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  1. I run my Fulltone OCD and an MXR 6 band eq in the Fx loop of my pod hd500 and also use a hall o fame reverb in the Fx loop of my DT 50 2x12.
  2. I can never seem what the big deal is on people not being able to make this thing sound good UNLESS it's just being played through crap FOH or amp. I've had my hd500 well over a year now and have ALWAYS been able to get the tone I want (not saying without research or frustration). I've run it through the Marshall mg30fx (crap amp) and had no issues running it the way suggested by line 6 in the manual. Then I bought a dt50 2x12 and have been in his heaven since but most times I use a USB to laptop into reaper and have never been anything but satisfied. My learning curve dealt with gain staging and learning that not everything should be at 100% output if u are using the Fx. I use the pod fx loop as well to run an MXR eq and a Fulltone OCD strictly clean boost. My advice is DONT GET RID OF IT simply for its recording capabilities and NEVER EVER EVER under any circumstances use PRESETS, CUSTOME TONES DOWNLOADS, OR LEAVE ANYTHING AT DEFAULT SETTINGS. And folks this is just my opinion take it for what it is but I've never had mine do anything but improve my tones. Use the forum and ask away. Pm some forum bigwigs Hurganico is one of the best to consult in my opinion as is MEAMBOBBO and many many others REAL ZAP knows his stuff too.
  3. The OCD is a beautiful pedal in so many ways. I can't think of too many I've had or have that I have used in the past year I've had it. It has a wonderful clean boost and I love the crunch it can get when u add some dirt. Seeing as I use mine for a clean boost I run it on 18v (battery+9v plug) for max headroom in the pedal way to go Fulltone. I just built a Fuzz face that sounds nice thru the loop as well. I also like to use it traditionally when I have my DT50 2x12 on standalone.
  4. For me I use an OCD Overdrive pedal in my fx loop on the pod and use it as my boost and it does miraculous things to ever amp model on my hd500. But before that I accomplished it by gain staging as the above poster mentioned. I prefer to use the Tube Driver instead of the Screamer. But u have to make sure each stage sounds good individually. If you build a house on a Crappy foundation it's gonna crumble type thing Grasshopper.
  5. You never saw him have an edit /workbench before an update his worked.
  6. I've never really know anyone having issues with pod and reaper. I run my hd500 into it just using USB and everything really is super simple after that. You should probably make sure everything u need is downloaded and running. Now I had some issues about a year ago with some noise issues when I had hd edit and reaper both open and running but I think that is a long gone problem because I don't have any recordings with it on it and my stuff is saved for a year.
  7. He once used all the pod hd series amps and fx.... In one patch
  8. Anything preset on the POD to me is useless and usually tends to clip the input in reaper I hate Mac so don't use GarageBand but I'm sure your pushing to hard somewhere. Also u have to remember that the guitar tone your hearing on the band's song is recorded in a professional studio with thousands if not millions of dollars worth of equipment and best sound processing out there. Your recording at home thru a simple USB to computer. I've always found the adage of less is more to be very important with using pod fx. Check everything Gain settings on amp and output on distortion try lowering them or channel volume very important.
  9. My favorite versatile amp on the pod is the Divided by 13 model. Handles pedals well and with blending the two drives together in gives GREAT POSSIBILITIES for any genre at any time at any place.
  10. Personally I think the DT25 is your best option. I own a DT 50 2x12 and I do occasionally play a larger venue and outdoor venues so I needed the extra power ( I thought). The 50 still has more power than I will probably ever use but Damn does the thing sound good. But in retrospect I should have gone DT25 because most of my playing is done at home. I am a completely satisfied DT and pod hd500 user and I can't give a better recommendation for an amp to go with the pod. And I've used Marshalls, Egnator, and H&K, with 4cm and none compare to what I can achieve with my DT.
  11. Give the Q Filter a shot as well. It will allow u to boost specific frequencies
  12. I agree with the above answers as well. I run my Pot through a dt50 2x12 combo so it can get as close as u can imagine as far as amp sound goes but you also need to study how a player attacks the strings and how hard and where they fret their notes on their fretboard and such all this is just as important if not more than any amp set up. Research some rigs and especially their routing of fx. But my motto is try not to get it to sound like Angus just try and get it to sound good playing with the rest of the band. Try the JTM45 model but running into a soldano I'd probably turn modelling off and use the tubes I have. Angus is straight forward amp, cable, guitar. I believe he goes into the top input if his amp.
