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  1. There are some DSP presets that can be only used on inputs 1-12. The presets that work on 13-14 have the little 1/4" jack badge on the icon.
  2. Both thresholds behave the same. They both react to "how close" the signal is from above OR below.
  3. The fans only go on when the unit gets hot. A complex regulation circuit with teperature sensors controls the fan speed.
  4. If you create a closed loop of the speakers- yes, all signals will be on all the speakers.
  5. If you have both XLR's connected to the first speaker and the second speaker connected via Line 6 Link you get the proper stereo routing. Left goes to one speaker, right goes to the other one. The problem you are describing is hard to solve without being there. It sounds most likely like a broken cable or connector anywhere in the chain starting on the keyboard.
  6. Hi, since you now have a 2 balanced outputs (L+R) the side panel mixer inputs are the best way to do this. You may have to use the pad switches if the signal is too hot.
  7. We are currently not announcing a new speaker product. Line 6 does not communicate future product plans in general so please disregard this information. Sorry :D
  8. You can use the Sonic Port VX with a Mac or OC using the guitar input and the microphone input at the same time. You can not use iOS and Mac/ PC at the same time. When the selection switch is in Mic position and a guitar is plugged in the mic is on USB channel two and the guitar is on USB channel one. To process the guitar you would need a Mac/ PC plug in like PODFarm or similar.
  9. Did you check in the MacOS System Preferences-> Sound that the Sonic Port VX is assigned as input and output?
  10. Did you give Mobile Pod access to the microphone in the iOS settings? Privacy> microphone > Mobile Pod?
  11. Did you use the balanced 1/4 inch outputs? Btw, the Sonic Port VX audio performance, especially on the guitar input (120dB SNR) will spare you some noise that you might experience with other products that have only around 100dB signal to noise ratio.
  12. This doesn't sound right. Please contact our customer support so we can resolve this: US: (818) 575-3600 Europe : +44 (0) 1788 566 566
  13. A high pass filter on the mic channels will probably solve this problem. It filters out the low end that is not helpful for vocals anyway. If you don't have a high pass try using the low frequency eq, like Don said.
  14. Mobile In has been replaced by the Sonic Port Family but we still support it in Mobile POD. The latest update 1.7.1 has a distortion pedal and some other improvements.
  15. Yes, in the iOS settings is a tab for Mobile POD where background audio can be enabled. Cheers!
  16. Install the update Mobile POD 1.7.1- Then you can select the input channel.
  17. Did you give mobile pod access to the microphone in the settings? Settings-Privacy-Microphone- Mobile Pod?
  18. The "save me" video was recorded with sonic port vx and some eq, compression and reverb was applied. No denoising or gating. What you describe seems strange, especially with the gain at "1". What exactly is your setup? Are you making up a lot of gain somewhere in the chain?
  19. If the signal is clipping try turning down the gain. A pop filter could also help. It sounds like you have too much gain and are too close to the mic. Cheers
  20. Jim, are you using the built in guitar amp simulation in GarageBand? The signal coming out of the amp simulation will have a higher level. The guitar input uses two converters. This is how we get 120dB of dynamic range meaning the noise floor is very low. Braguesa, we have explained this a few times, the recording in the video was recorded with Sonic Port VX and then mixed using the usual EQ, compression and reverb but nothing else.
  21. Thank you for all your feedback. All of it went into our backlog. Ideascale is an additional tool that allows to get votes on ideas and keep them organized.
  22. Did you give Mobile POD access to the microphone after the iOS update? In settings- privacy- microphone- Mobile POD?
  23. The digital connection is more sensitive so most likely it is a broken cable.
  24. I am sorry I missed that. We will contact you. You can also reach us by phone: The US support team can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 2), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The UK support team can be reached at +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT.
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