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  1. For OSX you can use MainStage or something like GigPerformer to run Native live. If you are new to running plugins and audio interfaces don't do it live. I am very experienced and I've gone down this road a bit. Helix Native is amazing for recording, but running live for most people complicates the setup beyond what it adds in value. I would use my HX Stomp (I have Stomp, Floor and Native) and max out that first. If that doesn't do what you want then try the other solutions. The HX Stomp + a few external pedals is really versatile. Note: You can share patches between Helix Native and Stomp (if they respect the DSP/Block limits).
  2. okay, I got it working... Had to do a Factory Reset. Don't know why, but it works now... https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/resetting-helix-globals-loading-the-newest-factory-presets/
  3. Trying to change the Helix from stomp mode to snapshot mode. However, changing the "Preset Mode Switches" mode doesn't change the button modes. They continue in stomp mode. All the other button changes are reflected as you change the value (like Up/down or Stomp Mode Switches). Is this a bug? Seems like I am missing something.
  4. Thanks, it would seem that it does not qualify (I have not purchased one yet). What's also interesting is that the discount doesn't apply to B Stock.
  5. I think the topic says it all. If I purchase a used Helix can I still get the discounted Native price ($99.00)? thanks, -mark
  6. I would like this also, but I don't think it fits the Line 6 business model. They would have to charge too little and it would compete with the floor units. Also, you notice that Positive Grid is moving toward hardware not focusing on iOS.
  7. I have considered a similar setup because I don't want to transport both by VoiceLive 3 *and* HD500x (soon to be Helix). I've been using just the VoiceLive 3 (with pedals) for now. The possibilities are interesting. Imagine processing your guitar using Helix for Pedal FX, BaisFX Desktop for the amp models and Waves plugins for reverb/compression etc... One note about SSD drives: Yes they are faster, but in this case the increased reliability is a bonus. They don't have any moving parts like magnetic drives do.
  8. Thanks, my experience is that old strings are usually vary stable, but I changed them just incase and yes, I played with the new ones for a while. Also, my tech verified the tuning issue.
  9. I've updated the image links and posted the document from Elantric for reference: http://gamache-share.s3.amazonaws.com/music/Variax%20Trem_alt.html
  10. Good thoughts, thanks. But, I have locking tuners (I should have included that in the info). The nut slot is something my tech checked, but I may have to verify. Thanks for reminding me. When I finally got sick of the tuning the strings were a year old (I hate changing strings). I put new ones on and they acted the same, so I took it to my local tech. I really like the guitar and don't want to part with it.
  11. That's handy info I may try and digest the post an work on it myself.
  12. Thanks for the comment. Just to be clear, I have two other Guitars with trems (a G&L American strat and a Reverend). They both are reasonably stable. Yes, if I abuse the bar (or really aggressive bending) I'll have to retune. But, my variax will go out of tune without me using the bar and light playing (like chords only). I only use the trem on a few songs and *never* more then a tremolo effect. For comparison: I picked up my G&L that I have not played in six months and it was more in tune than the Variax was after ten minutes of playing.
  13. I have had major issues with my JTV 69 staying in tune. It will not stay in tune for more then a few minutes (usually goes sharp). I have a replacement neck from Warmoth (that I love -- all maple Vortex with stainless frets). I had a guitar tech look at it and he recommended a Super-Vee Mag-Lok. I think this has addressed the tuning issue, but I hate the way it makes the trem feel. It's difficult to use it subtly (it would work okay for dive-bombs, but I am more of a Bigsby type player). Is this a common issue with this variax? I have also replaced the pups with Lace Sensor Rainbow pack and also love the mag sound now. I really want to stay with the variax, should I sell it and buy a new one? Do I need a USA version? note: Using Nanoweb 10's
  14. posted in the Helix area from a Line 6 Employee (note the Variax control listed as a hardware advantage): Advantages of Helix Native in the studio: Can run multiple instances simultaneously, on guitar tracks, bass tracks, vocal tracks, synth tracks, busses, or hey—the entire mix if you want Number of blocks is limited by your computer's horsepower, not DSP Instance(s) automatically stored and recalled with your DAW project Helix Hardware doesn't need to be connected Tweaking an already tracked guitar tone doesn't require re-amping (tracking all the way through the song in real time) Advantages of Helix Hardware in the studio: Effectively zero latency, resulting in a better feel Superior analog front end, optimized for tracking instruments 123dB dynamic range on the Guitar Input Digitally-controlled impedance circuit loads your pickups properly for the selected tone Digitally-controlled analog pad Can route external pedals into your signal flow with negligible latency Integrates seamlessly into 4-cable method setups (or 7, 10, and 13-cable method setups) for tracking real amps Simple to integrate realtime control (Wah, Pitch Wham, Volume, etc.) Variax connectivity Tactile feedback Easier to control and edit Snapshots, Command Center, etc. 64 controller assignments (vs. Helix Native's 16 automation lanes) Future Helix features that don't really apply to Native Advantages of using Helix Hardware with Helix Native in the studio: All of the above (best of both worlds) Getting your album's tones ready for touring takes minutes, not days or weeks Getting your tour's tones ready for recording takes minutes, not days or weeks
