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  1. May not be very helpful but did u check your input settings on the pod
  2. I had same issue and error code.... It was fixed by registering my DT50 2x12 and reinstalling my midi drivers.
  3. There are other good sections to read. Especially guitar setup and gain staging and such.... But I agree the biggest is his use of Eq but what I found was I really don't require any more than what the amp offered or maybe occasional Dist/Overdrive box. I am currently fiddling with the Fuzz boxes. I've been able to get a good David Gilmour wall era tone pushing the Muff with a tube driver. And have had satisfactory comparison on both the Hiwatt and Blackface. (until you raise the gain on the amp anywhere close to break up then it changes). I can't even fathom the concept of ever selling this rig.
  4. Hhmmmm..... So your concern is it being outdated? Believe me I hardly doubt this amp will be outdated. I did my research before buying and there is nothing so mystical nor part so elusive in it that it won't be able to be fixed or repaired. My thoughts on that are this.... People who are considered guitar god are playing through 40yr old Marshalls I've seen some through what looks like an Ancient Sumarian Fender combo. It's a general consensus that a lot of these amps get better with age. So I am not the least bit concerned about it being dated because even if your fear of no updates happens I'm still completely satisfied with the way things are now. I play sometimes using my stomp boxes and it sounds incredible as well. So I have and have no fear of using this Amp stand alone without the POD. I can agree that we could use a couple more Amps but right now with what we have I can get any sound that pops in my head. I have a gear lollipop friend who has bought and sold more gear than I've seen music stores stock trying to sound exactly like EVH and I find that a lot like chasing your tail. He is never going to sound exactly like EVH because he's not EVH. And I now torture him every time he calls me to come over and listen to his rig by telling him " mmmnnaaahhh you were closer with the Plexi and MXR phaser you had 17 amps ago.) so I guess before my early morning ramble (thank you wake and bake) I was trying to say that at some point in our crazy tone search you got to learn to like what you have. This rig gets me my tones that I use for my music and can get me as close as possible to any artist tone I have ever wanted to emulate. What was the topic of discussion again???? :-P
  5. I can HONESTLYsay that I get that tube tone and feel from my pod hd500 and dt50 2x12. The feel in the Divided Model should be looked at as the pinnacle of modelling. That would be a hard amp to model. As well as that Amp I like to use..... The AC30 Both Blackface Vib Amps UBERSCHALL JTM45 PARK ALL SOLDANOS DOOM AND ANOTHER OF MY FAVES..... THE SUPRO MODEL. gets me the perfect early Led Zeppelin tones. I used to run my 500 into my Marshall 900 And my Vox Nighttrain and u wanna talk about getting tweaker Back and neck. Geez never ending fiddling
  6. I'm running my Pod T Dt50 2x12 via L6link. Gibson LP Zakk Wylde w EMG 81/85 Squier Strat w/GF Texas Special - ish HSS Then Pod hd500 into DT50 2x12 via L6link Settings are Studio Direct on LVM Impedance is set at -1m I can usually get away with not having to touch the mixer settings Input 1-guitar Input 2- variax There is quite a noticeable difference in oomph of the pre's when in LVM Now notice these are my LVM settings. It's a whole different ball game when I push the volume knob back in that's when this set up shines in my opinion. This is when I switch back to Combo Pwr amp instead of studio direct mode. Now there are conflicting threads all very the place about the mode and whether or not to use the Cab Sims or turn them off. Here is what I agree with Leave the CAB ON AND ON ITS DEFAULT SELECTION IF YOU WANT THE CLOSEST EMULATION OF SAID AMP MODEL. they are eqed but rightfully so. I've tried wit them off and wasn't satisfied by any means. And my last bit of advice is Use YOUR ears to dial things in because all this wisdom is subjective and that's what kicks lollipop. Also to me a lot of the complaints about compressors and distortions and some effects being too much or not sounding as they should are null and void when u connect to a DT. This amp was made to be a sounding board for this POD and Meambobbo and his tone guide are a ton of help but only use them as the great guidelines they are but most parameters will not apply to a DT setup.
  7. I run an Hd 500 into a DT 50 2x12 and I am usually in low volume mode as I like My internal organs where they are. One thing my ears have noticed is that it also sounds better in LVM using full amps AND changing output back to studio Direct.. As they say there is no wrong answer which is freaking awesome. It leaves u with so many choices and look at it this way some of the most iconic tones came from what was thought to be at the time she off the wall rigs and crazy signal routing. It's my opinion that if you can't get 4 basic tones that kickass out of this thing you haven't explored enough.
