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  1. IMHO you should ask PRS how to do, because this is an PRS issue not a line 6 hd issue
  2. If you don't use the effekt loop use the output of the loop to bypass the tweaker. You even don't need an extra pedal.
  3. I just used our companies account and checked for the price of UPS: UPS Envelope Express Saver (lead time 2 days) 43 € If I will put it in an small box UPS Expedited 87,76 € lead time 9 days :o If I put it in an envelope and send it by letter post 3,45 € (as sample without value) no lead time provided. So I must draw back my last post. Sending goods (excluding gifts or valueless samples) is really expensive :( And even you will have to charge import tariff :angry:
  4. Hey boy, you don't need to ship the whole amp, just the logo :lol: $90! unbelievable! I guess they use a personal delivery boy and will come direct to you by a lear jet :ph34r:
  5. I agree! First I also used the vintage preamp, but found that it generates a slight distortion. so I swithed to the mid focus preamp. hi pass 0%, lo pass according the amp about 70%. The mid focus gives you a wide choice of preamping!
  6. Did you only tried downloaded patches? In the very beginning I tried some of that sounds and was very disappointed. First when I start to work with the hd only by myself and read the manual from meambobo (great work, guy!) I got the sounds I needed. The sound depends a lot on the environment you use. First of all your guitar, second the amps. I create my patches at home direct into a small mixer by wireless earphones. Plugged in in our big pa it sound complete different, more hights, more bass, so I have correct every sound! The second band: Plug in the mixer and sounds have lost all pressure, sounds flat. So everything depends on the hardware you use. My advice is, don't think about "I use already a power amp and a cab"! Just try everything and find the best way to get your sound. BTW: I also used the hd with a small tube combo. Specially the distorted pre amps sound very thin. Clean amp models sound great. Because I used this combination only with clean sounds I have no advice for you try out. It is just another argument for "work with the hd and find your sound!"
  7. Okay so I'm stupid! But I am not alone!!! :wub:
  8. I own a JTV-69 and I'm satisfied with the sound of the acoustic models. If you plug a JTV by VDI cable to a HD 500 the guitar will be supplied with power (don't need your battery) and you will get an extra benefit, because you can select the magnetic pups or the models on input1 and input2. I use e.g. a distorted guitar on input2 together with a acoustic model on input1 and can pan between acoustic sound and electric sound and that's great! :)
  9. moondancer


    ... and I need it on my android smart phone!!! Sorry but really couldn't resist! :P
  10. Hi guys, I'm a German user of the hd 500 and all buttons are labled in English. But where the hell is the "Home" button?????? :blink:
  11. Electronic tuners use the static frequency of a crystal and should work exact. What happens when you tune by flageolet (harmonics) or e.g. at the 5th or 7th fret? If you have problems with the same string, something with the intonation of the string is not proper or the magnetic field of the pups disturbs the harmonics. But if the tuner is incorrect pressing a "g" on any other string on the guitar, most probably your hd is a case for the service centre :o
  12. Don't you use the original power supply? I found out that the hd 500 need a strong ps. I tried some supplies other than the line6 and the hd 500 doesn't work with them. The 500 starts and restarts frequently. Even sometimes - using the original ps - it restarts once when connected to the power supply. The power supply could be a reason for your problems, but IMHO I don't think so.
  13. Have you once plugged in a headphone, when the problems appears, just to verify that the problems comes from the HD 500?
  14. It is possible this way, but I prefer to put a pan before channel 1/2. Advantage: you can easy adjust the output of the 2 amps by the volume separate!
  15. Music should come from above and goes through your soul and your hands!

  16. I don't really understand your problem. You like to use FS1-4 as effect switch and FS 5-8 as toggle switch between amps. That is the normal way. Create patch A with the desired effects and amp model 1, then save it also as patch B and change the amp model. Same efx's different sounds. Handicap: if you switch from patch A to B you will get the stored on/off mode for the efx's. I sometimes use two amps in one patch and toggle them with the pedal in pan-mode. Advantage: you can mix two sounds, handicap limited memory. You can only use less efx's. To toggle between clean/distortet sound, you can use the distortion modules within a clean amp model. Instead of toggle between A/B use pedal as pan between channel A without distortion and B with distortion. Or another possibility: use the toeswitch of the pedal for on/off distortion. So feel free to find your best way. I use them all. BTW I guess there is a mode were you don't switch between bank A-D but use the switches as on/off switch for efx's. But I haven't the HD500 just around me and I am not quite sure how to do this. Just have a look in your manual. But always keep in mind: Using 2 amp-models in one patch will limit your memory extremly!
  17. Hi Javadog, thank you for your post. I have no problems by bending 10's. I play also several Jazz and Semi guitars with 11's strings and can bend ;) I would like to test even 11's but don't like to adjust the tremolo for the higher tension. For the same reason I don't like to change to 9's. Even I think that the acoustik models will sound more natural with a higher string tension. I just need to have an advice which strings will work fine on the JTV-69
  18. Hello @all, I'm looking for some advice. On my JTV 69 I'm using Dunlop Zakk Wyde strings 0.010 gauge. I like the sound but have some problems with the tuning. To adjust the 6th, 5th and 4th string to excat octave at the 12th fret, I had to screw the brigde very far toward the neck (tone on the 12th fret is to low). Even the 6th string (E-string) sounds ugly on the 12 fret (inharmonic overtones). Have you guy any ideas for me how to solve the Problem? I guess I will try the OEM d'Addario XL strings next time, but I'm noch quite sure if this solves the problem. So I'm grateful for any hint. TIA Edgar
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