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  1. my new landing ...poding gear needs 4.16666666666667 (=1500/360) times more full circles :P
  2. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. jandrio

    Helix Demo Videos

    well, here is a small vid with clean tones, as per ur request! enjoy :) (hd500 riffs performed by hurghanico)
  4. reengineering is always a good thing, provided it ...sounds better 'n costs less :)
  5. i'll seriously condiser a single processor hx600 @ 0.5K :D
  6. jandrio

    Helix Demo Videos

  7. well the pod hx600 might well b a single processor unit with only the sound hx engine 'n without the fancy color ui....
  8. so let us agree that sound-wise hx is not far away from hd (at least from what have heard so far), but from the ui+routin+gadget point of view it is certainly targeting the high-end market. since every pro always evaluates the "value-4-money" bfore investing in a new tool, it remains 4 helix 2 prove it's strengths in the field after official launching.... btw, i agree with nucleux, i do not c how helix will replace the POD series, unless L6 releases a POD HX series of products.
  9. what is a 3U device? what is a 2U device?
  10. this is a nice setup ben :)
  11. tks radatas. yes of course i hear it :) . but how r u sure this extra something is bcause of helix, or bcause of the guitar, or the diff string gauge, or the string bad condition on the korean jtv, or the vdi (no input z), or bcause of Sean's excellent technique? :unsure: the only way 2 answer this is Dean's method: take a common dry riff; feed it first in2 helix; then feed it in2 hd500; all tech dtails (inputs, signal routin, fx settings, etc,etc, etc) must b well known 'n this way ALL other params r wiped off n' so we will hear the hx/hd sound diff. otherwise, one cld get this hd500 sound in the studio 'n quite easily shape/eq it so it sounds EXACTLY ...helix-like. ps when u finally get ur helix, pls take some time n' post a simple dry guitar riff, the helix sound n' complete patch dtls... btw, i find nico's patch super (dare i say better sounding than the helix mix?)
  14. Part3 of the helix-vs-hd500 is now uploaded. This time a new "revolutionary" approach is followed: instead of postin ONLY the final wet sound, the guitar dry riff is also provided 2gether with the hd500 patch plus THE HELIX REFERENCE SOUND. So everyone can download the dry riff + the patch, everyone can compare his own modeller vs helix by himself! Taking this opportunity, a wide invitation towards every other owner of ANY other modeller is addressed 2 provide this forum with his best sounding comparison-patch, based on this dry guitar riff. Owners of HD, X3, XT, etc r most welcome. In this way, we will (hopefully?) have adequate sound samples 2 compare with the sweetwater helix sound demo (which btw is the ONLY sound demo posted so far!). Especially owners of kemper - axeII r kindly requested 2 post their best comparison-patches, since up 2day nobody has responded 2 previous invitations uploaded here, on this L6 forum. Many credits must b given 2 DeanDinosaur, who first invited Kemper or AXE II owners months ago: ps 1. Since this post is related with a wide "target group", it might b simultaneously posted on multiple fora of the L6 community, so pls accept apologies if u r double/multi-reading it. 2. Free download the dry guitar riff here. Pls note the worn-out condition of the guitar strings, it is clearly audible. With fresh strings, 10's instead of 9's, o different dry guitar riff wld b produced. 3. Son of Helix patch here. 4. Use the dry guitar riff n' compare by urself! 5. Finally, a message 2 our good friend Sean Halley: when u will upload the next helix vid with demo sounds, pls also provide us with the dry guitar riffs – tks in advance :)
  15. nico i fully agree with this. unless we hear more sound demo vids, helix is a nice looking gadget, but sound wise no big deal :)
  16. i do not know... just speculating, since u say that the hd cooperates ok with the variax standard BUT NOT with the jtv (assuming all r under latest f/w).
  17. i'm talkin abt the vdi jack (module) INSIDE the jtv, not the cable...
  18. jandrio

    Helix Demo Videos

    ok, the ui is super, the touch sensitive switches r marvelous... but what abt sound, sound, sound,sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound, sound?
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