  13. Metalchef


    Ok so I think I've said it before but for any noob that may see this the Q Filter is an awesome and highly overlooked tool. For me I can target certain frequency ranges and boost them. I usually set the Q wide and Gain low. Can work wonders.
  14. Tube comp first in chain or at least before distortion with Threshold at 100 and Level below about 13. Also can use the Boost Comp that models an MXR Micro amp I believe. I have also been using the Tube and tape echoes in the pre position. Always the trusty and every tweaking eq pedal. I run an MXR 6 band in the effects loop with a Fulltone OCD v4. Many many options and none of them involving changing patches.
  15. I would think you'd need to try all the preamp models if you are pushing it thru a power amp. Full models have a modeled power amp section and I would think that running full models on most would be muddy. Just a thought.
  16. Foo shizzle!!!! I use an Fulltone OCD v4 in the effects loop of my pod and I absolutely love the eargasms it can induce. I run my ocd with 18v instead of 9 because I use it ALOT as a clean boost. Buuuutttt...... I'd like a Plimsoul, Centaur, Paisley Overdrive or Brent Masons Overdrive. I'd like to see some new Fuzz pedals. The ones we have are a tweaking nightmare to tame for those beautiful Eric Johnson tones.
  17. Also experiment with outside pedals in the effects loop on the POD and the Fx loop on the DT. Hell I have even been known to stick them in front of the pod. Leads to some serious Tonegasms.
  18. Best advice is to set it up. Shut out the world for a few hours and experiment. That's the wonderful thing about this there are no rules and u really can't break anything which leads to those moments of " I wonder what 5 delays and a reverb would sound like" where true creativity is formed. Enjoy it.... Make some horrible tones because it's through the bad ones you find the good ones..... Grasshopper.
  19. Set your pod 500 up to switch through patches and you can switch as many preset amps as u want.
  20. I love my DT.... As far as your questions 1. Yes u need a USB to MIDI cable to update your DT. And no one does not come with the amp. 2.Yes with a single DT connected via l6 link the pod preamps are sent to Channel A only. Switching to B goes to DT stand alone.
  21. All great tones and just shows me how diverse an amp this is because while both tones I've listened to sound great mine has a little more high end 80s shrill in it. To me the 800 model is at home in 80s genre and some early grunge. I prefer to use the classic distortion in front of it or the Jumbo Fuzz
  22. You have to remember which Jcm 800 was modeled. I believe it was a 2204 50 Watt and not the 100watt. I have no problem through my DT50 2x12 achieving pure 80s bliss with it. Add some delay and use the Analog chorus after the amp at low settings about 20-70ms and cut the depth to the 30s.
  23. I guess that is where I fail sometimes to remember not everyone is running through a DT 50. But I have been able to achieve pretty solid clean tones going studio direct without the DT also. It's all in the tweak. I have made many a convert amongst my friends who are tone snobs and covet nothing but high quality tube amps. It will usually start with me taking oh about 10 min. To their 30min to set up while they are wrestling power cords and batteries on their boards. Then it's "well is it going to match my Divided or Marshall or my Bogner" then after the shock that Bogner had a major hand in my amp I tell them I may not be playing through a real Mesa or Marshall or what have you but I always win the bet that I can make mine sound just as good if not better than their rig in a fraction of the time and if I have to switch genre at a jam session so be it.... I ain't skured.
  24. Let me tell u this I have and have had countless fx. I would go as far to say that at one time I was an fx lollipop willing to plug into anything that graced my doorstep. Also I've had many many costly amps. Still with all that I never had the versatility and wonderful Tone Base as I've found via my pod 500 / DT 50 2x12 set up has given me. I am guilty of adding some outside stomp boxes but very few and only if absolutely required. Now lately it's been a Fulltone Ocd Overdrive and MXR 6 Band Eq. All in the pod fx loop. With wonderful results. Eric johnson said it set in order to get a good Overdrive tone u must have a great CLEAN Tone.
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