  15. Does that have live performance features or is it just a DAW?
  16. All those clamoring for a wireless unit... Don't just focus on cost. There's also size and weight, this wireless unit will have a two audio channel transmitter + midi transmission and a receiver unit + a battery to power the whole shebang. It could end up being cumbersome for $1k. Just saying....
  17. You are probably right, that forum is a little more focused on these sorts of issues. Thanks again.
  18. Thanks for the warning. I've already replaced my neck (Warmoth) and pickups (Lace Rainbow) on my JTV. I might have already invalidated any support :). I think the chances are good that I might fry the guts of the Variax (esp if I get the power wrong). This is strictly an experiment that could go horribly wrong. I have the dream rig (Variax => HD500x => L2T) and I really like it, but I've been messing with a more traditional pedal setup. Pedals that Line 6 doesn't model (EP Boster, Plim Soul + Zvex Mastertron etc..) and also paring it with my VoiceLive 3. The VoiceLive has really good time based effects (reverb / delay / trem) + talkbox and synth engines. The whole thing is getting out of hand (and not very portable). I am just looking for a way to keep some of the Variax features if i move away from the Line 6 floor controller as a way to shrink the setup. I will probably wait until the Helix Native release to get serious.
  19. wow that's really useful thanks for the link. two unanswered questions for me: The amperage of the 7v supplied to the Variax? (edit: it looks like 500ma) Midi command to activate Mags + Models on the line?
  20. That would be unfortunate. There's really no good reason to keep the spec closed (unless it uses a proprietary technology that Line 6 doesn't own). possible objections: Losing control of the VDI spec -- possible, but unlikely unless the Variax & Processor market explodes bringing another player to the market that is bigger than Line 6. They can, of course, always choose to ignore any changes they don't create. Fewer processor sales. Un-bundling the Variax full functionality from other Line 6 products (Helix / HD500x etc...) might reduce the sales of those products. But, how many Variaxs could Line 6 sell if we could use all it's features with other units (like Kemper or Bias)? I don't know the margins for each product so I can't say what is better for Line 6. Support -- if people start playing with the VDI interface they could damage the Variax or processor. Maybe, musicians are pretty dumb, but this doesn't seem to cause problems with the other AES / Midi ports that are on the Pod/Helix units. Anyway, I am not sure I'll have the time to mess with it, First step would be re-boxing an older unit like the Pod LiveXT into a smaller package.
  21. Also, has anyone reverse engineered the VDI spec? It's most likely AES/EBU audio + MIDI + power, right? Power = 2 wires Midi = 2 Wires AES/EBU 2-4 Wires
  22. I am interested in hacking an old Pod (or whatever) to provide a simple 1U (or smaller) unit that can be midi controlled. Basically it's a way to build my Variax VDI Idea so I don't have to wait for Line 6. What is the smallest / most hackible Variax controller that can work with my JTV and output both mags + model? Can you order just a mainboard from Line 6? This would be just for controlling the models and providing both feeds as inputs to another system.
  23. Probably unlikely, but that is a really cool idea. Do you have a scenario in mind? Personally, I could use an 1176 compressor in the path. You could use BaisFX pedals in the path also.
  24. Plug-ins can be hosted in stand alone apps. There are VST host apps that can host VST plugins just for performance. for example: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/ I am not sure about Logic or other plugins.
  25. It might include a Workbench interface that would be nice. However, that would only address part of the functionality of the Helix (model and tuning changes per patch). I am also interested in direct processing of the digital Variax signal alone and combined with the mag pickups. This is one of the cool benefits of Helix (and PodHD series). That would require audio data be passed on the USB interface (directly or via an external VDI box). I hope you are correct and this is something that Line 6 has anticipated, but I am worried that Helix Native is just a reaction to the threat from BiasFX so it may not have Variax features out of the gate. It might also be that adding the digital audio is just difficult, and too costly to develop (again, who knows?).
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