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  1. You could use an XLR Y- Split cable and plug it in to two inputs. In one scene you mute the sax channel in the next scene you mute the flute channel. The y- split cable needs to be a female xlr into two male xlr's.
  2. This preset is a bit of a special case. It is intended for stereo drum sums (sub mixes.) When mixing this compressed submix with the uncompressed submix you can get a dense drumsound while maintaining some natural dynamics. This preset and the setup is admittedly a bit complicated.
  3. We have discovered a very rare occurrence where this happens during booting up. This does not happen during operation. Just power cycling resolves the issue and there is no risk that this happens during a show. Since this is a very rare issue please let us know if it happens more often. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Now I got it. The "male delayed" has a delay fx in the DSP chain and does not use the global delay fx. When you are in the tweak page of the "male delayed" preset you will see a tab "echo" (quick tweak) or "delay" (deep tweak)
  5. The effect send settings are stored with the preset. When you are on the fx tweak page you see all fx sends for that channel. The changes you see apply only for the channel you are seeing since only the fx sends are recalled.
  6. This might be actually an a result of our intended operation. When the channel level is turned all the way down and the monitor level is linked and turned up the monitor link breaks to allow turning up the monitor.
  7. By zero I meant at the zero mark. Not turned up (+) or down (- to "off) "Unity gain" so to speak.
  8. Ok, Digital-sound you win. You were first :-)
  9. The follow stage button works like this: When "Follow Stage" is pressed on the iPad you can select stage icons on the M20d unit and the faders on the iPad will show up as selected. This way you do not have to page scroll and you find the channel much easier from the stage. The fx tab in fader view shows the global effect returns (masters.) These faders control the amount of an effect in the mains or in the monitors. Basically, you can send a signal from any channel to one of the 4 global effects. The master level of these fx would be usually at zero. You can still turn these up or down. One example would be a break where you want to make sure that all fx are off because someone is talking. Of course assigning a group to the fx returns works as well. Another advantage of having the fx returns in direct access is that now selecting an fx return and pressing the Tweak button brings you straight to the Tweak page.
  10. The StageScape firmware v1.20 ( and the iPad app v1.20 (Apple App Store) are now available. If you backup presets in the system menu before doing the update and restore from backup afterwards the presets and setups are restored. The updated user guide can be found here:
  11. I am very sorry for the misunderstanding. There is no new download available at this point.
  12. I am very sorry for the misunderstanding. There is no download available at this point.
  13. Thank you for your great idea! We have a new platform for ideas: If you post the idea on ideascale there is a better voting and review process available.
  14. Since the total amount of DSP power is limited to a fixed amount it is a question of how to distribute the available DSP power. Compared to the standard processing- High Pass- Gate- Compressor- 4 band EQ we have added some power to the microphon input channels (1-12) by having- High Pass-12 band FBS- Gate- Compressor- Dynamic EQ1- Dynamic EQ2- Compressor- 6 Band EQ- Limiter and other configurations like High Pass- Multiband Compressor- 6 Band EQ- Limiter etc. The line inputs are intended to be line level inputs. The configurations High Pass- Compressor- 3 Band EQ or High Pass- 6 Band EQ are assuming a line input like a keyboard where a noise gate would be unlikely to be used. Of course the inputs 13-16 can still be used with most microphones.
  15. Do the LEDs do that constantly? The LEDs turn red when the limiter is active (too much input) and blue when an M20d is connected. If this is a constant behavior please contact our customer service. There a few special modes you can set the LED to. Try to hold the FBS buttons while powering up. This sets the LED on/ off and could reset them.
  16. When the monitors are stereo linked the pan is the same as for the main mix. If you want different pan's in the monitors then the method you are describing works. And- yes- a separate pan for a stereo monitor would make sense.
  17. The stereo monitors were added in the update v1.10. You can either press "make stereo" in setup mode after plugging in 2 xlr to monitor A/B or C/D or choose a stereo preset. Both outputs are then configured as a stereo pair and have one control, for example level, EQ etc for both sides.
  18. The router needs to have DHCP active. An Airport Express is set up like that out of the box and works. The amber blinking LED just shows that it is not connected to anything- not really an issue in this situation.
  19. If there are files with a size that seems right but a computer does not play the files this looks like the file could not be completed because the card was pulled out or the mixer was powered off before stopping the recording.
  20. If this is a group encoder double click on the encoder knob and delete the group in the group dialog in right upper corner.
  21. You can see the channel levels in Tweak View in the bottom left corner. To navigate to the next channel press the Meter icon in Tweak view and select a different channel.
  22. Our new Product Feedback page is now active: This is where you can post ideas about our products and services, and other Line 6ers can vote on them. The ideas with the most votes rise to the top. We are really excited about this tool, so we hope you come by soon and give us some input.
  23. You can also create a group containing all inputs. To do that double click an empty encoder in setup mode and select all channels in the dialog. When you mute this group now all group members are muted. Also helpful to group drums, fx etc.
  24. That seems very strange. Please contact our customer service to find out what is going on there. Call Line 6 Technical Support To help us better assist you, please register your product and complete your support profile. The US support team can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 3), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The UK support team can be reached at +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT.
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