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  1. Thank u sir for guinea pigging this..... I appreciate it have replacements for my DT 50 on order... Good form....
  2. Ok so awhile back I found the gem of a model called Q Filter.... In the Filters section..... This thing is wonderful once you start exploring with it and I would highly suggest if your looking for boosting options to give it a shot. The variable Q is nice... I have actually been using it in place of the Mid Focus EQ to really sculpt my distortion tones.
  3. Technically they are all topology 4 models as u can choose to use whatever model u want with whatever topology you want but I believe they fixed the Treadplate topology in the last update. Can't remember as I don't use it very much I am probably one of a few that likes the electrik model more but if u don't like topology 3 you can change it freely.
  4. Good job wolbai.... That's why I like the forum.... Just when u can't figure out how to 'splain something someone comes in and gives a great example.
  5. I concur with DeanDinosaur the Epic and Electric. Also Treadplate and Fireball models if u tweak the DEP and mix in low amounts of an OD Pedal.
  6. Monitors all the way. I've come across very few computer speakers that I felt came anywhere near what most monitors will. You can get a fairly inexpensive monitor(s) that will get good results but as they are so subjective to the individual I will refrain from naming any brands. Now u decide active or passive.
  7. Have you tried to reset the POD and reinstalling firmware.
  8. If I might add since the volume fix the Divided by 13 model is one of my favorites now.
  9. Funny enough I have the same issue with my DT50 2x12 when I Unplug my hd500.... The humor in it is that I am picking up an AM Christian radio signal so I truly am hearing God through my tube amp.... Time for Prosac.
  10. I told the Armada not to communicate to the motherships during the invasion.... Drats foiled again... That is indeed a first for me.
  11. Don't know if this is on topic but I always have to watch how I use the compressors in the pod. The cause a tremendous amount of clipping even at minimal levels. I like to use one if I have to incorporate a Gate in the chain so I can level the signal back out. But I have to be real cautious. Now I've heard of people using the compressors at what I consider crazy levels with no problems. Same with default settings but my experience is if I am clipping 90% of the time it's coming from a compressor in the chain. And I've never been able to use one at default settings.
  12. There is no difference I know of besides the two you have already mentioned. Buttons and DSP limit. As far as Californication it is where I stopped listening. To me the reign of the RHCP ended with Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic. One of the best albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Frusciante is a genius.
  13. Hey guys I hope everyone here has a blessed and Merry Christmas. May the Jolly Fat Man bring you all the gear on can handle..... Also thank you to everyone who has ever answered a poor helpless souls questions with the patience of a saint.... Out of the many guitar forums I've been on through the years this has been on of the best because of the majority attitude and help it has offered it's Noobs..... And not just with line 6 questions..... So thank you everyone and have a Wonderful Day. Almost forgot to pay Homage to meambobbo The Keeper of the High Gain Tone Guide.... Thanks for all the work u put into it.... Again.
  14. I have enabled the Boost in a few of the preamps I changed. I used it on the Slo Overdrive and it gave me some added clarity. I compare it to switching from topology 1,2, or4 to Topology 3 adds little bit of a boost like clarity not so much a boost like a pedal boost but does wonders for clarity. In my opinion.
  15. I plan to use one to control the wife's volume level in the toe position and her nagging level at the heel and a second to turn the lights off and on in my house.
  16. Hooray for the upgrade... I finally have been able to get some killer sounds at near (close enough) bedroom levels and I'm guessing that is a feat with a 50w combo Tube amplifier pushing to 12" speakers. And right when I was debating a rock crusher attenuator. Thank you Line 6.
  17. Which Chorus pedal and Where are u running it in the chain? Strictly just curiousity. I always like to here people's takes on adding exterior effects. That is a true test of versatility for me. Did line 6 make their gear compatible not only with line 6 equipment but my many other effects pedals as well.
  18. Play around with drive and mix settings on heavy distortion and line6 distortion. I have gotten great results doing that. A lot like how u described.
  19. I have found the chorus mods in the 500 very useful. Where in the chain were you using it. I have found that placement with certain effects is everything.
  20. Yes I have quite a few dirt boxes I've run with the pod and have found that there is something and someway in the pod to achieve it. You can shape anything with a trusty eq pedal though. That is the only exterior effect I run now. Gain staging the Vetta Comp or Vetta Juice into most of the Overdrive and Distortion models has spawned some righteous toneage for me. Especially the Juice highly under rated and disregarded if u ask me. To me it's my "you want dirt.... You got it" aide.
  21. I think pitch shifter is what the Op meant. And it is touchy but easy to fiddle with and PLACEMENT is EVERYTHING.
  22. Ditto what aggravation said. You are correct sir on the pod being the preamp. It is my understanding that the only way to use dual amps is to daisy chain via L6link your DT and another DT or Stage source speaker. But it is my opinion you should hold all reservations until u get the DT amp that u need dual tones to achieve a thick nice sound. I can guarantee u once u get to know the DT you'll be just as happy as I am.
  23. U get a DSP drop only if you use the Pre amps and not the full. Only time I use full amp models is when I am in LVM and even then some of the preamps sound fine. I've heard of people using dual patches with a DT but I have found it pointless. So just in decreasing from 2 amps to 1 will decrease your DSP usage considerably. I've had my setup for almost a year now and wouldn't trade it for anything.
  24. I have used that same cable and it was perfectly fine. I can not speak directly for the DT25 but I do own the DT 50. 1. I have never run out of DSP when running to my DT. You can use dual tones if you have more than one DT amp or L3T or L2M or such. Other than that there is no need for a dual amp path. 2. Like I said I've used just such a cable and I buy Aes/Ebu as my spares. If u enjoy playing via headphones you'll lollipop yourself when u connect via L6link to a DT amp.
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