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  1. I know your problem very well! I drag for years a 35 kg Fender Twin Reverb stairs up to my home stairs down from their to the shows and it broke my back, just to get a great clean sound an a lacking distortion sound. Over the years I played a lot of amps and never was fully satisfied. The pod hd 500 brought me very close to the sound I want. Straight into FOH and for the monitoring I use an AER acoustic guitar amp, great sound! Still with my (almost acoustic) guitar trio we use a small p. a. just for club gigs: my acoustic guitar have more power and drive then my jazzguitar and my Variax through the hd 500. It seems to be a problem of mixer and p. a. You wrote you go through you Reynolds preamp into a "quad" Sorry, I don't know everything and English is not my mothers tongue, what is a quad? Speaker simulation or a cab? :wacko:
  2. In my very humble opinion: using a pod hd 500 in front of a good amp doesn't makes sense! I see two ways for a musician: 1. you're looking for your very personal sound. Therefor you will search a long time a test a lot of amps till you found your favorite. You put reverb and delay behind the microphon(es) and some modulation in front or behind your amp and that's it 2. you play covers and have to copy a lot of sounds and musician. Then you buy a board like the pod hd 500 and go straight to the FOH or straight into a good stage monitor like the line6 stagesource and then into FOH. Why? Using your favorite amp with hd 500 is overpowered. It's like having sex with your wife and your lover :lol: Maybe you will have some fun, but the girls will make war :ph34r: I tried the pod as a preamp into fx return from my tube combo and I must say: Better use my tube combo alone with a little reverb and use the hd 500 straight to FOH: really, really great sound. I dial in my sound at home by earphone and make some correction in our rehearsal room. That's the best way.
  3. Oh I understand. This could come from some electronic components and I have heard high pitch noises sometimes from a capacitor or from tubes. If it is really considerably audible you should bring the HD to a service center to check the board before it fails in a live gig :(
  4. ROFL! who told this? Just dismount your guitar neck, hit him quite a few times on his head and see who get problems ;) I never heard such bulllollipop! I have a very close friend an he's a guitar manufacturer and I help him many times in his workshop. When he have to repair e. g. the varnish of the guitar, stays for a long time with strings dismount. Do you think the guitar will get neck problems??? I think what katiekerry meant to say: There is possibility that the strings between their seat and the bridge can vibrate just a little and the piezo pups can pick up this noise. Put something under the strings to avoid this vibration of the low end of the strings.
  5. hi, first of all you should read this, then most of your questions will be answered ;)
  6. To get reasonable advice you should post all facts. What instrument your plugged in How is your input/output configuration How you connect your HD output (XLR, 1/4" Jack, SPDIF, USB) To what you connect? (mixer, amp, earphones) Have tried to connect to another device? You will have to give more input!
  7. The TO asked for an advanced guide of the JTV, not the workbench. BTW I think I read somewhere that the workbench-software maybe get redesigned.
  8. okay I agree. The input of the vintage pre gets clipping very easy! Even on the acoustic guitar and the acoustic models of the Variax I found nasty clipping, so I stopped using this fx. IMHO using a digital tube pre amp to warm up a digital sound to me is a contradiction ;) I really don't see any need to put the vintage pre behind the amp model. In live action you won't hear this very little difference (and I've got two analog mic tube preamps at home). You will only hear that in high quality studio recording and there I guess you will use real amps :wub:
  9. As far as I can see you did everything wright but on the other hand you don't need to mix ch A to center if you use output 1 ;) If there is still a signal on the output, it's because your guitar volume knob is not working correct. There is a carbon rail on the pot with a sliding contact. One side of the carbon is output, the contact is input, the opposite of the output is ground. If you turn the slide to output, signal passes through. If you move the slide in direction of the ground you will mix output and ground (zero): signal will get lower. If you reach ground you have short circuit and no output. IMHO your volume pot doesn't shorten the signal. Depending on the sensitivity of the input preamp you plugged, in the signal gets lost or will by passed to the next stage. A compressor is boosting low signal an cutting high signal to a defined range of dynamic. So your patch works. Just put a Hard Gate in front of your effect chain, so that the low signal doesn't open the gate and everything works fine. Sorry for my bad English. But it is not easy to describe technical process only by rosty school English :blink:
  10. IMHO the JTV Pilots Guide is the only manual that's available. AFAIR the Online PDF has some little more information than that one comes with the guitar. Anyhow, in the guide is written to plug off the 1/4" jack, when guitar is not in use, even to lower down the volume to get a kind sleep mode. So what more you need? BTW if you want to connect your JTV via usb connector to your PC you have to put in the supplied VDI cable, put in a 1/4" plug and switch on the modeler in your JTV otherwise you will get no connection. But if you plug in your VDI cable in your HD and connect your HD via USB you need no 1/4 jack plugged in. It is a matter of power supply by the battery or the HD.
  11. Do you use a A/B channel to change from clean to distortion within you amp? Then boost the lows in your distortion channel of the amp. It is curious the the clean sound is good an distortion thin if you use the same channel in your amp. While using heavy distortion in the hd in front of a amp model there is no loss of thickness of the sound... But I only go direct in the power mixer and don't have much experience with the pod in front of an amp.
