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  1. i agree with nico. when i have time, i'll get some pre 2.6 recordings 'n compare them with 2.62 ones (GEQ off) ...
  2. this happens only the first time u run the new wb. from then on, wb loads fast as usual...
  3. the link pianoguyy posted contains detailed info abt 'hotel california' solo harmonies. u must use "B minor harmonic", "A major" and a small lick in "B minor pentatonic". just follow the abv link and download all 3 patches used plus a demo vid with the isolated guitar channel from an actual live performance. john :) ps note that with those 3 patches u can play the whole song (downscale licks and intermediate solos) covering 4 guitar parts with just ur one 'n only single guitar. additionally, u need the 12string guitar-part plus the keyboard-part (we implement this via guitar synth) and the muted guitar-part. just take a look at this 'complete-song-vid' (recorded with hand held vid camera on nother live show, poor sound, i know) 'n u will understand what i'm talking abt...
  5. clay is right: 2.21 is not listed under xp on the download page :huh:
  6. assuming input1=Guit+Aux+Varx, input2=same, patch seems ok (haven't tried on hd500, just opened it on hd edit offline). u better raise a support ticket :)
  7. ok. just post ONLY ONE OF THEM NO SOUND PATCHES so that we can c what's going on :)
  8. u get NO SOUND from ALL THE PATCHES, or just one or two? what abt headphones out? do u get sound there?
  9. dunno, just wondering... rumors say that 2.21 has "balanced" string levels :o have not yet loaded 2.21...
  10. hmm, it seems strange that the HD500 sound is "differentiated" thru the 2.62 fw update :unsure: looking 4ward 2 this audio comparison, Nico.
  11. good news :) pls check/fix also this one:
  12. hope this stomp model WILL NOT - i repeat -WILL NOT b included in the non-x release :P
  13. due 2 the ..buggy-fuzz of the 2.61, let us b prepared 4 the "non-x" delayed release....
  14. hmm, lot of ...bug-fuzz around..... may b the 2.62 time has come?
  15. when u get this dialog box during flash update, u must answer "NO"
  16. Try: 1. disconnecting all other USB devices 2. switching USB port (preferably not the front ones but the ones from the back of ur pc) 3. if none of the abv, try nother pc
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