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  1. i think standard (factory) 69 configuration is 3 parallel strings... but may b i am wrong....
  2. do u mean that those patches sounded ok PRIOR the update, but AFTER the update they have no sound? ΓιώÏγο, can u pls post those no-sound-patches ?
  3. is not the ipod, it is not the ipad, it is ...M-Y GGGG-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N :) :) :)
  4. ..."x men" already experienced a bug-fixing-new-2.61-release... hope us ..."plain ones" will get a bug-proof update :)
  5. jandrio

    POD HD Edit

    possible causes: -bad usb cable (tried nother one, check) -bad usb port (try nother one) -bad os (tried reintalling drivers, antivirus, windows, check) -if none of the abv, try nother pc...
  6. it seems like u have a psu problem...
  7. let us wait till official doc is released... btw, ur analysis is based on playing direct or thru guitar amp cab?
  8. r u playing direct or thru guitar amp cab? since "This Amp Model was created in order to allow the Variax’s acoustic models to sound as full-range as possible through the speakers of typical guitar amps", one has 2 follow the manufacturer's "instruction-manual". if u use it direct, then obviously u get unexpected results...
  9. Tony, may I guess non-X units will also get 2.61?
  10. buy a second hd500x/bean + use them in tandem or in parallel (fx loop) :)
  11. jandrio


    just copy a blank one (New Tone) over it.
  12. new v2.60 variax setlist posted by duncann:
  13. jandrio

    Firmware 2.6

    they seem 2 work on "hd500-Edit-offline", besides some which show "blank" variax model (eg 16C-StereoDobro, 15C-Acoustic5th, 14C-UnderTheMilky, etc)... this symptom is also present on "hd500x-Edit-offline" as well.
  14. this may happen if the default asio sound card is the hd500, or some app is using the hd500 as input/output asio sound device...
  15. jandrio

    Firmware 2.6

    can u zip+post this "new-Variax-model-specific-presets" setlist pls?
  16. at least we "nonX"'ers cld try the new "VARIAX" set list... can anybody post this new factory-default-setlist pls? after all, it wld b a good test on loading a "model-pack-patch" on a "non-model-pack-loaded" device...
  17. consider using other browser (firefox,chrome, etc) u can still use ie as ur default browser :)
  18. ...seems that bluetooth i/f is ...slow 'n furious :P
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