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  1. So would the pod farm fx be the same that were used on the old XT pedals?
  2. Ah that's interesting about the possibility of adding a looper, I only use it as a practice tool for working out solo's or riffs that fit over chords,like you say I may be able to provide a backing track myself, maybe I could record to my phone and then bluetooth the audio into the Firehawk I never bothered with dual amps, I mostly play live gigs and I found that although dual amps sounded more meaty they also sounded more muddy when playing alongside my band but I don't use djent tones either and I appreciate it can help with that stuff, I only had my hd500 for a few months and to be honest the big selling point for me with the Firehawk is dialling the tones in quicker and it looks like they have me covered on that score so I can probably overlook the more minor quibbles (just a note about the hd500 if you never used one before, they can be incredibly difficult to nail down the sound your looking for, before I bought mine I read all the threads about how frustrating it can be but I thought "hey I've pretty much only ever used line 6 modelling gear so I won't have a problem " I got burned, if you like tweaking it's like a neverending toybox, if you don't like tweaking it can deprive you of valuable practice time, there are almost too many variables and too many things to mess with, my old pod XT live by contrast was almost impossible to get anything to sound bad, everything sounded good through it but then I didn't have any control over the fx chain.
  3. Well that cleared that up rather simply lol thanks, I thought we would have heard more about that in the sales patter. I had a quick look at the app and I gotta say I'm even more excited about getting my hands on the unit now, seems like there is an absolute ton of amps to try out and it seems so easy to use it could very well revolutionise the way I spend my practice/writing time. A few things missing though 1)looper- £350 and no looper seems unfair when the hd500 is only a few quid more 2)eq- doesn't look like you can assign the fixed eq slot to a footswitch (i was hoping to switch it on and off in a patch for solo or intro work) 3)global settings- doesn't seem to be any? Output modes? Eq? Maybe they're not needed or I'm missing something? 4)pattern tremolo- I used to love messing about with that effect lol 5)bitcrusher, acoustic sim- I knew beforehand that line 6 don't really do a bitcrusher effect but if I make the switch to firehawk from my Zoom G5 the bitcrusher and acoustic sim are 2 effects that I'll really miss
  4. I'm not sure if even the effects on the hd500 are "Hd" as they are all listed as m series effects which were out before the hd series, it has me confused, the distortions on the hd500 are listed as m series too but the Firehawk has hd distortions, does this mean the Firehawk distortions are an updated effect? I'm off to download the app now
  5. Do you think firehawk will be an improvement over the hd500 in some respects? I'm thinking of the fizzy sound you sometimes get with the hd500, it can be reduced or corrected with clever eq but you only have 1 eq on the Firehawk so could prove to be a bigger problem Also I hated spending hours tweaking sounds on the 500 so I'm hoping the Firehawk will prove to be much quicker when fiddling I hope there's a global eq of some kind After it was such a popular request for the hd500 do you think they'll include something?
  6. There is only one bass amp as far as I can remember (flip top I think) so I wouldn't absolutely count on it to record bass, I mean if you don't like that particular amp you'll probably just go back to your software for bass
  7. It's dead in here mate, you should post any queries like this on "the gear page" (just Google it) you'll get a much quicker response there Hope you find what you're looking for
  8. I had the same problem except I wasn't using a guitar amp at the time I was using a 250watt powered pa speaker, I had been using the pod XT live through the same speaker for years and for gigs and rehearsals I had the volume on the speaker set at about 40%, when I tried the hd500 I noticed the significant lack of volume at its first rehearsal, just to be heard I had to run the speaker at almost maximum volume, after about an hour we all smelt this burning smell and yeah sure enough my speaker was kaput, I got it fixed and blew it again, I tried new guitar cables, different guitar's, factory resetting the pod, recalibration of the wah pedal, and countless different patch settings and output modes etc I then put it down to coincidence that maybe my speaker was already on the way out and I had somehow damaged it internally the first time it blew, so I got an alto speaker rated at 400 watts, that wasn't loud enough either and after a few solo's I could smell it start to burn, by this time I was totally exasperated and I just gave up with it and got a zoom g5 and a fender mustang amp, volume has never been a problem since so it definitely wasn't my guitar or cables, I scoured the Internet for an answer and I had a line 6 guy looking into it but in the end I had to do something as I had no back up rig and gigs were looming, I never did find an answer (sorry) but I hope you do, I'd be interested to find out what it was as it had me absolutely baffled for months, one thing you should take from my experience is to be very careful when pushing the volume, have a feel of the back of your speaker every now and then to see if it's running hot (literally couldn't touch mine without burning my skin) I bought my unit second hand by the way from eBay so I thought there was always a possibility it had been damaged previously somehow by the seller Good luck buddy
  9. Hmmm very intriguing... I couldn't get on with the hd500 and I let it beat me and got a zoom g5 but while I had the pod your guide was a bible, I found it most useful and it almost felt like a shoulder to lean on, knowing that someone more knowledgeable than myself was having similar issues to what I was experiencing was a big comfort lol, looking forward to whatever it is your working on
  10. Yeah me too, hoping I get it no later than the beginning of may so I can get it set up and be gigging with it before June, I'm getting too old to keep tap dancing on my Zoom G5 just to change banks
  11. The same effect is in the amplifi and I'm guessing they just copied the text from the amplifi manual without realising
  12. No its definitely firehawk, Its straight from the line 6 firehawk fx page also amplifi doesn't have hd amps and effects
  13. I just got this in an email from the place I ordered the Firehawk fx Line 6 Firehawk FX Guitar FX Unit (Stockcode 990602102) Expected delivery to our warehouse: 20/4/15 much later than I was hoping, hopefully we get a manual soon
