 2. detune the variax model (eg -5, or +5). 3. play single notes (not chords) in this way, the variax will produce two notes: -one via the standard tuned mags -nother via the detuned model clearly, this IS NOT smart harmony, but can b of use in some situations... try attached demo patch :)
  11. pls advise us where exactly the user manual suggests avoiding simultaneous use of vdi+1/4" jacks
  12. '72 hendrix strat+fender prosonic custom shop retired after getting hd500+jtv69s...
  14. then control pod parameters thru vdi, feed mags sound thru 1/4" normal guitar cable ;)
  15. i think the vol knob can control pod parameters even if the jtv is using the mags.... no battery needed, vdi is the key.
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