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    Wha Wha

    Look on the bottom of the toe part of the pedal. There is a little rubber stopper. I had to shave mine just a hair to get it to g into the button housing. U can find the thread about it somewhere in this forum.
  2. Personally I would throw in a low mix analog chorus after the amp at about. 0.90 ms and about 38-40% mix. Also back off depth to 50%.
  3. Nothing but problems downloading firmware can't even get it to upload from file. New drivers installed. And running still getting error code. Ugghhh
  4. Time, Patience, and perseverance will accomplish all things....... Buck up little camper it will work out. Some of it is a little complicated but not so much that you couldn't dial in a decent enough tone to play. The best advice I've seen to get basic tones is treat your signal chain just as u would a real CHAIN (if u had all the actual stompboxes). Also if you need a better reference point for artists tones do a Google search or YouTube search for Isolated Guitar Tracks for those artists. I know for me when I first started trying to match tones with other artists I would always try to match the mixed tone and that's almost impossible and very frustrating. There is no need to have to run a bunch of effects to achieve a playable tone on this thing.
  5. Go to the Filters section and select the Q Filter. Plays E it before your distortion phase and play around with the parameters. At default it sounds like monkey turds but when u find your settings you should have a boost which u can make clean or dirty.
  6. Wow its taken a year and a half to get to where I have ventured through my straight up tones and am starting to try stuff out so I was messing with the filter section and popped in the Q Filter and what a little slice of heaven this thing is. When at default it is ungodly but with a little tweaking I got the Q set to my taste as well as mix level set it on Band Pass and placed it before a Tube Driver into the Uber Schall model and into my DT50 2x12. What I now have is a frequency boost that I can set as clean or dirty as I want. Yeah me!!!!! Today has been a day of days!!!!
  7. Oh god yes. I have horrible adult onset ADHD. I know what your thinking. I didn't think it affected adults either but it does. Once I got medicated everything became less frustrating and I could concentrate. What felt like a 5 year guitar rut was broken just like that so if any of u adults out there feel like u can't concentrate. Or things like u have to reread things a lot to get the meanings of them. U sit down to practice but can't concentrate on one thing long enough to improve. If this describes you It may do u well to talk to your family Dr. About it. I know since I started medication for it I've been Able e to grow exponentially on guitar and have had 0 flaky frustrating episodes.
  8. Sorry Bro. I was only kidding with u. I too have had some frustrations but have found all of them can be worked out through patience, double and triple checking and some valium.
  9. Vacation would probably work but a career change sounds better
  10. I own a DT50 2x12 Combo and the L3t and love them both but I'd have to say I enjoy playing through my DT a little more but the quality of the pod hd500 thru the L3T is mind blowing as well. I can see where with a live situation that doesn't have a FOH system you would need more than one L3T ( big club /auditorium/) but for my house and little jam sessions it kicks butt.
  11. I agree it is fun and makes Dialing in tones much easier I have started to look at it less as Dialing in a specific amp and thinking more about the specific sound I want. I have found 13 different ways to achieve the Evh brown sound now I am trying for Kenny G's (needless south park plug sorry).
  12. Yes Mr Zap you are correct should have been a little more in depth. It was originally only on the AC30 model correct. I don't really equate it's effect to a boost pedal type of boost. But there is a tonal difference when used. Kind of like adding more presence.
  13. I use DT edit just for Channel B. I use the pod for channel A. Not that it does anything that the pod doesn't except add a boost if you like . as far as I can see the only new item is being able to add the Boost to all amps. I know my DT50 2x12 gets its boost from an extra tube but the DT25 boost is software I believe (not coming from a tube).
  14. Metalchef

    Wha Wha

    I find I can get most wah tones with patience and tweaking so I say use the on board unless there is some wah pedal u just have to have then use a stand alone Def look up Glen Dulaine he has a video on the wahs with some good tips he gets some killer tones.
  15. Metalchef

    Wha Wha

    I haven't done an extensive test on this. I run my set up mainly as follows guitar=pod=L6link= DT50 2x12. Before I could figure out the eqs (thanks meambobbo and others) I ran a boss 10 band eq in between the guitar and POD and found it worked quite well. I think I have read about being able to patch it through the POD and such but have never tried it. Upon further consideration I can tell you that the effects sound a tad different ( a lot less overwhelming) when run through the DT instead of Direct into my LT3. But that being said play around with the parameters on the wha pedals in the pod first ( start with mix at first then try the sweep) and I would be shocked if you could not get one of them to your liking.
  16. Metalchef

    Wha Wha

    Sorry meant guitar = wha = pod = etc.....
  17. Metalchef

    Wha Wha

    The wha pedals aren't necessarily bad I don't think. They, like everything else in the pod, have to be adjusted. But with Adjusting I have gotten some killer wha tones. That's not to say you haven't done so yourself. And not to say that I wouldn't throw something like a Bad Horsie in the mix at some time but if I did I would run it just as u stated guitar = pod= etc.....
  18. All Hail radatats keeper of the DT Presets.....
  19. I second that I quit visiting customtone just for that reason. PIA.
  20. I use studio direct and have the same set up. I agree that when I use low volume mode studio direct and full amp models sound the best to me.
  21. I got the same error code and fixed it by REGISTERING MY DT50 2X12 on the Line 6 website and then restarting monkey and downloaded from the file. It's the button below the "Update Selected" button on the monkey screen. Hope it works for u as well.
  22. Go to your settings menu by pressing down and holding VIEW scroll through to the looper page and make sure your settings are how u want them.
  23. Good advice from above just make sure u understand why your reading the High Gain Tone Guide by meambobbo that his findings are running studio direct to monitors or headphones it is not DT oriented. You can use a lot of info as a guidelines to what you want but a lot of parameters he uses will not be the same for you. But still a wealth of knowledge.
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