  14. Ok, so now I'm stuck to my 7th fret...
  15. The important thing is to appreciate that recorded sounds and live sounds are 2 different beasts, once you resign yourself to that life becomes easier. We recorded a song recently where I play a riff through a modelled ac30 sounds amazing live, has done for the last 6 months, so we record the song and my guitar sounds terrible, powerless and dull, I had to tweak it for about an hour and add 3 or 4 effects to get my "live" sound through the cans, the end result is that both guitar patches sound identical when in their intended setting be it live or recorded but the patches are very different. I spent years trying to program live patches at home using headphones and it just never really worked, I got lucky a few times with my old pod XT live but I never got even just one patch close on the hd500
  16. Does anybody know what kind of global settings we can expect? If indeed there are any? I can't see how you configure any on the amplifi app at least, an EQ would be nice for adjusting to a room when gigging or if your using a different cab/amp to your usual one, will there be different output modes?
  17. With the mustang I run into its fx return, this puts the processed signal from guitar/floor fx into the amp after all the fender modelled amps so the mustang models are not colouring the sound (i can cycle through patches on the fender and the sound coming out the speaker doesn't change at all, but you have to update to the latest firmware to position the fx loop post models on the mustang) I don't have an fx100 yet and to be honest I've now made my mind up and I'm going with the Firehawk, Im using a zoom g5 at the moment and I get a really nice sound when played through the mustang, my only criticism would be that the sound is a bit focused, like directly in front of the speaker sounds nice punchy and bright but if you move a metre to the left or right it sounds much more bassy and less defined, but it is only a 1X12 combo. I will probably keep my eye open for a decent tube amp used though in the meantime
  18. Yeah sure I figured as much, it's been the 15th since I ordered also, if it does ship 1st week of April then it's only a few days outside of Q1 2015 so can't be too grumpy about it I think I saw a post from digital igloo either on here or gear page that these estimated shipping dates are usually worked out on a best case scenario and that the date therefore is always more likely to move backwards rather than forwards Anyway I'm pretty sure the only reason it's taking longer is because they are busy fitting a looper into mine ha
  19. I just checked Andertons where I'm getting mine and it still says due 15th March, probably not up to date and I haven't received any official emails about it or anything
  20. I don't think they ever announced a release date as such, at least not here in the UK, all the official stuff just said Q1 2015 Just think of all the lovely stuff they'll be cramming into it with this extra time spent on it! At least that's how I spend my days lol
  21. With the mesa your using does it make much difference with it being a tube amp? Is it noticeably better?
  22. I get great sounds with my Zoom G5 through the mustang effects return, I don't use the modelling in the fender amp at all but if you think about it makes a lot of sense, I mean the power amp and speaker in the mustang will have been designed and selected to provide the best results when the fender models are put through them so should sound good with other modellers too, it colours the sound a little bit but usually turning cab sims off gets it really close to how it sounds in headphones
  23. I tried everything with the hd500 honestly, tried it through an alto powered speaker and blew it up cos I could never get it loud enough at rehearsals, tried different output options, tried it through an amp and got it loud enough but the clean sounds were really muddy, changed pickups tried different guitar's, everything anybody ever suggested on a forum, tried it all, it wasn't garbage just really close to how I wanted it to sound but not quite there. I was always really happy with my old pod XT live and hoped the hd500 would be better. Anyhoo I'm really hoping the Firehawk will be what I've been looking for and I'm even more excited for it now after reading these replies, I know I can turn the cab off for going into an amp but like you say I have no idea what global settings will be available, hopefully just one that works lol half my problem with the hd500 was that there was too much to mess with, I mean I was messing about with the input level for over a week back when I had it!
  24. Is anybody using the fx100 into an amps effect return jack? I'm interested in knowing if you got good results, I couldn't get anything decent out of the hd500 going into a fender mustang amp but my Zoom G5 sounds great through it, I'll be returning to line 6 gear soon either with the fx100 or firehawk and I'll be running it into the fx return of the mustang amp, so I'm curious to see if anybody is getting good sounds with a similar set up
  25. Signal chain is more like the amplifi range rather than the hd500, I'd suggest downloading the amplifi app and have a go at knocking up some of your patches to see how it would work for you (you don't need to connect the device to have a play with the app) I don't know about the outputs but a manual can't be far away now
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