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  1. How about "volume" and "master" in the amp settings? Or are they altering the tone too much?
  2. Wow that's one of the best tips I ever read
  3. there is a "eq+boost" effect that you can put in the chain but the boost is measured in percent and not db
  4. I'm expecting it to slip also, a guy from Germany who posts here reckons he's been told end of June and I don't see why the uk would be any different. I'm thinking of cancelling too but can't make my mind up, I had finance so I'm also a bit gutted that I have to pay £350 even though they cut the price to £325 I'm expecting that by the time they hit the uk interest will have dropped and I'll be able to try one out in store
  5. Yeah US had them last week, my story is the same as yours, I ordered through Andertons and have also just been put back to the 29th May, I have no idea what the hold up is, I'm pretty disgusted that there hasn't been an official explanation from line 6, I think we deserve a bit more as customers
  6. How much of a gap is there? Can you quantify it? Closer to half a second, or a full second? Or does it vary depending on patch?
  7. I'm guessing they might be amplifi tones that you have downloaded and therefore won't have a designated guitar model
  8. I think if you select your preferred guitar model using the knob on the guitar and then save the patch it will recall the guitar model instead of just defaulting to the mag pickups
  9. Yeah I don't mean to appear hard work I'm just having an angry day lol, supplier got in touch and I presumed it was to arrange delivery but no it was to tell me I've got to wait another month minimum. I have so much hope for this unit I'm kinda desperate for it to be what I want it to be
  10. Unfortunately we do a lot of clean verses into distorted choruses, I need to hit that chorus most of the time with a guitar riff and a backing vocal, my playing usually continues right up to the start of the chorus and I probably average 3-4 patch changes per song, I probably wouldn't even consider compromising and reworking 30 songs for a particular pedal to be useful
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, How are you finding the lag when switching from patch to patch? A lot of users are saying it's almost unusable in a live situation while a few others say it's not too bad, apparently being disconnected from the app speeds things up a little
  12. I got an email from Andertons today ( expected it to be good news) looks like I'm in the 29th of may club too
  13. Yeah there was lag on the 500 when it was released and it got fixed (kind of) in a firmware update (still not as quick as zoom or boss) I can't remember how long it took for the update to be released but it's obviously a problem line 6 have dealt with before and I wouldnt expect it to take that long, what I can remember though is the countless hours, days, months spent trying to get a good tone out of the 500 It can be a slippery slope
  14. Follow the OP's link and get this sucker voted for! Only 2 votes so far c'mon gang , power to the people and all that
  15. Really enjoyed the vid, thanks for posting, makes waiting for this thing slightly less painful. I'm pleasantly surprised by how solid sounding the whole thing is generally, especially the cleans, nothing sounds weak, some of those synth sounds are awesome I have a couple of questions if you have time How are you finding the lag when switching patches? Will it be much of a problem playing live? And do you know if the tempo will sync with the DAW when using the Firehawk as an interface? Again awesome video and I'm looking forward to your next one
  16. If you mean that thing where you play a song and it finds suitable tones 1)on the app go to music library 2)pick a song and press play 3)the app will take a few seconds and then present you with a list of tones You can also search by song name,band name and author which is handy if you find a patch that's really good because then you can search for all the patches that person has uploaded
  17. Yeah I'm mrmeatball over there lol
  18. Yeah sounds like your reading the same post I saw
  19. Damn I ordered with Andertons too, haven't had an email recently though, last email said April 30th, I'm also considering cancelling, thinking I may as well wait until it's in stores so I can see how bad the lag is when switching patches as I don't really want to receive it by mail and realise within 5 minutes that it's not suitable and have to post it back
  20. Just answered this on gearpage lol, was that you? Gator GK2110 is the bag your looking for, check dimensions though, I can't be held responsible lol
  21. Did this get fixed anyone? I have firehawk pre ordered and apparently it suffers from the same problem, so I'd be interested to hear if it got resolved Thanks
  22. That's potentially good news then, how about the amplifi fx100? Anybody know if that still suffers with a long switching time?
  23. Yeah I haven't tried it myself yet but I see a lot of guys are posting on the gear page about the same problem
  24. Where you set the pedal in the app there is a horizontal bar and you can slide it in or out at either side (lengthen or shorten it) I have no idea what it does but that might be your problem, try lengthening it as far as it goes as it may restrict how far the pedal senses travel
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