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  1. Yes, we would loose a few knobs - that would would not make enough of a difference in price or weight. We thought about it, believe me. Since we need the Sharc architecture anyway for the speaker processing there is not enough of a difference.
  2. The FX loop will continue into the next patch as long as the FX loop is on in both patches.
  3. Currently you need the foot controller. I don't have it in front of me- isn't the looper control: record - play- overdub- (long press) delete? I'll look this up as soon as I can.
  4. Flash Memory Version 1.01.00 Released 2/2/16 Works with: Firehawk 1500 *Improved performance at high volume levels *Minor bug fixes
  5. Yes, any Bluetooth audio can be streamed to the Firehawk 1500. The iOS and Android app will only stream music that is on your device but you still can stream anything that can go to Bluetooth audio, e.g. Spotify etc.
  6. L 661.5*W288 *H505mm (not including handle) L 26.04â€*W11.34â€*H19.88†We will look into the dealers specs and correct if necessary. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback! This is definitely a great idea- we have this one in our to do list.
  8. Yes, the FBV Shortboard MKII will work.
  9. We have a Firehawk 1500 forum now:
  10. The Firehawk 1500 can receive midi program changes to switch patches.
  11. This depends on the microphone itself. Most clip mics are condenser mics that need phantom power. The G70 receiver has a 1/4" TS input without phantom power. So- you could solder an adapter from the microphone clips connector to 1/4" TS but it will only work with dynamic microphones that do not need phantom power.
  12. Yes, they are all 1.2V. This works although you get better mileage out of AA batteries.
  13. The USB connection can sometimes not be recognized by the computer. If you connect the transmitter with the USB cable to your computer and the transmitter does not show up in the updater- disconnect the USB cable from the computer and use a different port on the computer. This can happen sometimes if the computer does not recognize the transmitter before it boots into normal operation mode.
  14. Unfortunately not. The antennas are built in at the top of the receiver so any rack application would be problematic for the radio.
  15. The cellphone frequencies are no concern.
  16. If some of the older Line6 wireless gear is in RF1 mode this can be a problem. You would need to switch these to RF 2 mode. The channel numbers on your WiFi and the numbers on your Relay are not related. For example, when you pick WiFi channel 1 and Relay channel 1 you are fine. The Relay channel numbers are designed to be the least likely to interfere with your WiFi. Here is some more detail:
  17. You need a ~USB power supply with 5V/ 1A or a 9V (DC) power supply with 500mA.
  18. The antenna switching is not audible- it must be something else most likely wifi interference. Would it be possible to do a new channel scan when some crowd is in the venue? I know this sounds difficult but it could be that the first scan does not see the wifi when no traffic is happening. Another way would be to ask for the house wifi password, log in with your phone or computer and stream something (youtube etc.) and do a scan while you are streaming over wifi.
  19. ArneLine6

    L2m or l2t

    We recommend to use the L2's in PA/Reference mode when used with modelers. The "Electric Guitar" setting emulates a guitar cab so you would not get the expected results with the cab modeling in the modeler active. The "Acoustic Guitar" setting changes the crossover frequency. An acoustic guitar in "PA/ Reference" mode sound exactly how that guitar should sound through a good FRFR speaker. Long story short- "PA/Reference" mode is the FRFR mode and is the only mode where what you hear is exactly the same as you are sending to FoH. I would recommend using "PA/ Reference." The L2t would give you the advantage of being able to plug your acoustic guitar into the side panel mixer and using the acoustic modeling, effects and eq of the speaker. This would be send to FoH through the XLR out on the speaker. You can, of course, also plug the acoustic into the modeler and then you would not need the "t" version of the speaker. The Line6 Link connection gives you an AD- DA conversion less- better sound quality and lower latency.
  20. There are several things possible here: - is the latest firmware installed? - did you do a channel scan before operation? - are there other digital wireless units in your setup? - did you try another 1/4" cable?
  21. Yes, you always need to use a channel that is not used by others.
  22. The pre amps in Helix and in the StageScape mixer are TI Burr Brown digitally controlled analog mic pre amps. They are actually quite expensive and very high quality.
  23. Please contact our customer service so we can resolve this problem: Main Phone#: (818) 575-3600 Main Fax#: (818) 575-3601 Customer Service: 8am – 12pm & 1pm – 4pm M-F Pacific Time Press option
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