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  1. I'm sure they said you could do this when they demo'd the Firehawk at namm, I haven't looked into it as I'm still waiting for firehawk to arrive but sure they said you could save full set lists, and that you could save a different set list for different types of gigs or if you play in more than one band
  2. Could you put something under the rear of the unit to act as legs and lift it off the floor a little? This would increase the gradient of the unit as it sits on the floor and make it less likely to accidentally hit the bottom row of switches, raising it an inch should be plenty I agree about the eq too, would definitely help if you could assign it to a switch
  3. They are working on it, apparently a one button looper is possible with a firmware update. I'll vote it up anyhoo
  4. I think that's why god made keyboard players
  5. Just hold your finger down on the parameter you want the pedal to control and a message pops up, make sure you toggle the pedal on also otherwise it's just the fx knob that controls it
  6. I don't think the Firehawk does acoustic simulation, the hd500 doesn't either as far as I know but I could be wrong, I think the acoustic amps are designed to be used with an actual acoustic guitar plugged in, my Zoom G5 has an acoustic sim and I'll really miss it if I switch to firehawk but I don't think I've ever seen a line 6 acoustic sim in pedal form as that's covered by the variax guitars
  7. I sometimes run into noise issues with my Zoom pedal, and I always go through a set routine to find the culprit (if there is one) I start by rolling the guitar volume down slowly and asking myself is it better/worse Remove compression from the signal and again is it better/worse Remove other effects one by one Sometimes I'll find a particular effect is causing most of the noise and I can use a different effect or move it around the signal chain a little where it might seem less other times its just accumulative like each effect is adding a little noise and it becomes a massive hum The only other thing I can suggest is recording a clip of the noise while playing and not playing and the guys who have a firehawk could maybe compare it to what they are hearing on theirs
  8. When you say acoustic guitar tone is the worst what acoustic are you using? Does it have a piezo pickup? I noticed in the amp list that some amp models are designed for different type of acoustics, might be worth having a look at that
  9. Try going to your bluetooth settings on the ipad and forget device, then set it back up as though it's the first time syncing, might help, might not
  10. I don't have the unit so can't test but high gain stuff is always noisy, I always use the noise gate on lead patches
  11. Go to the variax settings on the app, you can enable firehawk to control the variax there
  12. Yeah there are no clean hd amps that's why, soldano clean is in the high gain and all other clean amps are not hd
  13. Is it possible that when you select the amp you can scroll upwards to see more amps? Your last selected amp shows at the top of the screen and I often forget that I can scroll upwards to the hd amps
  14. I don't have an amplifi but if the tones carry over that's so cool
  15. Ah I see, that's weird, your actually missing the first four and a half stars as the first star begins right after the song title
  16. Might be worth just downloading the app again, you know how these foolproof advances in technology develop a grumpy personality sometimes
  17. You use data while downloading the app and when searching the tone cloud, but when your just programming the pedal there shouldn't be any data exchanged via the Internet unless you save the tone to the cloud You can of course set up the phone to access the Internet through your router at home (if you have one) and then you don't use the data from your phone plan while in the house
  18. I think mine is being delivered by a very overweight carrier pigeon
  19. Don't forget you can do a manual search for tones, you don't have to have the mp3 on your device
  20. I noticed on a line 6 YouTube video that there seems to be some kind of delay when switching patches, almost like it fades out and fades back in again, is anything like that happening with your unit?
  21. He may have deleted the app and downloaded it again also, but I doubt that will help as there have been no updates as far as I know
  22. I found one post with a similar problem, that guy fixed it by selecting "forget device" on his ipad bluetooth menu and then pairing devices again
  23. Is the bluetooth maybe timing out on your device? I think I read of a similar problem with the amplifi, I'll see if I can find the post
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