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  1. Don't forget about us guys! Let us know what you think of it pretty please
  2. The Firehawk will change models won't it? And tunings too, I think it saves your tone and volume settings too
  3. If you're set an having an amp my fender mustang 3 takes modelling pedals really well, you just plug into the fx return of the amp so that your only using the power amp and speaker of the guitar amp, I always get good sounds and it's plenty loud enough, it works better if I turn the cab sims off in my modeller though as I'm already putting it through a guitar speaker. If you want to use the cabs in the Firehawk or amplifi you really will be better off with a powered pa speaker, the line 6 stagesource series of speakers work great from what I've heard and their price is coming down a bit
  4. I think the stuff about using the app is new, but yeah no looper news
  5. I think it's unlikely, they probably would have included them at launch and made a big deal about it in the sales patter, but you never know, keep those fingers crossed
  6. The manual has been updated to revision D
  7. You might need a headphone splitter so you can plug into the left and right stereo output of the looper or you might be able to set the looper to output in mono I'm not familiar with the looper model you're using but you could Google the make and model for a downloadable manual
  8. Go guitar>fx100>looper>headphones That's if the looper has a headphone jack What your doing wrong is the looper is feeding the fx100 so as soon as you change patches the looped guitar changes too, if the looper is last you can use different patches and the looped sound will stay as you intended
  9. As far as the sound of the Firehawk goes, early indications seem good with people who have tested it in depth only having good things to say, apparently it sounds good straight out of the box and good sounds are easy to come by, one user has said that he thinks it actually sounds better than the hd500 because the cab sims work better and you don't have to use up equaliser blocks to dial out fizzy frequencies
  10. I don't have the hd500 anymore, I wasn't a fan, I found it very hard work, always tweaking and not playing, I loved the XT live though and I honestly got better sounds out of that, at least as far as live gigs go. The XT sounded more powerful somehow and I never had a problem cutting through the mix At the moment I'm using a zoom g5 which I've managed to get some really great sounds out of, I managed to get rid of the digital harshness that some people complain about but the limited footswitching drives me crazy So I literally can't wait for the Firehawk because even if I don't like the hd amps I know I should at least be able to get it sounding similar to but better than the xt
  11. That's a great idea about using it for music during a break, could even maybe use it for some kind of intro track to build atmosphere. Well over on the gear page they more or less said there is a one switch looper coming and earlier in the week they said there were a few new features being added so it's quite possible that you've guessed right, I hope so. When you're messing with the app have you tried assigning the footpedal to control the delay "time" parameter? I noticed you can set the pedal to control all other parameters apart from the time value, I'd like to control the time to get some weird effects
  12. Have you tried the app yet? I wasn't that excited until I tried the app and realised straight away that it will totally change the way I spend my practice time, changing the effects and amps so easily is only half of it, being able to instantly call up any tone and seamlessly jam along to whatever track I'm playing on my phone will be a gamechanger for me, my band does a mix of original stuff and covers so we're learning a new cover probably once a month and it's going to be so easy to match my tones and discover new ones for my own material at the same time, Rumours are that there will be an update soon which will add a one switch looper and apparently the cabs sound better than they do on the hd500 I literally haven't been this excited about a guitar pedal since the XT live released
  13. Some retailers here in the UK just dropped the price by £25, my supplier says they can't refund the difference as I had the finance option but they will give me £25 worth of accessories so not too bad, but I wonder, is this down to line 6 dropping the price? Maybe it's an indication that a looper won't be on the way?
  14. Manual is now up, nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell and no mention of any additional features just yet
  15. There will be something out this year I reckon, on Facebook they said something like "2015 has been a massive year so far for line 6 and we only just got started" that was posted after namm and all the Firehawk/variax/wireless announcements
  16. Too late I'm gonna learn drums
  17. None of the new amps from the hd500 update are included, not at launch anyway
  18. If it's a looper I'll definitely hang on to mine once it arrives, it's the only thing giving me cold feet, the new amp models would be a nice bonus too, especially the hd version of the Roland amp
  19. I noticed you don't seem to be able to control the time parameter with the footpedal when using a delay,you can control all other parameters just not time for some reason
  20. I don't think they are, at least nobody has announced that they are
  21. Ah I didn't realise some we're already shipping, should be some YouTube reviews up soon then
  22. There is definitely a power switch, you can see it on photos lol
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