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  1. think this was reported due 2 bad vdi cable.... anyway, if u rollback, pls keep us posted if hd500 flash 2.32 works ok with usb firmware 1.04 (which u cannot rollback).
  2. then he wld not sound like Hendrix ;)
  3. stage sound is ALWAYS(?) (small acoustic venues excluded) different from pa-->audience sound ; stage sound is even different 4 each band member... however, nowadays silent-stages offer close approximation via IEM (in ear monitors), provided the console(s) has(ve) the capability of two separate mixing arrangements (one is the audience mix, the other is stage monitoring); if recording is required, then a 3rd mixing arrangement must b available (preferably flat, so post processing-eq'ing will b later applied in the studio)...
  4. something changed but not like b4... i mean in central page, on multi-item sections (eg Variax Instruments) there is a general "unread" presentation with the "quote" image, but there is no way 2 distinguish which one of the sub-categories (eq jtv-variax+variax standard) contains unread messages. so, if i am only following the jtv section and a new msg is posted in the variax section, i have no other way but 2 click the jtv section 'n check that no new msgs have been posted... this is considered poor UI design.
  5. hi bislon, the hd500x does not have a hard disk with mechanical parts, nor has the jtv either.
  6. on hard disks, provided the r fed with proper "clean" power, the mechanical parts fail first. electronics usually last (much?) longer... as a general rule of thumb, if electronics r faulty, the problem will b revealed the very fisrt hour(s) of operation.
  7. ...power 2 the USERS !!!!
  8. also, on the very first page (, where ALL the forums r listed, i cannot easily detect if a new unread post has emmerged (in the old format there was a VERY-VERY-VERY CLEAR presentation of new/unread posts). the only indication in now the "quote" symbol. hope this will b fixed.
  9. yea, i agree, the old ones were BETTER + EASY-READABLE :angry:
  10. Suddenly the forum fonts went "bold-italic". Anybody else can confirm this, or it's just my firefox browser?
  11. consider using the pod DIRECT-->PA on lives. this way u get the same sound (it's like connecting an mp3 player with ur recorded sound). in any case, the sonic impact of each venue has a (great?) impact on the sound.
  12. u have application(s) which r using the pod as sound device (input and/or output). when u unplug/turn off the pod, the apllication(s) hang, causing blue screen.
  13. ok, so i do order the pack 'n my prepaid/credit/debit card is charged with $99 plus taxes... how do i know that these taxes r finally paid 2 my country's tax authorities on my behalf? what kind of document(s) am i supplied with as a tax-payment proof? :unsure:
  14. foll can b defined on a preset basis (or global): -variax model+tuning+tone knob position+vol/tone/switch-locking -input 1/2 settings -guitar-in-z
  15. i wld not bet on this, well, i believe he wld simply sound Hendrix-like :) imo, his playing was IS really unique and unmatchable.. besides his playing technique, the conversion of the right hand strat in2 a lefty one resulted in actually obtaining a characteristic sound. and i'll explain myself: on a conventional right-hand strat, the bridge pu is angled in a way that the high E+B r producing more highs. now, if u reverse the strings, the low E+A perform "mirror-wise" 2 the "righty" high E+B (producing more highs). also, staggering is also the 2nd important factor 2gether with the 3rd factor, the total string length (on a reversed-righty-->lefty strat, high E is the shortest string). now, what is really UNBELIEVABLE, is that U CAN SIMULATE ALL THESE WITH WORKBENCH (with the ecxeption of string length of course).
  17. tks guys :) just thinking, may b previous version(s) of monkey wld allow usb fw rollback ....
  18. i'm confused :o so, what's the verdict guys? 1. can we load 2.62 patches on <=1.32 fw on hd500? 2. when will L6 provide hd500 usb-firmware-roll-back option, similar 2 the hd500x?
  19. hey edstar, why don't u just post this 2.62 user setlist, so nother member with 2.32 will try out? it is good 2 know if there is a backwards compatibility issue with 2.62 saved patches...
  20. i dunno abt macs, i was only suggesting if u can try updating from nother computer...
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