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  1. Thank u sir I will be looking into that. I've had a variety of pick ups I've put through it EMG81/85, Seymore Duncan Slash Alnico pros, Lace Sensor Golds, and an EMG81/60 12v molded. And let me tell you the 81/60 requires a ton of Eq. The Lace Sensors are a dream. I recommend Lace to anyone. I've never really gone in to depth about specific frequencies each are good or bad at but I can imagine there is a plus and minus with them all. Very interesting stuff.
  2. But remember that with this set up most rules of the "norm" are thrown out da window...... I can assure u I've gotten some neat and very nice sounding tones using some pretty crazy effects placements.
  3. Damn it Arislaf you beat me to it..... Well let me be the 2nd to say that I use every single amp model the regs..... The 2nd guitar teacher I had in my impressionable youth taught me what I feel is one of the best lessons any one person has ever taught me and that is.... That you can derive something from every single style and genre of music just because you play metal, rock, and such doesn't mean you can't use techniques and things from Jazz, Funk, Pop, Classical.. Etc.. Etc.... So when I got the Pod500 I entered into a sort of hog heaven because with it and my DT50 2x12 I have been able to get any tone I've ever wanted out of every guitar I've ever put through it (the latest being my new Slash AFD LP, thank you guitar gods). So while I would love to have some more Amps to play around with to make tweaking a little easier I'm not gonna be looking for a new rig any time soon. My greatest epiphany has been to disregard the tone to amp brand Pigeon holeing and learned to go strictly by ear. I can pull a pretty convincing 5150 tone using the Divided by 13 model and tweaking topology. Especially when using full amp models in LVM on my DT and able to use DEP Parameters molest the tone a bit (yes I could have used manipulate). As soon as we got the DEPs we got the key to the kingdom. And I'm not employed or affiliated by line 6 in any way. But I do agree with the Op in a way.
  4. I use it in front of a tube drive in front of some amp models to get that tube feel when using LVM on my DT50 2x12. Love it. With some tweaking and gain staging it can really add that warmth some models need.
  5. I thought one of the last two updates fixed the issue of delay and reverb trails when switching. I also believe it was an option To turn on or off in the set up menu.
  6. Of course. But all depends on how u define fuller.
  7. I agree with GTlazer. I am a DT 50 user as well so it helped but I can work with the eqs and such at this point I've learned to use my ear when Adjusting rather than a specific HZ and such which is what should be happening in the first place so yes while it does require a learning curve to master the eq set up but it's not a far reaching annoying impossibility and surely isn't worth me spending another $2000.00 dollars to go Fractal. I am satisfied with my tones and have not had a song or genre I or style this set up pop up that I haven't had this set up completely dominate the task and make it its lollipop.
  8. Preach the gospel rmaginnis. I too have had to spend what seems like an eternity reading (and re-reading) and watching (and re-watching) videos to grasp a lot of what this unit is capable of. You gotta stick with it. They pay off when it comes is usually worth it.
  9. Listen to Real Zap he delivers the gospel. I made this mistake but it is easily fixed.
  10. Haha haha...... I just got that one Arislaf.
  11. Interesting article. I am a complete fan of Spain. Feran Adria is a huge mentor of mine and has probably had the biggest impact on global cuisine in this century. The man's a genius and Spaniards as a whole know their food. But believe me when I tell you that America's economy and financial state isn't great either.
  12. I suggest going with Andyparedese. I have been running my patches along the same lines and it is working very well on my end.
  13. Wow. I have the best and the cruelest wife in the world. I got my Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul this morning (1am). Knowing it's too late ( or early) to plug it in. Curses...... I know it was on purpose.
  14. Don't see why not. The Flip Top is actually a bass amp. So if it's got a bass amp and some bass effects I'd be shocked if you couldn't I' D be shocked.
  15. Whoa whoa whoa..... We started a NJ Devils thread and I missed it....
  16. Yes it does do very well. I love the versatility it provides and yes the new update does allow for more tone at lower volumes but I still don't think as much as an attenuator would help. I have yet to really crank up my dt502x12,for longer than 5-10min.
  17. I like Tim1953s answer. Seems to me like stated above..... If it's continually looping that is due to insufficient power supply. Need new power adapter thingy. (tech talk). The stock PS is pretty cheap and Crappy.
  18. Update From File. It's the button below the one u click on to update the firmware. It will give u directions from there.
  19. I believe mine did the same thing and you can update from file and then it pops up the warning that monkey doesn't recognize or that midi doesn't recognize the amp but there is an option to upload anyways on the screen that tells you to make sure your cables are properly connected and such. Just let it rip.
  20. It's been awhile but I believe that mine did the same thing and I updated from midi I believe. I remember it kept declining the update then I went via the back door and it worked. Also make sure that your amp is registered with line 6 I had to do that prior to update as well.
  21. Yes I quite like the new update to the l6link but I still feel an attenuator would preserve the tone a little better. Here is my logic behind it and someone please correct me if I'm wrong....... The more the Master Volume is turned down (in LVM) the more the Digital Components take over (which is why the full amp versions, to me, sound better than Pre versions due to a modeled power amp section). So in short Lower Volume (on the master volume.) in LVM = more of the digital feel. While the Attenuator or Variac would allow you to bypass LVM and run the tubes at full power (or close too it) and getting that tube tone we all so dearly want at the LVM decibels ( or at least close to it). So i think the Attenuator / Variac route would be better because it will allow u to run the tubes hotter . Hope I didn't confuse anyone while I thought that one out. Like I said if I am wrong please correct me as the Rock Crusher I am looking at is almost $500.
  22. Sometimes it seems like forums like these can get bogged down by a lot of agitated posts or some out right negative but I'd like to try to channel some Bob Marley mentality and inject a little positivity into it and take a minute to tell all of you wonderful people why I like my gear so much. I am currently running my guitar as such = guitar + Boss EQ +POD hd500 +DT50 2x12. What I like so much about it is that being a fan of all genres of music it truly allows me to say " Hey I want to play some____(place genre here)" and I can then choose a plethora of different ways I want to take it. I can make it complicated and throw in a lollipop ton of effects or I can simply choose an amp. Viola!!!! And I know we can all get the cork sniffer syndrome and say "well the B Deluxe doesn't sound 100% like the Real amp" well at default on some of the amp mods you'd be correct but even at default it sounds close enough because let's face it your not playing through a real Fender such and such. But I can assure you that with minimal tweaking I can get well more than close enough to satisfy myself and anyone within Earshot. So, while there are some glitches and the Jcm mod at default sounds like no other jcm I've ever heard, I am a very content customer. And yes some things could be changed but I can deal..... For now...
  23. I use the Q Filter. It allows me the ability to boost in the frequency range of my choice. Also the Tube Comp set at 100% threshold and 0% level. Also try Adjusting the vetta juice comp. If u are still not happy use an eq such as the Studio Eq at default high and low and boost the gain. (never tried this one for myself just have seen it mentioned. Never had to go past the Q Filter). I also like the Mid Focus EQ.
  24. I got the same code. Use the UPLOAD FROM FILE tab and follow the instructions. Worked 2nd time in tried.
  25. I can answer the Pre and Full amp question for you.... Like u said it's all relevant to the user. When in LVM connected to my DT50 2x12 I use full amp models. While in Regular Mode (normal) I use mostly Pre versions excluding the Supro and Fender Deluxe models I use full at all times.
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