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  1. i use 9's on 69s, excellent sounding, top playability, shining models, they stay in-tune longer...
  2. oh, i c, u finally have a HD 500. may b the firewall/antivirus is manipulating the file. can u try updating via monkey on a different computer?
  3. don't bother, this was nothing special, just a quick off-line demo patch on the fly, implementing cruisinon2's decription :)
  4. try the D’Addario NYXL strings; they will bend farther, sing louder 'n stay in tune better...
  5. as far as the image uploading is concerned: the "More Reply Options" btn on the lower right side of ur screen... the "Browse" btn file the "Attach This file btn". now, on the "file incompatible" msg, ensure u download the PROPER HD500 2.62 file (click here)... Alternatively, u'd better use monkey.
  6. the patch was only a demo one... i used the hiwatt+line6 amps purely 4 demonstration purposes. u choose whichever amp fits ur needs. similarly, the mixer left and right channels must b set according 2 ur needs as well. glad u figured it out. john :)
  7. check out attached test patch (cruisinon2 test tone). also cosnult foll vids: cruisinon2 test
  8. 2.62 IS compatible with HD500. check the downloaded file size and MD5 Checksum. The MD5 Checksum is a file validating algorithm which we use so that you can verify that files you download from this site are not corrupted during the download process. If you have problems downloading or installing the file on this page, make a note of the MD5 correct checksum posted below, then click HERE to download the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility. Instructions for using this utility are on the page it is downloaded from. correct readings r: Filesize = 891.86 KB MD5 = 2cad53bae2a4bf2438ea65b7aeb276bb pls also provide us with more dtls, such as screeshots, error msgs, etc
  9. well, with GEQ=off, i cannot hear any difference b2een 2.62 + 2.32 :)
  10. r u sure it is NOT a bad cable or a poor contact?
  11. when u save each patch, the models on-off state is also saved. so i u save one patch with the models off/on, everytime u recall it, it will set the models 2 the saved off/on position accordingly.
  12. so u say this ..."gentle-bug" is a bright-new one... can u reproduce this noise? r u on 2.62?
  13. this bug was fixed on 2.31 (Released 4/8/14)...
  14. i read from the graph that leaving GEQ on we have kinda low + hight cut filtering effects. may b this explains why some members posted abt 2.62 improving the sonic signature of their patches...
  15. ok, now it's clear: u "install" the tape prior 2 fitting the strings! tks clay :)
  16. flash update file on ur computer. 2.disconnect ALL cables from ur hd device. 3.reboot computer. 4.reboot hd on safe mode. 5.perform manual flash update from file using monkey. 6.if problem still exists try other usb port/cable. 7.if problem still exists try other computer. back if problem still exists.
  17. jandrio

    Next gen. HD
  18. just 2 verify, under 2.62, does the global reset proc also reset the settings of the GEQ 2 factory defaults? Lo Cut = 20Hz Low = 150Hz Mid = 1.8KHz High = 8.0KHz High Cut = 20Khz All Qs = 0.7 All Gains= 0.0dB The EQ default status= ON.
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