  8. From 3 tries to update my dt50 combo I figured out first that I needed to register the amp first. Reload the current drivers and finally ended up with me flashing from file instead of the upload selected tab. I managed it rather quickly with an Uno Sport USB to MIDI interface using an HP laptop running Windows 8. When I flashed from file I simply followed the pop up instructions then downloaded the dteditor.
  9. Ok so after 3 tries to update my DT50 2x12 I finally was successful. I have a podhd500 as well so I was under the assumption that an update wasn't needed. I was wrong. To me some of the amp models sound better when run via midi straight to the DT 50 2x12. And the Boost switch was being activated quite a bit. I was totally in love with this amp before but now I'm ready to start a Cult and pass out kool-aid to profess my love for my amp. I have decided to run it somewhat traditional with my clean amps on channel A and Dirt on B. One question though. Now when I connect my pod500 it will all restore to default correct while the pod is engaged right? Is this permanent or when I disconnect the pod will it go back to the midi amps? I love the versatility as I've found myself in some mass jam sessions lately where it's been nice to go oh a fender would send better for this and then be able to go oh u want some more gain well maybe we can do a Soldano. I love it I am considering naming My first son DT50 or Line 6.
  10. Try using the Bogner Model closest I've heard. I have found it best to go with your ears. Rather than a model of the specific amp the artist uses. U can go to a website called guitargeek and it will show u gear and signal chains for most artists rigs that you can use as a guideline for Effects routing in your patch. I will give it a shot today and see what I come up with.
  11. Thanks guys like I said I had no clue what this thing does or how versatile it in itself is. I play in a late 80s / 90s cover band myself and my DT50 2x12 has been the star of the show at the every place I've ever played. My entire time after playing is usually filled with me giving a tour of my rig to most guitar players who most have never heard of this combo and once they see how I went from a Fender to a Soldano and ended with a plexi. That's my favorite part is watching the expression when they figure out its done by a POD and then I unplug the pod and they really go nuts when they see that the DT itself is 4 totally different amps in one. So I am hoping that this preamp integrates well. Why have I never heard of Lee Jackson or this preamp? Seems crazy. Well he will be here Friday to help me with it and show me how he uses it. As soon as possible can get it hooked up I will post. Some clips.
  12. Awesome info thanks so much. I knew nothing about this thing and now can't wait til it gets here. I am totally expecting to only be holding on to it for my Brother in law. He was in a 80s cover band in Nashville and earns a living as a Mechanical engineer and had an accident with a cart machine at a Pasta plant and it severed two fingers off. He's had them put back on but is kinda in the dumps because they said he'd never get full use back so he started selling his gear and came to his preamp and he said rather than sell it to God knows who he'd rather see if I wanted to use it. So though I'm not sure how I'm going to use it yet I'd rather hold onto it even if I don't hoping that his spirits pick up and he wants it back. But in the meantime......
  13. I agree whole heartedly that my dt50/pod500 is way more versatile. This preamp literally fell into my hands free of charge just with a request that I give it a shot and use it when I can. I have never even seen one nor had any desire to own one but now that it is free that has changed. I I will in no way make it my go to over the pod unless it has the Grail Tone within it but something tells me it's just going to be a paperweight. I would really like to at least know how to go about routing it in to my rig if at all possible.
  14. Must pray to the Line 6 God ( or Real Zap which ever answers first, he seems to be a pretty handy guy) and offer up a sufficient sacrifice. Have you considered the native American footpedal dance? That's a stumped for me if you have reflashed already.
  15. I have a question my wife's brother just had surgery on his hand and won't be able to play anymore and is sending me his Lee Jackson Preamp can it be used with the Pod/DT 50 rig somehow? . I have no experience with these issues. I have heard tracks of him using this thing and oh my god does it sound nice. Does anybody have any experience with these preamps that can tell me about it. The Good and the bad Yo know?
  16. These forums have been a huge help in my being able to figure this rig out and everywhere I go people are blown away by it. You will love the DT once u get to know it (it does take a minute at first). I just found a tip about running the pod in studio direct when having to use low volumes.
  17. Nice it really does have a nice fullness to it. I have been wondering Meambobbo actually two things.... Do you have a sound engineering degree by chance? And how much time did it eat up building that guide? And I ask that purely out of respectful curiosity because surely I would still be stuck, after a year now, scratching my head looking at this box called a POD hd500 like a caveman must have looked at a wheel were it not for your time and efforts. One last question while I have you on the phone..... Have you ever used it with the DT50 2x12? Or any DT series and any impressions or tips? I ask because that is what I use and was curious as to an quirks or findings u had on it.
