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  1. I'll send dv247 an email too then but to be honest I was hoping to pick one up for £650 as that's what all the other colours are going for over here, but maybe I'm hoping for too much, there are literally none 2nd hand, which I suppose is a good sign
  2. Thanks for the help, I've emailed the query to Andertons, I might go for the cherry sunburst but I just can't get that gold beauty out of my mind! I close my eyes and it's there! Lol
  3. Yeah that's the one I'm after, but I can't find one to buy anywhere, I'm in the uk but even when I do an international search I can't find one
  4. Does anybody know what happened to the gold version of the jtv-59? I can't seem to find one anywhere, was it a limited edition or something?
  5. Nice workaround, do you have any pics?
  6. apparently there are 3 main changes according to DI's post on another forum 1) ability to set patch level 2) an "obvious" change (I'm hoping that is the lag addressed) 3) "can't be talked about yet" (I'm hoping looper)
  7. Yeah, you could tape a wooden spoon or upside down burger flipper to your shoe, there are so many possibilities it's not really a problem at all lol
  8. Excuse the crudity of my drawing lol
  9. But because I don't have one I don't know if an inch higher would be enough, I'm guessing if it needs closer to 2 inches the switches and pedal might not feel right under foot
  10. If you only elevate the rear of the unit it will change the height of the buttons in relation to each other
  11. How about just putting something underneath the rear of the unit to raise it about an inch off the floor, this would increase the angle of the unit in relation to the floor and raise the top row of switches higher than the bottom row, I don't have the unit so can't try it but the only drawback I can think of is that the expression pedal might feel at a bit of a weird angle. To try it out you could just put some books under it before thinking of a more permanent solution
  12. Apparently it is yet to be sanctioned by Apple and Google, so might be a bit longer than first expected
  13. You'd need a hd500 for that level of flexibility, I don't think the Firehawk will ever do that
  14. He's asking if you tap the tempo in for a delay and then switch patches does the tempo carry over to the next patch or do you have to tap it in everytime you change patches
  15. Oh my god what else is there? I can't take the tension!
  16. I hope your right buddy, that would make levelling patches so easy
  17. There has been talk of a looper possibly being implemented and I personally believe the patch changing will be sorted out, I'd give it a month and see how this thing pans out
  18. My experiences of the hd500 are much the same as yours, I too considered myself pretty comfortable at building patches and tweaking effects and the 500 had me wondering what I was doing wrong, if all my other effects units are anything to go by it was the 500 being awkward and not my lack of knowledge, all my other units sound great, I'm still waiting for my firehawk but if you have a read through these different threads I'll think you'll come to the conclusion that the Firehawk is aimed directly at people like us
  19. That's not how it's meant to be, you could try a factory restore, check that you have the latest firmware and your app is up to date, I see you already tried to recalibrate, I thought that would have fixed it to be honest, sounds like a faulty unit
  20. The Firehawk won't save your tone knob settings when using an older variax, at least that's what it states on the website
  21. Yeah it's a great bag, I've gigged with one for 2 years and it still looks like new
  22. Sounds like it needs a mixer section like in the 500, zoom g5 also has a master output level for each patch that doesn't alter tone If I were you I'd submit a request for something to be implemented in an update on ideascale I'll definitely vote for it I'd post it myself but I don't have my unit yet so can't really judge what exactly is required
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