  12. kabir, I can't follow your idea... Why should i put a mic pre amp after the amp model? mic pre amps are designed to give vocal microphone more warmth. So I see the use of this pre amp on the mic input or if you use an acoustic guitar pups. In the beginning I preamped my acoustic guitar with this fx. Then found out, that it gives to much harmonic distortion and I startet to use the mid focus eq, it works better for me. This is written in the Line6 model gallery: "A vintage-voiced, tube mic preamp based on* the Requisite® Y7 vintage Tube Mic Preamp, excellent for use with your Mic source input, Variax acoustic guitar models, or even in conjunction with Bass or Guitar Amps, anywhere in the signal path, to provide some nice tube warmth."
  13. If you use the hd distortion models it would be enough to boost the bass and cut the treble. With the mids you have to experiment a little bit because of the different action they have. What you also missed to mention: you go into an amp head then, cab/mic to PA or cab simulation PA??? I supposed you use distortion model, is this correct or do you use the amps gain??? You should always describe your setup detailed otherwise we will have to puzzle or ask.
  14. That is not quite wright, because putting in an mono fx into a stereo path will mix the stereo sound to mono and will give after the mono block 2 mono signals on the stereo path. I also read the brilliant manual from meambobbo. But still I think the effort of using only channel A in relation to leave all fx outside channel A/B while using a single amp is not worth the result. When you only plug in one output of the pod your stereo signal will be all mono of this output channel. But anyhow I think your problem is another. May be you still got a slight guitar output signal and you have pre amped this signal by your path to much, so the slight output will be heard. If no input no output!
  15. I must tell, that I use HD Edit only to save my patches. I don't like the software and work much better with the pod themselve. For editing patches I place the hd in eye-level. For this I build a special shelf, were all my music devices are stored (mixer, earphone, home recording). It makes the editing comfortable and much faster then working with the software. But this is at least my taste of working with the pod ;)
  16. Before posting any question, it is a good advice to use the forum search or read a little bit in the topics. Doing this you could have found this topic and the answer to you question ;-)
  17. Don't put all fx in front of channel A/B, not necessary to use them. It only makes sense when you use to inputs e.g. aux/guitar, mic/guitar or if you use channel a as distortion, channel b as clean. Then you put an panner in front of the both channes or after the mixer block, so you can pan between both fx paths. Still there are some other ways to use channel a/b. be aware, that input 1 goes to channel a and input 2 to channel b as long as no mono fx is set before the channels or inut1+2 aren't set to the same input or "same"! you haven't yet explained how you muted one channel, but I guess you did something wrong.
  18. Thanks for your information. Still I never had that problems. 2 bands 2 mixer, 1 amp and at home a poor little mixer headphones and a small Fostex home studio. Never problems! I always plug in the same power circuit as mixer an p.a. That's the whole secret ;)
  19. OK, I'm amazed and I beg pardon toneman you was so wright and me so wrong :(
  20. hey boys, "You can't always get what you want!" The Rolling Stones :rolleyes: I would prefer the possibility to reduce the offered devices. There are a lot that I will never use or need, e. g. blue/red compressor, some fuzz boxes, some reverb etc. It would be very nice to deactivate them e. g. by HD Edit, so that the list of devices would be shorter and the editing time reduced. The graphical display of the amp knobs may be nice, but I would prefer digits. Because if you change something, your sound would be easier to restore it. If you like to assign a parameter to the expression pedal and you double click "Move" button the actual settings should be shown. E.g. you want to assign the drive parameter of an amp to the expression pedal you double click "Move" while the amp is selected. You select "drive" and the minimum and maximum bar chart shows values, that were no actual values. This is bulllollipop. Then you want to have look on the actual setting an switch back to the amp-knob-view, but can only guess because you don't see digits! (see point 2.) I don't need more stuff in the hd 500, I need more usability, because this gear is great for this price!!! :)
  21. why do you use an additional chorus, when you use the hd? This means more cables, additional power supply, more noise in signal path, because the hd had to switch d/a, a/d! The hd 500 provides anything you need. Just my 2 cents.
  22. Hi toneman, the TO wrote, that the power supply blinks without plugged in the hd. Normally the green light doesn't blink. Therefore it IMHO a problem with the power supply and a global reset doesn't fix the problem.
  23. sorry, I disagree, because hiss is not hum! ftuller should check if output of the hd is too hi switch from line to amp on the front switches (sorry, mayby they are labeled different, just a brain dump) Even check if the noise comes from the input. Try to place a gate on the start of your effect path. But if you meant hum instead of hiss, try the ground lift
  24. Hi, it look like the power supply is broken. First of all, it should not blink! Second the hd starts an restarts. I once had this when I tried another power supply, that was to0 weak. Contact your dealer for replacement.
  25. Hi, I don't see your problem. Just put your amps in front of the mixer. Lower the volume of the hi gain patch and push the clean-sound-patch volume!
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