  18. I am not a Huge Tube comp user... It's not bad just kinda MEH.. To me. Probably because I only use a compressor as needed and only then when I do need one though, I, ( as in my ears alone, not to be confused with professional ears) prefer T use the Blue Comp and Vetta Comp mainly and have been fiddling with the Vetta Juice and it holds some good sauce in it. But amounts and what not can be found out by you alone.
  19. Got a couple more things I was wondering anybody have any kick lollipop dirty and High gain tones they achieve through a certain model. I am a huge fan of the Classic Distortion for Slash tones and adding it to the Line 6 Drive with the Park 75 Amp to get my Smashing Pumpkins tone. I also have found a lot of use with the Tube Driver, Overdrive and Color drive ( classic 60's early 70's rock tones it does a good job). I know these are pretty redundant questions being asked but after a while with my set up I am now comfortable sharing so I did. But als a lot of newbies popping up and I know these were some of my initial ponderings. These forums were a great help to me. Anyways my findings with the classic distortion is that it's a wonderful Tone but what's with the filter I can't get it past about 49% after that it's a drastic mids Slayer. I mean kills it. ( same findings as meambobbo too in that u have to keep bass and treble close as well. Also took me awhile to figure out how best to set the compressors.
  20. I believe the transformer problem was isolated to the dt50 and even then only a certain range of serial numbers. I own a dt50 2x12 and LOVE IT especially integrated with the pod hd500. But in short I think your good to purchase it. And I'm sure if u look back at the posts about transformer issues it is involving the DT 50 and nit the DT 25.
  21. Metalchef


    Here is the other one I saw this one had a lot of Good info
  22. Metalchef


    Haven't tried it yet myself but I remember it was discussed on the old forum here is a link I believe to the most recent discussion I saw of it.
  23. Yes sir I am most pleased and have no complaints. Took me searching out a lot of knowledge on things like Eq and the effects of bias and Master Volume as well as things like pick attack and precision and u can take it from someone who owned a beloved Plexi the model is eerily similar but not as forgiving in technique (or lack of that is) as the real amp but I can get the same tones out of it as I could the real things. My only headscratchers that I can't seem to get where I like are the 800 model and the Engel. And I figured with EMGs and a LP I would have no problem but was not so everything just gets muddy but I know it's possible because I've heard clips of those models that are wonderful. Could also be I'm playing 90% of the time in Low Volume Mode on the DT using full amps on the pod. Maybe they will be better at their typical frequencies right between ear piercing and tenitis. Good call n the acoustic models as well I didn't even consider it would 1 LT3 be enough to achieve a decent sound? Is the JTV89 the only one with the High Gain Models I believe 5 new ones? And what are the models modeling? Last question while I'm picking brains... Do the stock JTV Mags really sound decent now?
  24. What are your thoughts on signal chain placement of both Reverb and delay? The L6 link should replace the need for the 4 Cable Method in making effects placed after the amp post amp effects right? One more question for you guys right now I've got a ZW LP w EMG 81/85 and a Squier strat I bought as a learning guitar that I have put Texas Specials in and shielded the cavity and blocked the tremolo off. About to redo my pots and some rewiring to finish it off. While it is a squier and there is a slight tone difference from a fender in a lack of body to the tone ( just slight when compared to similarly set up American STD.) I am chalking it up to wood used. I think u could put these Texas specials on a 2x4 and make it sound good. Anyways my question is I am looking at getting a JTV89 To round out my "Dream Rig". Do u guys think it is necessary to reach this set ups full potential to have a JTV or does it make it all too complicated to really enjoy? I am not really a gigging musician though I do attend local Jam Sessions and play a few shows with friends in bands. And yes my DT50 2x12 choice was a little bit of overkill but it is he who has the best toys at the end and not the most that wins and it provides the occasional shock to the heart my wife needs to keep going. Any opinions are welcome.
  25. @ DeanDinosaur.... I used your Rule of Half sir and it worked well especially your tip on level of decay my decay is at about 41% constant now which is allowing me to add more mix up to about 22% on spring reverb. I have been holding off on the DT 2.0 update just out of midi phobia ( Fear of not understanding what the frag midi does and consequently resulting in some screw up that would require me not being able to use this wonderful set up. It's addictive. But all good answers
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