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  1. i quote an old fruitless invitation by deandinosaur. as far as i know, this till now remains "nobody-accepts-the-challenge"... keep on rocking everbody!!!! :)
  2. the psu works perfect with latest fw, it can ABSOLUTELY boot concurrently both the hd500 AND the jtv. so the new fw has nothing 2 do. ur specific psu may b the culprit. may b some capacitor is discharged during the 1st cold-start-attempt 2 boot, so the hd500 restarts, this time the capacitor has been charged and can supply required amperage. anyway, i am just guessing, since u reported symptom disappeared when the battery was installed... common sense says that rebooting is usually connected with poor power supply. i suggest u go 2 ur local store 'n try with a different psu from a new/fresh hd500(x) unit?
  3. jandrio


    talkin' abt hd500(x)? yes, u only need the latest ones.
  4. echoflanger tks 4 the comment :) well, opinions diverge abt joe's signal chain on the studio recording of HC. many people think he used the MXR Phase 90, other say he recorded with just his guitar+amp... anyway, on the "provided joe's-patch", u can easily add the MXR90 (phaser/script phase) 'n check out the sound (u must deactivate the analog chorus)...
  5. tks JTSC777 :) play hotel with a trio band? well yes, but the tip jar must weight 5 times heavier, cause u will b playing 5 guitar parts with just urself, ur hd500 'n ur variax...
  6. do u have usb fw 1.04 loaded? on second thought, i blieve u have a psu problem, since the symptom disappears when the jtv is battery powered. so, can u check with nother psu?
  7. ok, tks. did not know abt the "gift" option. have not bought yet the model pack, but after the no-rollback issue, ι'm honest very concerned...
  9. can u pls further explain in dtl this "license-xfer" procedure?
  10. i have the jtv 69s and the hd500 (as stated). no problems till now.
  11. this in not happening 2 me (jtv69s+hd500, both running under latest fw). i always have the jtv connected 2 the hd500 via the vdi cable (battery removed) when powering-on the system. i always reflash the jtv thru vdi+hd500 and NOT by using the dongle. no problems either. max, i'm reporting the abv in order 2 help u debug the symptom :)
  12. HOW 2 LOAD 512 EMPTY PATCHES ON POD'S MEMORY @ ONCE: 1. open edit off line. 2. u have 512 empty "new tones" 3. connect pod 4. u rcv the msg "pod has been connected. download presets from pod (y/n)?" 5. answer no (the 512 "new tones" remain on edit ram BUT STILL NOT ON POD) 6. press send all voila! u just wrote 512 "new tones" on ur pod's memory :)
  13. ...Bye bye pod Bye bye happiness Hello loneliness I think I'm gonna cry Bye bye my pod goodbye :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. so if i follow say 6 forums, i need 2 check out 6 bookmarks :wacko: no, this does not work! it's better if the forum reverts back 2 previous working status :)
  15. fonts issue on the first page is not fixed yet... on multi-item sections there is no way 2 distinguish which sub-forum got new posts :angry:
  16. only on the intro, i'm talkin' abt the elec parts.... btw it's not a phaser, it's a leslie. they took a D.I. out of the console 'n a stereo Leslie, so that's how they got this swirly effect. 2 b more specific: the acoustic guitar in the intro is a takamine 12-string with a dearmond pickup. they miked the acoustic 'n put that in the center of the mix. then they took the pickup’s output 'n ran it though an echoplex + a leslie. they miked that in stereo so it has this left-->right kind of swirling, ethereal characteristic. it’s blended in with the direct acoustic as well. foll the abv points, u can easyly simulate the acoustic part with a jtv+hd500 as well...
  17. yes, it cld b done as described (although outputs shld also b separated, elec-->amp/cab, acc-->pa/monitors)...
  18. i understand that it's the 3rd patch that gets more downloads instead of the 1st one, so just 2 clarify: the main patch is the 2HC lester1 HarmMin (Lester and two scale-key settings). this one must b downloaded first (Don Felder parts and harmonies). the other two patches are based on the above, with the foll differences: 2HC tmodel1 HarmMin is EXACTLY the same, but uses the T-model instead of the Lester (Joe Walsh parts). the 3rd one 2HC Min Pentatonic is only for a very-very-very small lick and uses the T-model and the pentatonic minor scale. pls check out the vid, it clearly describes where exactly each patch is used and with which scale-key.
  20. WISE decision my friend! welcome on board 500 community :D
  21. @ppiluk: cld u pls post a picture of this tablet with the hd edit screen? is this screen readable?
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